Jun. 29th, 2009 12:48 pm
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Note to self:  puffed wheat is way less filling than shredded wheat.  that + big swim + strong coffee + forgetting about lunch 'til 12:45 = massive caffeine-to-calorie imbalance.

In other news, my kid likes camping but wakes up waaay too early, and I have first-hand evidence that [livejournal.com profile] chrisilin  does, in fact, exist outside the Internets.  Later this week I will have similar evidence of [livejournal.com profile] childsplay7 , T, and [livejournal.com profile] sprirtwolf .

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 I want to remember this weekend, the idyllic times in the sunshine, the bike rides, the good times with friends.  Even the Lord of the Flies- esque birthday party we went to yesterday afternoon.

Saturday I have already posted about.  I hope our gardens do well... we definitely enjoyed putting them in and TRex loves watering them!

Sunday was another perfect day weather-wise.  I was grumpygrumpy in the morning but then I went for a long walk when TRex and M went for their Sunday morning donuts and blasted Liz Phair into my brain and felt much better.  After that we tried out the trailer bike and all tooled around the neighborhood a couple of times.  After lunch and a nap we went to the most lord-of-the-flies fifth birthday party ever.  Seriously... 15 kids, a 15x15 patch of grass, and three toys that weren't water balloons.  Oh, and completely insufficient parental supervision.  Awesome.  Apparently there was one point where a mom lit into her kid (verbally) and M and B just looked at each other like, "what do we do?????"  As M put it, her actions were totally fine (chasing him down and putting him in time out) but the verbal abuse that went along with it was pretty horrifying.  I don't know, I was upstairs where they were doing cake and presents at the time.  More tooling around after that, and grilled chicken salads for dinner 'cause we'd all eaten junky food at the party.  The food - which was potluck - was spectacular.

Today... more perfect weather.  We cleaned the house in the morning because we were having our March for Babies team over for a pizza party (note: not all that easy to get pizza on Memorial Day) at lunchtime.  Hung out with the P family and the L family until all the kids got crispy, with some hilarity and only one minor mishap (Mister T managed to flip over the folding chair he was sitting in, tumbling headfirst into TRex's garden).  They hauled a whole bunch of toys out... Mister T was careening around the driveway pushing a teddy bear and an oversized stuffed Pikachu in the doll stroller, the girls were blowing bubbles, and B was playing whiffleball with his mom/whoever he could get to pitch to him.  After that, another nap, and then we went out on our bikes to take advantage of CWL's invite to swing by later if we were bored... TRex thought that biking to Miss J's house was the BEST THING EVER and the two of them played very well for an hour or an hour and a half while the adults lounged on the deck and laughed at /lamented the crazy dogs.  (Un-fixed one year old male Weimaraner = waaaaaaay too much dog for me.  Said dog PLUS a same-aged female Greater Swiss Mtn Dog = >200 pounds of insane canine energy.)  And then we biked home and ate MORE pizza and salad, watched the Electric Company, and put the girl to bed.

Bliss.  Only now I have to write a lecture for tomorrow.  To that I say BOO.
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I packed myself a lovely lunch last night.  Matzoh w/ laughing cow and a wide variety of fresh fruits - pineapple, clementines.  Maybe even a banana.  I left it at home.  I succeeded in finding mostly-kosher-for-passover-if-you-squint-right lunch at the snack bar - chicken salad (let's imagine that the mayo was ok), grapes and cheese, and a banana.  Opened up the chicken salad container, took one bite, and NEARLY LOST MY LUNCH.  It was FOUL.  I don't think it was spoiled, it was just disgusting.  Lunch fail.  I managed to push down the gag reflex long enough to eat the cheese and grapes; I am saving the banana for later.

In other news, I am wearing all but two colors of the (new, improved, six-color) rainbow.  Unless you count the gold in my scarf as yellow - then I'm only missing orange.  From the ground up:  red shoes, navy blue jeans, green top, purple "grass seed" (my child is weird) necklace.

