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I was looking for the redemption code for an Amazon gift certificate that I got for Hanukkah and discovered the notification for one that I got for TRex ages ago... it expires this month!  So I just ordered her three new gosling books!  We love the goslings in our house, we do.  And with part of my own gift certificate I got myself an armband for the new iPod.
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I really, really needed a haircut.

September 6 2006

But I'd been putting it off until I got the first draft of the proposal done. And so, this morning, I went out for my every 8-12-week routine of a haircut and an eyebrow wax. The cut is nothing new or exciting - just 2" or so off of the same cut I've had since January. The eyebrows, I'm not too happy with... she made them a lot thinner than I usually like, and brought in the outer ends a LOT. They looked really really uneven, too, but now that I've washed more of the waxing goop out of them, it's not as obvious.

And I bought new shoes. The black heels that I bought six or so years ago finally bit it - they were fabric and the fabric is now wearing off. Not attractive. So I got these to replace them. Pointy-toed sling-backs! Stacy would be so proud. The heels are super-low (compared to what I've been wearing lately), too.

I also tried on the FABULOUS black croc mary janes but the heels were way too high and skinny for me.
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1) My friends can make me worry sometimes.
2) I am officially an old lady - I even bought an old lady swimsuit this weekend (low legs, high back, pudge-control lining (which really does work, incidentally)).
3) I've overhauled How Very Meta - moved it to WordPress, among other things (though I'm doing a bit of a hack to keep it "located" at my UMass webspace - it's actually being hosted at
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Went to the Apple Store and met with a very nice Genius. Apparently, the whine I have is inherent in the machine and there's nothing that can be done about it. So, y'know, the part where they made it seem like they had a fix for it? Big lie. Thanks, guys. I have such a love/hate relationships with Apple. Love the product, hate the comany. I wish they hadn't stopped licensing clones.

While I was at the mall, I stopped in at StrideRite to look at their rain boots. They start at a size 5. TRex wears a size 4. This seems to be a trend - no rain boots below a size 5. Or for less than twenty bucks. Ditto for real (read: insulated) winter boots. *headdesk* (Also - who in their right mind spends over a hundred bucks for a pair of kids' shoes?)

Then I stopped at Tim Horton's for an iced cappucino (butter caramel - yum) and some idiot was BACKING OUT OF THE DRIVE-THRU LANE. WTF? And he made it pretty clear that my options were to a) back out as well to let him out or b) let him back into me. Moron. So out I backed, and he peeled out of there without even acknowledging me. Jerk.

Went to RiteAid to get my 60 cans of Pepsi products for ten bucks, called [ profile] nenie to answer a question he had asked me on IM earlier in the day, and now I'm home again, going to grab the files that I've changed off of X2 and hopefully get SOME work done today.

Oh well. At least there's a new version of Jardinains2 for me to play.
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Every weather oracle we consulted about this past weekend said the same thing:

Crappy and rainy on Saturday, rainy Sunday morning but clearing and warm in the afternoon. Warm and dry on Monday.

Here's what we got:

Crappy and cloudy on Saturday, but no rain. Downpours Sunday until about 3:30 pm, then warm and disgustingly humid. Crappy and cloudy with intermittent rain all day Monday.

We made our weekend plans based on the forecast, though, which meant that we thought we were going to be able to go to the pool on Sunday afternoon (and in fact told TRex as much... thankfully her memory is short). Saturday we did our normal shopping in the morning, had lunch and TRex napped, and then we figured we'd use the crappy day to go up to the outlets and look for clothes for TRex for next summer, since everybody's got end-of-season clearances on. As it turned out, we didn't find anything really great for her (just a couple of cute little dresses) but I did manage to convince M that yes, $12.50 for a short-sleeved shirt from Eddie Bauer was a very good price. So in the end, I was the only one that came home from our shopping trip empty-handed.

And then it was crappy on Sunday, too, so we took TRex to the playground at the mall and she ran around and followed the big kids and climbed and so on until a bigger kid (probably 3 or maybe 4) decided that pushing her down was fun (and his parents were sitting there watching and doing exactly nothing about it - I was about to have a talk with the kid myself) and she was getting tired anyway so we left.

