Jan. 23rd, 2009

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  • 15:47 I have had this argument once already... I'm not doing it again. #
  • 19:46 note to self: only ask iMovie to do one thing at a time. Srsly. #
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The big brown truck brought me prezzies yesterday!

DSCF9652This is a silk herringbone suiting. It's more purply periwinkle than the french blue that it looks here. It is simply scrumptious... the hand is a little stiff but it should soften up once it's washed. (I do need to swatch it... fabric.com claims it's dry clean only, but I expect cold/delicate & line dry will be just fine.) It is getting put away in a space bag and saved until I have occasion to use it - but I fell in love with it and couldn't NOT buy it, at $6 a yard. Oh, and it's all gone now so you guys can't have it! Neener!

DSCF9646This giant pile of pinkness is for TRex's room. (Couldn't have guessed that, now, could you?) Right now her room has lemon yellow walls and her bed draperies (the castle tower and the bits that hide the under-bed space) and linens are pink & purple. I wanted something that would tie the two color stories together, preferably in a stripe. This striped fabric is PERFECT for the job. I had been thinking that I might use the floral fabric as a border on the curtains, but now I think it will be too busy, so I'll use it to make her a throw pillow or some pillowcases.
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Did you know that the Naval Observatory is, in fact, not pixellated in real life?

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