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When I don't blog for a while, you get bullet points.
  • Meeting with Old Plumber must be re-scheduled because the guy who did the actual repair last May was sick today.
  • Fashion on Tuesday: cream colored tunic-length sweater belted with skinny red belt (would have been better with a wide belt), brown slacks and red flats.
  • Fashion on Thursday (today!): my favorite glen plaid slacks, mustard-yellow cowl-neck shirt, khaki blazer, brown sling-back heels.
  • Kid: still precocious.  Not napping at school anymore, so she goes to bed pretty early.  Which is kinda nice.
  • SCA: I have taken it into my head to enter Kingdom A&S.  See, the theme was my idea, so I feel a LITTLE obligated.  I finished a set of 13th c. gowns for HRH Liadain that look awesome - I will be able to finish up the write-up of them next week after I actually have a picture of them on a person rather than just on my dress form.
  • Still loving the AutoFocus time management system.  I have knocked off SO MANY little niggling tasks that had been languishing - like taking a ton of wire hangers to be recycled, ordering omega 3-6-9s for the kiddo (hard to find them in brick & mortar stores in pedi doses), and other similar things.
  • Work: high school is weird, but the kids are pretty receptive.  Their grades, so far... not so hot.  But there's only been one quiz and a reading quiz, so hopefully they'll get the hang of it and/or actually ask me for help.
  • Dissertation: progress is being made.  I'm producing mini-reports for Bob that I would love to get additional feedback on - let me know if you want to read them!
  • I totally used up my perky earlier today, so I'm just going to say donate to March for Babies!  We're 1/3 of the way to our goal, yay!  And [livejournal.com profile] marajade648  is coming to walk with us again, doubleyay!  (So if you wanted you could donate to her, instead.)
  • BSG cherry: officially popped.  Are you happy [livejournal.com profile] relentlesstoil ?  At some point I will go back and watch from the beginning.
  • Speaking of tv, CURSE YOU CBS!  I USED to be able to get HIMYM web streaming... not anymore.  So I've missed the last ... 2 or 3 episodes.  :^(
  • The freecreditreport.com commercial with the dudes at the Renaissance Fair amuses me.  I'm not exactly sure why.
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As usual, I'm so absorbed in looking at others' blogs that I'm pretty much neglecting my own...

  • We got further proof that in 10 years, TRex and B will be the Romeo and Juliet of our neighborhood. Except that our families aren't feuding, so you pick your literary parallel... From the sentences I never thought I would utter files: "B, wrap your legs around TRex's waist and hold on!" Yeah, we were sledding.
  • B, being the risk-taking six-year-old that he is, HAD to take the sled over the mini-moguls that the snowboarders had built, no matter what the adults said or how many four-year-olds were on the sled with him. Luckily, TRex thought that catching 4' of vertical air was HILARIOUS.
  • There was miraculously little squabbling amongst TRex, B, and J. Usually they act like they're ALL siblings instead of just two of them. I made sure to tell them all how impressed I was at their turn-taking and nice-being.
  • Got the family room floor shop-vac'd and mopped, and we moved an area rug down there. We are still debating what the ultimate flooring solution for that room will be. We have not heard anything from the BBB re. our dispute (did I mention that the address the company had listed with the BBB is WRONG?), nor did we ever receive a finally invoice, so we suspect that they are willing to just wash their hands of those dollars.
  • Proof that there's a big difference between four-and-three-quarters and four-and-one-quarter. Lovely playdate with G at her house, but G is a very strong personality, especially when in her own space, and TRex got a bit fed up with it. On the other hand, kudos to my kid for standing up for herself in a relatively polite way, saying "You're being bossy. I don't want to play like that." The moms redirected them to a different activity and peace was restored with relatively little histrionics on G's part and none whatsoever on TRex's. Even more so after PB&J sandwiches were applied to tummies.
  • Playdate fashion.
  • 40* means we can try like hell to get the driveway mostly cleared of snow and ice, at the same time playing Alison in Wonderland and building snow castles and having "gym class" by jumping into the piles of snow. Win.
  • TRex looooooves the Super Bowl (two words, just for [livejournal.com profile] liamstliam ) for approximately the first quarter. After that she wants to play... so we played baby and Old Maid and Crazy Eights for half of the second quarter, and then she went to bed.
  • I like the Super Bowl when it's a good game and when I can chat with [livejournal.com profile] baronessmartha through it. And when I have no investment whatsoever in the outcome, though I apparently know a shocking number of Steeler fans, and not just because we live relatively close to Pittsburgh.

