Aug. 21st, 2009

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I happened to go into JoAnn's today and found that for this weekend only (today through Sunday) they have pretty much all Simplicity patterns on sale 5 for $5.  Yeah, buy five, pay about $7 less than you would for a single pattern.  I got 2677 for TRex's birthday dress, 3859 just 'cause, 2550 because I love the cross-bodice short sleeve version (any of my PR junkie friends have any idea what design this is based on?), 4273 because it's a CUTE suit (and yes, I'm crazy enough to think that I could make a suit), and 9900 because there ain't a thing wrong with a nightshirt & pajama pants.

Also: cranberry slightly sparkly tulle for her ruffle skirt, the pair of pinking shears I've been meaning to buy for years. and the notions for S's birthday dress.

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You know, small ones, like this.  That crawl into your lap for scritches and paw at your face if you have the temerity to stop rubbing their bellies.

We had the oh-so-painful task of a whole HALF DAY of dogsitting for our friends today.  Which basically entailed going over to their house, letting my best canine friend out to play and pee, swimming in their pool for an hour, and then feeding Juneau before we left.  But I had never encountered Juneau except in a situation where she was totally excited because PEOPLE!  in her HOUSE!!!!  We walked in and she bounced around sooooo excited to see us and I sat down on the couch and next thing I knew I had 100 lbs of dog in my lap begging for bellyrubs.

Poor pup has really been suffering with the heat wave (no a/c at the L house) but this afternoon was cooler and she chilled on the deck and in other shady spots while TRex and I swam.  Love that dog.  Still would love to have a Great Dane someday but right now our lifestyle is NOT conducive to a dog of any size.


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