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Dec. 20th, 2006 03:05 pm
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Last night M and I (mostly M) put together pasta sauce in the crock pot to be put on this morning.

Except I forgot.  *headdesk*

I transferred it to a pot and put it on just now, but I'm annoyed with myself.

On the other hand, there are butterscotch squares cooking in the oven, to be taken to NYC with us for Christmas.  Tonight or tomorrow I have to make 3 loaves of cranberry bread for the ladies at daycare.

I had so much fun with my photo series of cranberry bread that I did a handful of shots of the squares as well.  I should go shoot one of them in the oven.  And one of the timer.  I hope I don't overdo them - they're very finicky things, so I set the oven about 25 degrees cooler and the timer for 5 minutes too short so I can closely monitor the last bit.

ETA:  The squares, they are perfect.  Yay!
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Leftover pasta
Fresh basil
olive oil
parmesan cheese
salt & pepper

Because if you have these things, you can make a yummy bowl of pasta & fresh pesto in under 5 minutes.
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is terribly, terribly tasty.  The meat is so tender that it literally falls of the bone.  It's not too spicy but has a bit of a slow, very flavorful burn.  But the sauce doesn't keep well - it really needs to be eaten hot out of the pot.  Ah well...  It will be a "company dish" for sure.  TRex wolfed it up, too - you can never go wrong putting rice and broccoli (bocki) in front of her, but she ate most of a chicken thigh, too.

And I devilled eggs tonight.  Yummy, yummy devilled eggs.  There was 1 egg that broke... too bad, I had to eat it to put it out of its misery.  And M won't appreciate them.  Oh well, his loss, more for the rest of us.  :^D  (My improvised devilled egg recipe:  11 egg yolks (forgot to cut one - oops), 2 glops of may, 1 glop of dijon mustard, a pinch of cumin (because EVERYTHING is better with cumin), and paprika (both in the filling and dusted generously over the top).)
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On the pre-cooking menu for this evening:
  • Boring baked chicken breasts (meat, olive oil, Mrs. Dash).  I wasn't feeling terribly creative.
  • Ismail Merchant's Yogurt Chicken from the Newman's Own Cookbook.
I don't cook out of the Newman cookbook very often because the recipes tend to be fairly involved, and goodness knows they're not WW-approved.  But this looked too good to pass up, and it smells FANTASTIC.  It's basically onions, chiles, cloves, ginger, chicken legs, and yogurt.  The only weird part was that you're supposed to sear the chicken before you add the yogurt, and I simply do not have a pan big enough to sear 8 chicken leg quarters all at once.  So I did them in batches; we'll see if there's a noticeable difference once it's done (it's still simmering - gotta take it off in a minute).

Also boiled a dozen eggs to devil to take for break-fast on Monday evening.  I'll do the actual devilling tomorrow evening.

OK, I definitely need a) a bigger pot and b) a heavier-bottomed one, because I couldn't stir the chicken effectively enough, and there's a good layer of blackened onions and chiles on the bottom of the pot.  Still smells good, though.  Next time I'll make a half-recipe.
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Saturday night cooking at our house this week included one new recipe and one old.

New: Humble Vegetable Casserole (from The Enchanted Broccoli Forest)
Read more... )
We also made an old standard, from The Moosewood Restaurant Cooks at Home: Herbed Pea Soup. I'm doing this from memory, so quantities will be approximate )
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I went upstairs looking for a drink... I didn't want a fizzydrink, I didn't want water... I realized what I wanted. I wanted iced Roma with hot chocolate mix. I drank this stuff by the gallon last summer because there's anecdotal evidence that the roasted barley coffee substitute drinks stimulate lactation (and it worked for me). And it's good cold.

M teased me mercilessly about drinking that stuff, since my grandfather drank Postum instead of coffee - his entire adult life. I think he started during WWII. Of course, he also called margarine "oleo." I get revenge by calling Grape Nuts (which M loves) "grandpa cereal" because my same grandfather ate lots of grape nuts.
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Warning: this is *so* not approved by ANY weight loss plan that I know of. But it's yummy.

White Pizzadilla
1 tortilla
shredded mozzarella cheese
garlic powder
dried basil and oregano
sliced baby bella mushrooms

Top tortilla with all other stuff. microwave for 1 min. Roll up and eat.

I wish I had remembered that we had a red onion in the fridge, because that would have been a tastytasty addition.
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It's 4:20 and you have no idea what you're going to make for dinner. You have to leave to pick up the kid from daycare in 15 minutes, and she's going to need to have food put in her by 5:15 at the latest or you're going to have a pissedoffhungry toddler on your hands. It's Wednesday and M is going to fencing practice so eating after the kid is in bed isn't an option. Quick: what do you do?
Make 'Oh Sh*t' Chicken )
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I've been meaning to post about some of our culinary creations for a while, but haven't had time. And now I have time, so here goes.

This weekend's cookery:
Horseradish Dill Sauce )

Chickpea Rice )

Stuffed Biscuits )

Previous weeks' cookery:
Baked Chimichangas )

And finally...
Spicy Black Bean & Yam Chili )

So there you have it. Cookery fun in our kitchen. Oh, and M made a lasagna almost entirely unsupervised a couple of weeks ago. I told him what to do at each step, but he did all the cooking himself. It's all in the freezer, so we don't know yet how it came out.
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In the midst of our drinking 4 - 3.3 oz cups of wine each, we had a really great dinner. The menu:

Matzo Ball Soup with fluffy matzo balls.*
Steamed Broccoli.
Brined roast chicken with marjoram, rosemary, and thyme, basted with butter and honey.
Eggplant salad (eggplant, tomatoes, fresh basil, salt, pepper, olive oil)*
Potato Kugel*
Charoset (toasted almonds with LOTS of butter, macintosh apples, passover merlot, and honey)
Passover nut torte (eggs, sugar, toasted walnuts, blackberry and apricot preseves).

*Recipe from Traditional Jewish Coooking by Betty S. Goldberg.

Also (how to tell this is a SCAdian seder), we use The Illuminated Hagaddah (a 13th century Spanish manuscript) and this year we added finger puppets for the four (drink) questions.
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M and I have started a new habit, basically necessitated by our need to get dinner into TRex by 5:30 pm or so. That means that if we don't ALL eat dinner by 5:30, he and I don't eat until 7:30 at the earliest, which is later than we want to be sitting down. So anyway, we've started cooking a bunch of food on Saturday evenings after she goes to bed. Last night I made two veggie lasagnas, 1 1/2 of which are now happily hanging out in our freezers. ([ profile] baronessmartha, more and more of the deep freeze is going to actual people food as the freezer stash gets smaller and smaller... we're now using milk from mid-July. We also need to sock food away just to have something to put in the freezer to keep it cold!) This also gives us the opportunity to experiment with new recipes! A couple of weeks ago I made some turkey burgers with feta cheese in them, which were also yummy. Anyway, I bet some of you want to know what my lasagna recipe is. And if you don't, well, don't click on this link. )

I also made a very tasty carrot soup last night... (which we actually ate for dinner last night). I got it off of the Weight Watchers site years ago but had never tried it. Rob's carrot ginger soup it ain't, but it was still pretty tasty. I used low-sodium broth & it really needed more salt, but that's easy to fix on an individual level. Recipe forthcoming when I look it up.


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