  • In total denial about the fact that I have to teach tomorrow, before 8:30 in the morning.  Bonus points for it being "School Spirit Week" and class being only 30 minutes long...  Ah high school, how I do not miss thee.
  • Got a visit from Willie Loman Mike. He really was very reminiscent Willie Loman - rubber shoe covers, giant mutant binder full of life insurance literature. I might have been more sympathetic if I were a fan of Arthur Miller's work.
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Last night we had "Mama don't ever ever NEVER EVER make this for dinner for again! You will make something different for me.", aka greek chickpeas with spinach. (Sautee'd onions & garlic, chickpeas & dill, spinach & lemon juice, over bulgur. It wanted feta, and M pointed out that at some other time I have made something that involved spinach, chickpeas, and feta. Which is entirely possible.)

From the "people are dumb" files:
The Apple discussion boards right now are FULL of people whingeing that they just bought iWork 08 and now there's iWork 09 and where's their free upgrade, wah wah wah. Dudes. Apple has NEVER done free upgrades, for anything. Yeah, maybe it would have been nice if the folks at the Apple Store told you to wait a week 'til after MacWorld Expo but really. Cope. Me, I'm hoping that they do the "box set" thing when Snow Leopard comes out, at which point I'll upgrade my OS, iWork, and iLife (I'm still on iLife 06) all at once.
Secondarily, people are constantly griping that "Time Machine deleted this file that I needed!" Um... Time Machine is a backup system, not an archiving system. They are, in fact, different. When your TM destination drive runs out of space IT WILL REMOVE OLD BACKUPS. This is a characteristic of any backup system whose target has finite space. If you need to be SURE that you will have a copy of a file either DON'T DELETE IT FROM YOUR HARD DRIVE or archive it in some other way (thumb drive, CD, tape, whatever).

Finally, check out the size of this carrot!!!!!!
carrot or club?  you decide...
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I woke up at 9 to a certain young lady, who had been up with Daddy since 7, climbing on top of me and giving me kisses.  We all lazed about in bed 'til 10, when I got up, had breakfast, and put on snow clothes to go clear the driveway and sidewalk - we only got about 3" of the predicted 6.   I was smart and put on the coffeepot before I went out so when I got back there was hot coffee waiting for me.

The other 2 went out for donuts and I did some stuff on the Internets (printed out a Sid the Science Kid coloring page that M found last night, printed & filled out the last charter school app that we needed to do).  When they got back, we decided to go sledding.  The forecast, according to the local NPR, was for mostly cloudy.  They lied.  It was BEAUTIFUL - weather.com claims that right now it's 21 out, but I think it was warmer than that.  No wind, brilliant sun.  The hill was CROWDED - we just missed J, she had gotten cold and gone home with her dad.  Corey was still there with B and her sister in law, as well as M & I and their moms.  And a million other families.  Corey mocked me for looking like Elmer Fudd, but I don't care - I was warm.*  For the first bit TRex wanted one of us to sled with her, which was fine - her sled easily holds a kid plus an adult. Then she decided she needed to go alone, a bunch of times.  And then she decided she wanted to go "in a pile" - headfirst, grownup on the bottom and her on top.  I volunteered for that insanity, and it actually worked pretty well - she didn't fall off like we thought she might and I had some hope of steering (hands on snow).  So... all told we were out in the snow for close to 2 hours, which is FOREVER in four-year-old time.  And then we came home, had lunch, and now she's napping - big surprise!

*She may have a point.  My snow gear consists of long johns under sweatpants, big wool socks, and these boots. On top, I've got a tank top, long-sleeved t-shirt, fleece hoodie, parka, and my "Buffalo hat" (which is what really leads to the mocking).

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1) kind of doesn't suck: Eloisa of course refused to make the awful grating noise when at the Genius Bar, despite Tim The Genius and I doing everything we could to throttle the processors and heat up the machine.  The fan is still noisier than I would like but it is apparently "within normal limits".  He MAY be able to swing a new fan ($25) without charging me for labor ($80/hour) - we'll see what happens.

2) really doesn't suck: I was unsure if we had any refills left on TRex's reflux meds, AND she's going to run out while we're in OK (and there is no RiteAid in Stillwater).  So I called the pharmacy and learned that we do, in fact, have refills left AND that I can get it refilled 3 weeks since it was last filled - so I can pick up her meds before we leave and we don't have to hassle with trying to transfer the Rx to a pharmacy that does exist in OK. 

