Feb. 17th, 2009

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  • 14:25 @trine ugh, AGAIN? My sympathies to all of you. #

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Apparently what I need to do to have an AWESOME spinning class is a) not be able to go for several weeks (hard to attend an 8:45 fitness class when I have to teach at 8:34 every TTh) and b) turning my ankle on the way to the car in the morning. It's stiff & a little sore and I think when I take my shoe off it's going to swell up like a balloon. Fun!

There is coffee brewing, I should go get some.

But the real reason, the really REAL reason for this post is to tell you about fashion. :^D I haven't blogged about my clothes in a while, but I had a supercute outfit last week that I wanted to document (in writing at least).
  • light grey pencil skirt
  • graphic print wrap shirt
  • charcoal grey one-button blazer
  • black tights
  • patent leather wingtip flats
I just hadn't worn anything worth blogging about in ages, don't know why.  This weekend we went to the outlets and I got some cute shirts and a pair of supersoft grey cords that I have to lop like 6" off of before I can wear them.

That is all.
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Not brilliant, not by any stretch, but there's potential there.  I wish they had figured out a way to work in the premise - that Echo starts remembering things between assignments - better.  Because it wasn't really there AT ALL.  

I had a discussion with [livejournal.com profile] relentlesstoil  today about the whole "hair up, glasses = smart woman" thing... she was annoyed, I thought we could blame Creepy Nerd for it, because that's just the kind of thing that Creepy Nerds think/do.  And then they make Girl Robots.  OK, I know, BuffyBot was more of an animatronic inflatable doll for Spike, but you get my point.  Creepy Nerds do not get girls, Creepy Nerds do not get subtleties.

Joss gets benefit of the doubt, though, despite Dollhouse being on against one of my favorite new shows (Flashpoint - I know, just another cop show, but it's SO CHARMINGLY CANADIAN!).  I'll definitely be back, with fingers crossed for improvement.


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