Feb. 2nd, 2009

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As usual, I'm so absorbed in looking at others' blogs that I'm pretty much neglecting my own...

  • We got further proof that in 10 years, TRex and B will be the Romeo and Juliet of our neighborhood. Except that our families aren't feuding, so you pick your literary parallel... From the sentences I never thought I would utter files: "B, wrap your legs around TRex's waist and hold on!" Yeah, we were sledding.
  • B, being the risk-taking six-year-old that he is, HAD to take the sled over the mini-moguls that the snowboarders had built, no matter what the adults said or how many four-year-olds were on the sled with him. Luckily, TRex thought that catching 4' of vertical air was HILARIOUS.
  • There was miraculously little squabbling amongst TRex, B, and J. Usually they act like they're ALL siblings instead of just two of them. I made sure to tell them all how impressed I was at their turn-taking and nice-being.
  • Got the family room floor shop-vac'd and mopped, and we moved an area rug down there. We are still debating what the ultimate flooring solution for that room will be. We have not heard anything from the BBB re. our dispute (did I mention that the address the company had listed with the BBB is WRONG?), nor did we ever receive a finally invoice, so we suspect that they are willing to just wash their hands of those dollars.
  • Proof that there's a big difference between four-and-three-quarters and four-and-one-quarter. Lovely playdate with G at her house, but G is a very strong personality, especially when in her own space, and TRex got a bit fed up with it. On the other hand, kudos to my kid for standing up for herself in a relatively polite way, saying "You're being bossy. I don't want to play like that." The moms redirected them to a different activity and peace was restored with relatively little histrionics on G's part and none whatsoever on TRex's. Even more so after PB&J sandwiches were applied to tummies.
  • Playdate fashion.
  • 40* means we can try like hell to get the driveway mostly cleared of snow and ice, at the same time playing Alison in Wonderland and building snow castles and having "gym class" by jumping into the piles of snow. Win.
  • TRex looooooves the Super Bowl (two words, just for [livejournal.com profile] liamstliam ) for approximately the first quarter. After that she wants to play... so we played baby and Old Maid and Crazy Eights for half of the second quarter, and then she went to bed.
  • I like the Super Bowl when it's a good game and when I can chat with [livejournal.com profile] baronessmartha through it. And when I have no investment whatsoever in the outcome, though I apparently know a shocking number of Steeler fans, and not just because we live relatively close to Pittsburgh.

  • In total denial about the fact that I have to teach tomorrow, before 8:30 in the morning.  Bonus points for it being "School Spirit Week" and class being only 30 minutes long...  Ah high school, how I do not miss thee.
  • Got a visit from Willie Loman Mike. He really was very reminiscent Willie Loman - rubber shoe covers, giant mutant binder full of life insurance literature. I might have been more sympathetic if I were a fan of Arthur Miller's work.


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