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Has anyone had any success getting their cell provider to block specific numbers from sending text messages?  M gets frequent txtspam, always from the same 5-digit number.   He has activated all possible blocking options and Verizon (shockingly) told him that they cannot block 5-digit numbers.  Their solution was for him to text the people back and request that they stop spamming him.

Yeah, like that's gonna work. He did it so that when the spammers strike again he can go to Verizon and say, "Really, that plan worked a treat, great idea boys. Now fix it."
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Murphy loves me, he really really does.

Wish me luck on Thursday. I think I'll be heat-less for about four hours. I don't know if they will have to shut of the gas completely or if I can use the time-honored "Oh look, the heat's out, let's BAKE SOMETHING" method of keeping warm.
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I haven't been to spinning class in AGES.  I was going to be able to go tomorrow, yay!   But, astute readers, I'm sure you noticed that I used the past tense there.  Why?

Because when we got to the park-n-ride this afternoon, we discovered that we had a flat tire (driver's side rear).  We had just aired the tires up a couple of weeks ago, so we doubt it was a leak.  Other evidence that it wasn't just a leak: the car parked facing us also had a flat.  So now the question is, did we just happen to drive over the same thing that punctured our tires, or were they slashed?

We shall know more tomorrow.  I flagged down a transit police car while I was waiting for AAA (because the factory puts the tires on way too tight) and filed a police report - if there is evidence that it was vandalism (and I'm pretty convinced that it was - M is less so) then our insurance will cover the repair with no deductible.

I am so so so tired.  I had a hard time falling asleep last night (I think it was 1 before I really got to sleep) and was awakened by hail on the roof at 5:20 or so this morning and didn't really ever go BACK to sleep.  I deliberately have not had any caffeine since first thing this morning in hopes of not having a repeat performance tonight.  I almost fell asleep during How I Met Your Mother, which would have been criminal because missing the end... would have made me very sad.  Robin Sparkles and all that.  (I will not spoil because I know [ profile] erinwrites  at least won't be watching it until tomorrow - or have you guys jumped ship to DirecTV or FIOS yet?)

And Thursday I get the fun of driving a random rental car, because we need two - M's gotta travel to a meeting for the day.  His reimbursement for mileage will come out to JUST ABOUT the cost of having a rental car from 6 pm Wednesday night 'til 7:30 Friday morning, so that's good.  (Why can't he just rent the car?  Because he's going to Canadia and most car rental agreements don't include crossing the border.)
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Number of phone calls it took me to find out what it's going to take to get TRex an eval for physical therapy at school*:  four.
I knew that I needed to talk to the Committee on Preschool Special Education, and had been given a number for them by the director of TRex's school, but that number just rang and rang.  So I went on the school district website to see if I could hunt down their number.  No dice.  So I called the main district number and told them what I wanted (I stupidly did not just ask for the number for the CPSE) and they told me I needed to talk to the placement office and gave me a number to call.  That number actually turned out to be the number for "central processing".  This has been my experience EVERY time I call the school district - they shunt you to central processing and you get lost in the giant maze of phone menus until you give up.  This time, though, I outsmarted them.  When none of the options I was given addressed my immediate needs, I picked the one for the administrative associate, because it sounded like the one most likely to give me a real live human being, which it did.  She cheerfully gave me the phone number for the special ed department and from there I was able to find out that I need to send a letter with various and sundry information and then they will send me a packet of paperwork to fill out to get the ball rolling.

Still.  FOUR damn phone numbers to find out information that I should have been able to just look up on the website.

*Read the whys and wherefores of this here.
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I am spending too much time on the WW boards, or the people are just getting dumber.

Why yes...

Nov. 11th, 2007 10:41 pm
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... it is all about you.  Clearly.  Because you are the most important person in the world.
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A while back we got a recall notice for our snowblower.  Something about gas and the carburator and it could all go BOOM at any moment (fun, huh?).  We said, "we'll have to call about that" and tossed it on a pile.