3) kinda sucks right now, won't suck later: furnace guys have been here all day.  They are nearly done, we think.  Go go gadget lower fuel bills!


Dec. 3rd, 2008 10:27 pm
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 There was a "Nike Tent Sale" on campus today and we thought we'd go and look for my HanuBirthdayKah present - new running shoes.  No dice, though... there was only 1 kind of women's shoe at all, and none in my size.  Oh well.

Pool today was INSANE.  I think we had seven people in the fast lanes at one point.  It went pretty smoothly, though... six of us were going at about the same pace and the slow person was pretty easy to pass.

I just got my hands on my very own external hard drive (aka, the 60G drive out of M's old dead laptop) and can finally use Time Machine by excepting applications and music.  Hooray for automatic backups!  (Well, automatic every time I hook up the drive.)

I'm sure there was more interesting stuff... but I have no idea what it was.
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Guess what?  I can almost see the floor of my sewing room!  This morning I took a bunch of outgrown toys, some kid clothes, some adult clothes, and a bouncy seat & infant swing to the Salvation Army.  Oh, and three boxes of books.  Begone, stuff that I don't use or need!  Out of my house! There is still more stuff, too - I just ran out of sorting/cataloging time.  In the space of an hour, I managed to drop that stuff off, get cash, get copies of my handout for my class on Saturday, and go to the post office to mail some snow boots to [livejournal.com profile] relentlesstoil  / [livejournal.com profile] samueljl 's progeny.  From there I rushed off to physical therapy where I spent an hour and a half because it was my last appointment and we had to come up with a home treatment plan and do strength testing and all that.  (It has worked, by the way - massively improved strength, especially in my right hip.)  And then off to [livejournal.com profile] kiersey 's house for lunch with her and Little N, who proudly showed me that he knows what a monkey does (OMG so cute).  That kid is AWESOME in the language department.  At 16 months (and under 4 months of being in an English-speaking environment), I'd put his expressive language at just a bit below where TRex's was at 19 months - and SHE had been hearing English her whole life!

Yet to do: call several places about corporate sponsorship / corporate teams for March for Babies, do a couple of loads of laundry, pick M up so we can go do some banking (including cashing in the change jar), pick the kid up at school.  Whew.

In other news, it turns out i was misinformed about when kindergarten testing will be.  Not after the first of the year - NEXT TUESDAY!  So... how shall we spin an IQ test to the four-year-old?  I'm thinking, "We're going to go visit a school and you'll get to talk to some people and play some games to help us figure out if it's the best school for you."  She's so freaking excited about kindergarten, I expect she'll end up talking their ears off.  I just hope she can manage to stay relatively focused on the task at hand.
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... and I even compose posts in my head; they just never manage to make it out of my fingers and onto the keyboard.
Fashion blather... ) knew the person was pregnant; in one, I did not (probably due to the facebook/college friend being male); in the third, I found a HS friend on facebook two days after his wife had a baby.I think that hits the high points of what's running around in my head these days...
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I haven't been to spinning class in AGES.  I was going to be able to go tomorrow, yay!   But, astute readers, I'm sure you noticed that I used the past tense there.  Why?

Because when we got to the park-n-ride this afternoon, we discovered that we had a flat tire (driver's side rear).  We had just aired the tires up a couple of weeks ago, so we doubt it was a leak.  Other evidence that it wasn't just a leak: the car parked facing us also had a flat.  So now the question is, did we just happen to drive over the same thing that punctured our tires, or were they slashed?

We shall know more tomorrow.  I flagged down a transit police car while I was waiting for AAA (because the factory puts the tires on way too tight) and filed a police report - if there is evidence that it was vandalism (and I'm pretty convinced that it was - M is less so) then our insurance will cover the repair with no deductible.

I am so so so tired.  I had a hard time falling asleep last night (I think it was 1 before I really got to sleep) and was awakened by hail on the roof at 5:20 or so this morning and didn't really ever go BACK to sleep.  I deliberately have not had any caffeine since first thing this morning in hopes of not having a repeat performance tonight.  I almost fell asleep during How I Met Your Mother, which would have been criminal because missing the end... would have made me very sad.  Robin Sparkles and all that.  (I will not spoil because I know [livejournal.com profile] erinwrites  at least won't be watching it until tomorrow - or have you guys jumped ship to DirecTV or FIOS yet?)

