Apr. 17th, 2009

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Live Pac Man. Unlike any you have seen before.

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There are two ads I've heard on the radio a lot recently, and they both get my dander up in a big, big way.

Ad #1 is a Lipitor ad, content similar to this.  The basic message is, "If your doctor is giving you a generic statin, you are not getting Lipitor."  Now, this is true - at this point there is no generic for Lipitor, but there is a generic for Zocor, one of the other statin drugs.  Clearly they are trying to protect their market share by scaring people away from switching to the generic option.  But that is only half the story.  The rest of the story is this... Lipitor is the world's most-profitable drug - at something like $12.4 billion annually.  It costs something on the order of $3/DAY.  And Lipitor was originally supposed to come out of patent protection in March of 2010 (this has now been delayed to 2011), so it seems to me that these ads are also a scare tactic to keep people on name-brand Lipitor even AFTER there is a generic version available.

Ad #2 is a Tylenol ad, again addressing the issue of generics.  The content is virtually identical to what you will find on this subject on the Tylenol website.  Again, this is SO CLEARLY about the pharmaceutical company protecting their profits.  Generic acetaminophen is FUNCTIONALLY EQUIVALENT to name-brand tylenol.  It's not even like it's a different active ingredient!

So... more fuel for the "rant about big phamra" fire.


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