Which I found yesterday and called.  The nice lady at the Sears Recall Line was really actually very nice and chatty and punched various numbers into the system and figured out that yes, our machine was affected.  The protocol is apparently that they order the necessary parts, have them shipped to our house, and then we call the recall line back and schedule an appointment to have them come out and fix the thing.  This strikes me as a bit odd, but OK, I'll play along.  She tells me that it will be a couple of weeks, at which point I kick myself for throwing the stupid thing on the pile

This morning Sears called M to tell him that they'll be coming between 3 and 5 today.  They CLAIMED that they left a message on the primary number's voicemail, but that should have been me and I got no such message.  I wonder if they didn't actually delete our land line number from the system and we are some poor sap's new "Dawn Marie Marshall" (the chick who we got CONSTANT phone calls for)?  Could it be that it was actually the heater repair guys who are supposed to be coming TOMORROW to service the furnace (sometime in the "early afternoon) - they are supposed to call and tell me when, maybe I will call them and try to ascertain if they are the ones who talked to M.  (I did... they weren't.)

Ah well, thankfully M can pick TRex up and they'll come home on the train  and this way we will be sure that someone will be home when [profile] childsplay7 and T arrive around 5!
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 Because I get really irate when things SHOULD work and DON'T.  I'm not used to software being unreasonably finicky, looking like it should work and then not.


Oct. 12th, 2007 04:09 pm
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That is all.  It's Friday, which means... absolutely nothing.  Gotta prep a conference presentation and a workshop presentation this weekend.  Just found out that the Amtrak "trains" I booked myself on from Seattle to Vancouver don't run on rails, oh no.  They run on wheels on the highway.  Bastards.  Now I have to call and find out if they even LEAVE from the train station, because heaven knows the Amtrak website isn't helpful in that regard.  *rage*  The process for applying for travel funds from UMass is labyrinthine at best (and includes non-editable Acrobat forms that have to be turned in via e-mail).

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This morning was insane.  M called shortly after he left the house to tell me that he had forgotten some papers that he needed to fax first thing this morning (finalizing loan paperwork on the new car) so I had to run around and find them and then I realized as I was putting on TRex's shoes that she was still wearing her overnight diaper (thankfully she was in a dress so the change was super-easy) and so we left the house later rather than earlier than, and had to stop at M's office on the way to school.

And, as always happens in these situations the other drivers on the road were all irritated at me for doing things like not flooring it to approach a green turn arrow and having the right of way when they were trying to go straight out of a left-turn lane.  (I actually bellowed at that guy - don't give me the stinkeye when you're the one driving incorrectly!)  And the leaving-later meant that we hit one of the surges in highway traffic - it gets dense at about 5 'til 8 and then again at about 5 after 8, I don't know why.  I normally try to hit it just before the 8:00 surge.

And apparently today public transport was NOT faster than driving, since we were waiting at the stoplight by the train station when M came up.  Handed off the papers, back on the highway to drop TRex off at school, then back up north to work where I was going to have to scramble to write a make-up quiz for a student who had stood me up twice already.  Scrambled, wrote, and got stood up again.  I am not amused.

BUT I figured out how to make online grading get automatically entered into my gradebook, so that's cool.
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A while back I ordered a review copy of a little workbook and video thing for intro sociology classes, thinking I might show some of the videos in class.  It was in my mailbox at work this morning.  Yay.  I opened it up, flipped through the table of contents, and then turned to the back cover.  The CD was in one of those little sleeves with the perforated slit for taking it out.  On the sleeve was a statement to the effect of "if you open this, you agree to the license agreement."

Guess where the license agreement is?

You got it.  Sealed in the sleeve with the CD.

M tells me that there's a lawsuit pending about this very practice.
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Forgot water bottle?  Check.
Forgot to put a Pepsi in my lunchbox last night?  Check.
No cash on hand?  Check.

I will soon be taking a walk back to my car to fish my gym water bottle out of my gym bag.  Assuming I didn't forget it somewhere.

ETA: Hooray, I did have the gym water bottle.  So I will not die of dehydration on this hot, muggy day.
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Part of the shielding on my power adapter got melted, and getting power through is an iffy operation at best.  There seem to be certain positions in which it works and certain ones that it doesn't.  So I'm off to the Galleria to get a new power adapter this afternoon.

OTOH, I'll get to play with the iPhones.  (Did I bounce about the fact that I got to TOUCH AN iPHONE at Pennsic?  I GOT TO TOUCH AN IPHONE AT PENNSIC!!!)

