Jan. 12th, 2009

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  • 11:17 good morning... slept 'til 9, lazed in bed 'til 10, cleared snow, and now I have coffee. #
  • 22:39 menacing you with a carrot! #
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Last night we had "Mama don't ever ever NEVER EVER make this for dinner for again! You will make something different for me.", aka greek chickpeas with spinach. (Sautee'd onions & garlic, chickpeas & dill, spinach & lemon juice, over bulgur. It wanted feta, and M pointed out that at some other time I have made something that involved spinach, chickpeas, and feta. Which is entirely possible.)

From the "people are dumb" files:
The Apple discussion boards right now are FULL of people whingeing that they just bought iWork 08 and now there's iWork 09 and where's their free upgrade, wah wah wah. Dudes. Apple has NEVER done free upgrades, for anything. Yeah, maybe it would have been nice if the folks at the Apple Store told you to wait a week 'til after MacWorld Expo but really. Cope. Me, I'm hoping that they do the "box set" thing when Snow Leopard comes out, at which point I'll upgrade my OS, iWork, and iLife (I'm still on iLife 06) all at once.
Secondarily, people are constantly griping that "Time Machine deleted this file that I needed!" Um... Time Machine is a backup system, not an archiving system. They are, in fact, different. When your TM destination drive runs out of space IT WILL REMOVE OLD BACKUPS. This is a characteristic of any backup system whose target has finite space. If you need to be SURE that you will have a copy of a file either DON'T DELETE IT FROM YOUR HARD DRIVE or archive it in some other way (thumb drive, CD, tape, whatever).

Finally, check out the size of this carrot!!!!!!
carrot or club?  you decide...


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