And yesterday we went to the library and played with a boy named Sam and brought home two books and a CD and ever since we've been listening to "Where is Thumbkin?" on infinite repeat. "Fumk! Fumk!" *thumbwaggle*
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FYI: Target's starting to put their summer stuff on clearance. It you think you know how big your kid's going to be next summer, keep an eye on the clearance racks. I picked up four shirts and a skirt (never fear, [ profile] greydora, it's black) for TRex today for under three bucks apiece.
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Went to Target today to get some shorts... because we're going on vacation w/ Mom's family next week and I only have 2 pair (not enough for a whole week!) The only reasonable (ie, not hotpants, not distressed to the point of not surviving three washings) ones were some Bermudas that were sadly not on sale (they're starting to put summer stuff on clearance, so I had hoped to find shorts there). But they looked cute and were badly needed, so I got them.

I also found a very cute white, acid green, and aqua blue halter top on the clearance rack. And it looked GOOD on me. WTF? I haven't worn a halter top since... well, I might have worn one in junior high. So clearly I had to get that. And then I thought to myself, self, Mom just told you that there's one evening when you might want to dress up. And this halter top clearly fits the bill, especially when paired with a new white linen skirt and the white sandals I got a while back. Oh yeah.

But it's a white linen skirt. It's not sheer by any means, but ... it's white. So I head over to lingerie to look for a white slip (which I don't own - just a black one). And there were exactly ZERO slips to be had at Target. None. Zilch. Nada. WTF? Does no one wear slips anymore? Does Target assume that everyone already has one? Do people who shop at Target just not care if the whole world can see their underwear? I don't get it.

So I walked over to KMart. KMart had slips in a variety of styles, lengths, and colors. Hallelujah.
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Decided to try out a new conditioner! I'd been using the Suave Awapuhi conditioner, but they apparently just re-configured their entire line of salon-knockoff products (a change that isn't even reflected on their site yet!). So there was no Awapuhi to be had. Instead I opted for a knockoff of Redken's Fresh Curls Conditioner.

First impression: it smells like aftershave. Very disconcerting to have my head smelling like an old man's face, but I suppose I'll get used to it.
Second impression (post-shower, before bed): as it was drying, the front my hair looked kinda flattish. I worried that it was not going to do anything to enhance my curls.
Third impression (first look in the mirror this morning): Hello, curls! Curls everywhere! Glee!

So I'll happily live with the aftershave smell if I consistently get this much curl.

I do need another trim, though.
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I just discovered (in the process of checking on an order that should be shipping very soon) that you can look up your entire ordering history on Amazon by year... I've actually bought a whole lot less stuff from them than I would have thought. But it was an entertaining waltz down memory lane...
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Today M and I went to a restaurant known as, I kid you not, The Indian Diner. Their lunch buffet was ok, but nothing to write home about. Then we went across the street to look at a furniture store (we're shopping for living room furniture). Found some stuff that we liked pretty well; we may end up going back there when we finally break down and buy. Anyway, after that we went to this crazy store called Tuesday Morning and were amused by the odd assortment of crap that they had. BUT we did find a 2-disc "Modern Rock Collection" from Time-Life Music. The track listing )
I think I'm in love.
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I had given up hope of ever finding reasonable new winter boots mid-season, and I needed new ones because the $3 ones I bought at Target last year have sprung a leak. I've been shopping a bunch of times and I found a number of boots that I liked, but there was something wrong with most of them... they didn't fit right, they were too expensive, they weren't warm, whatever. I had found some by Totes that I liked but I hadn't found them for what I thought was a reasonable price for what they are. They've been going on clearance all over the place lately, though, but nobody had them in my size (stupid commonly-sized feet).

Today, though, it occurred to me to go to A.J. Wright when I stopped off at the grocery store to buy Skinny Cows (on sale, hooray!) and milk for TRex. Et voila! They had the Totes boots in my size, for only $18!!!!
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I had a brief, heated, and ultimately star-crossed love affair in the clearance section of DSW Shoes today. It was with a pair of camel-colored, fleece-lined, ankle-high boots by Polo Sport. Sadly for me, Ralph and I don't agree about how big a size 8 shoe should be, and they didn't have any in an 8 1/2.

Looked for boots at Kohl's, too, but the whole store was on clearance, it seemed, and the shoe department was in utter disarray. Which was sad, because I had a gift card from returning some pants that didn't fit right, and I was going to add that money to my boot budget and get something really FABULOUS. But it was not meant to be. Instead I used my gift card to get a very soft & lovely pink corduroy blazer.


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