Hrm... Maybe it's going to behave itself now.  It seems to get cranky if I change locations.  Maybe I'll try some electrical tape over the affected area and see if that helps for a bit.
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Why is it that when you want to print something "real quick", it never works that way?  While my printer woes do not in any way compare to those of [profile] kass_rants, I have been ready to drop-kick my printer for the last 20 minutes or so.  I had anticipated a bit of ramp-up since it was to be my first try at printing from NeoOffice.  I did not expect to come and find the printer trying to tell me that a black cartridge that clearly has ink in it is empty.  (The yellow really was empty.  Next time I buy a printer I'm making sure it's one that defaults to b&w if the color cartridges are out rather than just refusing to print.)  But I decided to play along and feed it a new cartridge.  No dice.  Ratbastard.  I eventually had to hold its hand through the "new cartridge" process via the ass-kicking software.  And now I have to go find a ziplock to put this other black cartridge in to save for next time I run out of black ink.  Our old Lexmark printer only took one cartridge (K or CMY but not both) and had a nifty little holder on the back that would seal off the one you weren't using so it wouldn't dry out.  Too bad the printer sucked in every way but that one.

AND NeoOffice has eaten my notes pages.  Both it and PP will show me the notes but not the slides that go with them - just a blank frame where the slide should go.  I am not amused.  Also, I am printing from PP.  Not being able to print presentation notes is a deal-breaker for me.
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The minute you have on a fencing mask, or are in the middle of a manicure, or have your hands covered in raw meat, some part of your anatomy will itch.  Most likely  your head.

As soon as you turn off the pilot light, a cold front will come through and it will be 60 degrees in your house.  It's the middle of MAY, people!  I should not need to have the heat on in MAY!  (In other news, I did refrain from going all psycho-environmentalist on the friend who told me last week that she was running her air conditioner during the day and the heater at night.)
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[personal profile] baronessmartha and [profile] nalyirri will appreciate this one most of all...

So my spring bursar's bill go paid late, and we got socked with a late fee.  Which M paid $4.50 to pay online so we could be sure it go there in time to not incur MORE late fees.  He did so on 4/22.  Yesterday I got a threatening e-mail and letter saying that if it wasn't paid by the 11th, they would administratively withdraw me from school.  I said, "M, did you pay that?"  He said, "Yeah, a couple of weeks ago, online."

I just called the Bursar's office.  The payment was posted on 4/22.  And it takes 2 weeks for it to be processed, so it will show as paid sometime early next week.


(But no, we will not be penalized for it - because we paid it before the deadline.)
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When TRex and I left toddler gym today, the car wouldn't reverse.  As in, reverse behaved just like neutral.  We've known that the transmission in my car was getting flaky and this is just the sort of thing I wanted to avoid.  Anyway, some of the maintenance folks helped push it out and it went forward mostly fine (with one weird non-catchy moment) all the way home.  When we got home & had it in the garage, I tried backing up again.  That time, it worked.  :^/

If the tranny's gone, the tranny's gone and we're ditching the car.  It's 19 years old and has a blue book value of like $200.

TRex was rather amused by the whole process.
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You and your law can, as far as I'm concerned, suck it.
Snow on the ground: roughly 6", 3-6" more expected by 2 pm today.
The Beast: drive pin lost, leaking oil.
Snow shovel: crappy.
Shoulders: sore, as always.
Knee: busted, not useful for lifting.
M got the driveway sorta cleared despite the not-fully-functional snowblower.  Despite that, it took me 3 tries with the car in low to get up the driveway after dropping TRex off at daycare.  I will be calling Sears about the snowblower in a bit - we have discovered that warranty repairs are available if you bring the product in to the store.  Ha.  Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!  They're funny.  I will have a very civilized discussion with them about why that's just not possible.

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My hard drive decided to run out of space, completely randomly.  I WATCHED the available space tick down from 2 GB until there was none left.  I have no idea why this happened.  I installed Quicksilver this morning but have seen no evidence that it was a part of the problem.  I have cleared a bunch of stuff off of the HD (applications that I don't use) such that I now have 5.25 gigs of space, but I really need to clear out my iMovie folder - I have one project that has all of the things we've recorded, and it's 16 gigs big.  And the "Done" movies (all in QT format at various levels of compression) are another 300 megs.

And of course panic over this led to not going to the gym.  Bah.  I'm going to go make the beds and then work out at home for as long as I have before I have to go get TRex.
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The TV greeny problem appears to be temperature-related.  It improves as the room warms up.  M's comment - "I'm just gonna crank up the heat really high on Sunday."  I suggested turning on the semi-functional heatolator - since we haven't had it on at all this winter, it should start right up and it warms the room really, really fast.  What's interesting is that the TV in our room is also a Samsung, and it has always had a temperature-related problem, too - it buzzes like crazy when it's too cold.  Weird.


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