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We are traveling to St. Louis over Labor Day weekend for a wedding.  (Yay!)  M and I each happen to have a free round trip on Southwest - we probably would have flown SWA there ANYWAY, but that made it a no-brainer.  So I called up the friendly customer service line today and talked to my new friend Anita.  Told her what we wanted to do - I had jotted down the flights I wanted to take and had the SWA website up as I talked to her.

She said, "OK.  Here's what we're going to do.  You're going to buy two one-way Internet Special tickets TO St. Louis, and then we'll use the free flights to do one round-trip and two return flights, because there aren't any cheap fares for Monday."  (Duh.  Monday is Labor Day.  Of course there aren't any cheap fares.)  It took probably 15 or 20 minutes on the phone with us carefully coordinating our actions, but I bought one-way tickets for M and TRex and she booked a free roundtrip for me and free returns for each of them.  Hooray for SWA operating exclusively as one-way flights.  Hooray for going to the wedding!  We still have to book a hotel room & rent a car, but the flights are taken care of at least.

(In other I <3 SWA news, I'm flying to Seattle in October for similarly cheap fares, because they had an $80 one-way special.  Hooray!)
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We were home for 1 day between NYC and our New Year's trip... Just enough time to run some errands and do some laundry. This year's New Year's trip was to Williamsburg (because Josh has limited vacation time so we needed to stick close to DC). We flew down on the 28th, spent 5 hours in the parking lot that was I95 on the 29th, and actually started doing things on the 30th (my 30th birthday) - hey, I turned 30 on the 30th and didn't even think about it!

Colonial Williamsburg )

Jamestown )

Living History Geekery )

Other than that, we went to First Night and saw some awesome groups - TRex loved the bluegrass and celtic music. She woke up during the fireworks and was "scared booms" which caused some problems... Also did a bit of outlet shopping - I got a couple of knives and a skirt, and we got some clothes for TRex (I was proud of 2 shirts, a skirt, and a dress at The Children's Place for under 10 bucks).

And now we're home again.
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We were once again in NYC at my aunt's place on the Upper West Side...  I made good use of the fact that my child is a total parrot and got her to declare "Em a commie!"  We generally hung out, walked in the park and around the neighborhood.  We went to Natural History with hsib and LauraZ on Saturday afternoon (the 23rd).  TRex loved them, of course, and the dinosaurs at the museum. 

We also saw Grey Gardens, which I still can't decide what I think about.  Christine Ebersoll was mind-blowingly amazing (as was Mary Louise Wilson) but...  the story just didn't work for me.  Matt Cavenaugh was cute, but his Boston accent was atrocious - way too much like Mayor Quimby.  I liked him much better in the second act as Jerry.  The music generally didn't do it for me, but I loved "Another Winter in a Summer Town".  All in all, though, what I really want now is to actually see the documentary.

Christmas afternoon we took TRex downtown to see the decorated windows - Saks and Lord & Taylor.   Saks was this wonderful winter fantasyland thing with a heartwarming story that I didn't read... I was busy taking pictures.  TRex really liked that one.  By the time we got to L&T it was raining - they had a cute Victorian-themed thing that was charming but not so appealing to the 2-year-old.  And I have to remember that if you want to catch a train to the Upper West Side you have to go to Port Authority, not Times Square (or go to Times Square and then walk underground to Port Authority).
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We are here.  We are all in one piece.  More later (tomorrow).  Sleep now while Flickr pictures upload.


Dec. 3rd, 2006 09:19 am
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A "Ding" (Southwest super-cheap fare) just came through from here to Hartford, both for the rest of December and for January.

This would make it feasible for me to fly out to defend this week or next.

But the tickets have to be bought by 2 pm CST today.

What should I do?

(I'm tempted to buy for next weekend (the weekend of the 15th) because you can always cancel the tickets at no penalty - you just end up with that much $$ credit from SWA that you can use for later flights.)

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It should be perfectly obvious how I've spent my Saturday evening. My excuse is that a cute dachsund picture popped up early on as I was looking at interesting pics and I wanted to post it for [profile] wombatgirl.  Of course it hasn't popped up again, and a quick search for "dachsund" didn't yield it, either.  Maybe I hallucinated it.  What you don't see is that I've been doing laundry, too.  So there.

TRex and I went on a mini-road-trip today - drove down to Meadville to see Soledad and Maccarena, who had driven up from Charlotte (only 10 hours from NC to northwest PA - I would've thought it was much further) for the weekend.  it's a bit over 2 hours from our house to Sole's place - by far the longest trip we've ever taken with just one adult and TRex in the car.  She did pretty well - I had a LARGE supply of toys in a bag in the passenger seat so I could hand them back to her as she tossed things out of reach.  What I NEEDED was an infinite supply of security blankets.  I ended up having to pull off the interstate in Erie to recover ah-bee for her because she was just disconsolate at its absence.  She slept the whole way home, having refused to nap all day despite my best efforts.

