Jan. 29th, 2009

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I'm feeling very positive today (not the last one to the MoD meeting, had made more progress on my piece of the organizing than many other folks, and now I have chocolate creme coffee with bonus hazelnut creamer) but that is waaaay different from the rest of the week. And so.

Let's be blunt - things are pretty awful just now. Jobs are being lost all over the place, the economy is tanking, money is being thrown around and wasted by entities big and small. And this is, at least for me, not just something on the news I read or hear about daily - it's struck on a personal level. Friends are losing jobs, I am still not working, and other friends of mine are beset by some scary stuff because of an insane person's demands.

SO - the request. Take a moment. Take a break from it all. The bad news, the sadness, the pain, and think about ONE THING that still brings you joy, that makes you happy. Take a moment, consider what that one thing might be - and then give it focus, give it some attention. Focus on something other than the negative.

Post it to your LJ - or don't. Doesn't matter. But if we ALL change our outlook, I believe we can begin to change the world.

Start small.

Pass it on. Thanks!

Here are my happy things.
1) I am making a rockingly awesome outfit for the Princess and even though the fabric was frustrating me last night it looks STUNNING draped on the dress form, and it doesn't even have sleeves yet!
2) The look of sheer glee on TRex's face as she sledded down the mounds of shoveled snow and across the driveway last night.
3) I have so many friends with so many talents and while lots of you are in the virtual world, you can still all make me smile with your little idiosyncracies.


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