Yesterday afternoon I got to live out one of my biggest fears - falling on the stairs while carrying TRex.  I'm just not good at stairs - I don't know if my depth perception is messed up or what.  This time, I either missed a step or my leg gave out in a weird way, I'm not sure which.  Fortunately it was only the 2 steps off of the porch and I was able to roughly control her fall and she didn't get hurt at all.  I didn't hurt at the time, but realized when I got home from our visit that my right ankle (the one that got turned) and my left quad (the one that was left bearing all of my weight when I fell) are stiff & sore.  Ah well...
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We're off in just a bit for M's parents' for the weekend.  Must pack up TRex's travelin' dinner ("sheeees" (Stars & Moons), "buh", slices of "bapple", some "psssss" (grapes), and some "cookies" (animal crackers)), print our itinerary (no point in doing boarding passes since we're checking luggage and it doesn't matter what our boarding group is since we preboard) and Bob's comments on my prospectus draft (which conveniently just appeared in my inbox), and throw the last of the stuff in the car and then go and collect my family.

L'Shanah Tovah, all!
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Well... it took a lot of banging my head against various hard objects, but I have finally procured plane tickets for TRex and me to fly to Tuscon for a wedding in November. It was hard, because I had completely unreasonable expectations. I wanted to:

  1. Not change planes more than once.
  2. Arrive before dinnertime on Friday.
  3. Pay less than $1000 for the two of us combined.
Achieving these three goals ended up requiring flying out of Rochester (but returning to Buffalo) and flying out on Delta and returning on United. But it's done. [profile] greydora has secured us a rental car, so all that's left is hotel.

I need a nap.

Also a new LJ client (or just to use the website). I want WYSIWYG editing and tags support. *pokes XJournal*
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Got home from vacation about midnight last night... we spent a week at Quisisana on Lake Kezar with my Mom's family, in honor of my grandmother's 85th birthday. The rest of the family had all been there before, but we never had. It's a pretty fun little resort on Kezar Lake in extreme western Maine (about half an hour from North Conway, NH). They have fantastic food, sand beaches, and shows every night. We saw a chamber music concert, a great production of Fiddler on the Roof, a nice piano concert, The Merry Widow, a Broadway revue, and an evening of operatic arias & small ensembles.

The family are wacky and family-like (everyone crazy in their own very special way...). TRex loved the lake and beach and having oodles of adults (including huge chunks of the staff) adoring her. She got hella upset this afternoon when going swimming involved getting in the car (rather than walking 150 yards to the beach) and then, to add insult to injury, we didn't let her play in the (flooded, excessively mucky) sandbox at the pool.

M and I managed to take out a Sunfish together and not kill each other, despite turtling the thing less than 3 minutes out. (The total "body count" was 3 dunkings each - two capsizes that put us both in, and then we each had to bail once to keep the boat upright.)

Anyway, pictures here.
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While we were in DC, M's parents took us to Equinox for a three-anniversary dinner (all of us have anniversaries within three weeks of each other - ours on the 18th of June, Fran & Harry's on the 21st, and Josh & Jacy's on the 4th). It was delectable - they serve a tastings menu, but with some choices. We all opted for the four-course dinner - F&H had done the six course previously and said that it was way too much.
One of the top dinners ever )
In short, Equinox is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you want to dine a block from the White House and spend a fair bit of money. And there's free parking on Connecticut after 6:30 pm.
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Home from 4 days in DC for the 4th of July. No, we weren't among the oodles of people that got crammed into the Smithsonian during the thunderstorms yesterday afternoon - we decided that fighting the crowds downtown with a toddler was not our idea of fun. We did see two sets of "BOOM!"s. More later.
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We're off to MA sometime in the next hour or so. See those of you who we see, miss those of you who we don't!
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In which I narrate the first bit of our spring break )
So I'm not going to even attempt to read what y'all people have been talking about for the past five days. If there's anything vital to my continued existence, gimme the Cliff Notes version.
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after my attacks of stupid and techno-hate...

  • Left a message to set up TRex's first-ever dentist's appointment (won't that be fun!).
  • Dudes are coming to (finally) change the locks on our house next Wednesday. We decided that we liked the original 1950 hardware on our front door more than we cared about it being on the same key as the back doors.
  • Purchased plane tickets for TRex and me to go to OK for the first bit of spring break. They were remarkably reasonably priced, too! It's sad when tickets on United cost $250 less than Southwest AND have better flight times (though the latter of those is not all that surprising). My loyalty to Orbitz cost me a dollar - I could have had the same tickets from either Expedia or CheapTickets (which I think might have been swallowed by Orbitz - the site layouts are identical now). I'm sure we'll manage to amuse ourselves for 3 hours in O'Hare on the way there. It was that or be on a 6:30 am flight out, and I didn't want to mess with that.
  • Read over the notes that I was mad about not being able to print. Percolating exactly how I'm going to write the theoretical section of the diss. *hate*
  • M made the tactical error of sending me a link to a bunch of refurb stuff that Apple has on sale. *lust* Another low-end iBook (1.5 GHz, 512 MB, 60 GB, combo drive, airport extreme, etc.) would last me another 4 years (which is how long I've had X^2), I'm sure of it.

Thinking about the possibility of a new computer makes me wonder... Wherein lies the soul of a computer? When X's HD died in September 2004, I changed her name to X^2. Does the identity of the computer lie in the hard drive, as this would imply? Or is it somewhere else?

What does this tell us about the seat of human identity?

Damn... I didn't intend for this to get all philosophical. Back to your regularly-scheduled Friday afternoon.
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New York:

  • Flight there left 2 hours late. Oh well.
  • Family are all still family-ish.
  • Aunt's new boyfriend is cool.
  • TRex can stand on her own for up to 5 seconds at a time.
  • TRex likes to play with wrapping paper. Also her new bulldozer.
  • Sweeney was interesting. Don't think I liked it as much as [ profile] g_m_s did, but I did enjoy it.
  • TRex says "hi" and means it.

2 days at home:

  • TRex is allergic to amoxycillin. Full-body-hives allergic. Did you know that there's such a thing as "hemorrhagic hives"? They're exciting. Zyrtec is the antihistamine of the gods.
  • No Synagis due to the aforementioned hives.


  • It's cold in Toronto in December.
  • The Ontario Science Centre rocks.
  • Psychology really describes babies.
  • Greek food also rocks. So does fondue, Leffe Brune beer, and
  • TRex has more patience with science museums than with art museums.
  • The CN Tower is too tall. But I did walk on the glass floor.
  • I'm too old and crochety for New Year's festivities. Thankfully nobody was too wedded to the idea of going to City Hall for the crowd & insanity.

I think that's the highlights. [ profile] cranky_dragon, sorry we didn't get in touch but things were just too insane.
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[ profile] jenakaekat's question about what people are doing for the holiday weekend made me realize just how nutso we are...
The next week and a bit... )
Yeah, we've definitely lost our everlovin' minds. But hey, at least this year New Year's doesn't involve international flights! (I almost said it doesn't involve international travel, but I think [ profile] cranky_dragon would probably beg to differ with me on that one...).
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Thing the first:
This year, more so than any other year, I am thankful for my friends & family who have supported our little family through the past 14 months of hospitals, weekly doctor's appointments, oxygen tubes and monitor cables, and now (finally) a 20-pound (20 pounds, 1 oz as of this morning) very happy & healthy baby who leaves a swath of chaos & destruction everywhere she goes.

Thanksgiving travel )

GoF impressions, spoilers for changes from the book )

Fishes! )

The Helmand )

TRex-related hijinks will be posted sometime soon on her 'blog. There was chaos & destruction, excessive friendliness, and turkey dinner.
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So on Sunday we decided to take advantage of what we assume was the last nice weekend day and go for a walk in (scenic) Fort Erie. The Canadian customs guy was a little confused when we said we were crossing the border to go for a walk. We did so, however - a nice walk along the river. It was TRex's first ride in the backpack, and she LOVED IT. And then we decided that we really needed to bring [ profile] marajade648 and Tom some Canadian Coke for a wedding present, so we stopped at the RoboMart and picked up a couple of 2-liters for them. And in our change, we got...

An American penny.

I feel like there is some sort of karmic balance that has been restored now.


Sep. 30th, 2005 10:27 am
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(random factoid: there's an Asian grocery near us called the "HooWa Grocery." Makes me chuckle every time I see it.)

My car is now 100% New York legal - all inspected and stickered and everything. I'm always nervous taking my 17-year-old car in for inspection, even though its previous owner babied it - it lived in the garage, was washed on a regular basis, etc. Most importantly, it didn't live in a place where they use salt on the roads. Six years in MA certainly have taken their toll in that regard. But she remains road-worthy for another year (despite my suspicion that she needs a new muffler).

Also, I have a cold. It's not clear to me whether it's something TRex picked up at daycare and gave to me (she's a bit snuffly, too) or if I got whatever Elisabeth has when I was at her house for Textile Guild on Tuesday evening. So I've made myself a pot of tea and I'll do my best to muddle through, especially since between the cold and Tuesday's DMV adventures, I've gotten SQUAT done this week. And the lawn needs mowing DESPERATELY so that will be my daily exercise. The iPod is charging in anticipation.

This weekend we're going to exciting Corning, New York to watch Josh and Jacy cross the finish line of the Wineglass Marathon (and yes, they will have run the 26.2 miles leading up to said finish line). We will torment the loser mercilessly.


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