And Thursday I get the fun of driving a random rental car, because we need two - M's gotta travel to a meeting for the day.  His reimbursement for mileage will come out to JUST ABOUT the cost of having a rental car from 6 pm Wednesday night 'til 7:30 Friday morning, so that's good.  (Why can't he just rent the car?  Because he's going to Canadia and most car rental agreements don't include crossing the border.)
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1) I love the archaeology of putting on my parka for the first time of the season. Found: a drawing by TRex, a necklace I'd been looking for, one cloth napkin and a bunch of paper ones.

2) I can't for the life of me remember what #2 was.

So. Adventures in home ownership part the Upstairs Shower Leak Again.

Read more... )
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When in the course of one length of the pool your goggles smoosh your contact out of place (but thankfully still in your eye) and then when you go to put them back on, the strap breaks, the universe is telling you it's time to stop swimming.
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+ Kiddo is back at preschool
- That means packing lunches every day again

- I can't go to spin class tomorrow, after being gone from it for five long weeks
+ I can't go to spin class tomorrow because M and I are going to see The Clone Wars in the afternoon

- I am going to have a hard time staying in my weekly points this week
+ because we had a Canisius picnic today, dinner with the P family tomorrow*, and the C family bash on Saturday (hrm, must think about what to bring for that... something Core I think, maybe I'll make a bulgur pilaf Friday night).

*MP reports that when Mr. T was told that we might be coming over for dinner, he immediately started chattering to himself, "Sanna.  Sanna!  Toys!"
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About as lovely as a weekend can be.

Saturday:  Weekend errands, lunch, rest time for the kiddo, and then we spent the entire afternoon outside, doing not much of anything (or lots of nothing) in the yard.  While barefoot.  First sunburn of the summer for me.

Sunday:  I skated 3 miles while M and TRex went for their Sunday morning donuts.  And then we went outside.  Came inside for lunch and rest time.  After rest, TRex declared that she didn't want to go to the pool - so we spent the rest of the afternoon outside doing pretty much the same stuff we did on Saturday.  Again with the bare feet.  Then we had a "picnic" in the living room and as we were cleaning up, M called for us to look outside.  There on our sidewalk was TRex's friend J along with her whole family - and let me tell you, there are dogs in our neighborhood that are no DEAF from the screaming that emanated from my child.  J's big brother just learned how to ride without training wheels this weekend and they were biking to Dairy Queen and did we want to go with them?  So we hopped in the car and met them there and soon had three very chocolatey kids on our collective hands.  First sunburn of the summer for M.  Oh, and in the evening I drafted & started using a new pattern for hosen for me.

Monday:  TRex and I spent the morning at J's house with another girl from their school (who is in the older 3-year-old class and who will be in their pre-K class in the fall) and eventually a friend of J's brother's.  Soccer, tee-ball, etc. were played.  I was REQUIRED to pet the puppy.  (No, really.  We walked in the door and as soon as Juneau saw me she was as underfoot as a puppy can be until I sat down and paid proper attention to her ears.)  Walked back home, TRex napped and we took advantage of what was SUPPOSED to a miserable afternoon to run up to the outlets - TRex needed shorts, M needed new dress shoes, and I needed foundation garments to go under the green dress (my old strapless bra did NOT fit anymore... and I needed a slip).  All of those goals were achieved, and the weather was still nice enough to play outside before & after dinner.  (And when we chucked the kid in the bath, her feet were BLACK and the rest of her was completely covered in sidewalk chalk.)
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We were in DC for the weekend for a surprise party for Fran.  (Hi, Fran!)  She was surprised, my kid is still a great traveler, etc.

Plumbing work (replacing the trap on the main line) will be done next week, not on Wednesday, by our regular plumber who was able to match RotoRooter's price even after RR applied what we'd paid to have it cleared & the coupon we had with them.  So yay for that.

Ran 2.3 miles with Jacy on Saturday, swam 1350 yards (.76 miles) today.

Bones finale on, and I only missed the first five minutes in putting TRex to bed, so M caught me up on what had happened in those minutes.  Which I think I'm going to have to go back and watch tomorrow morning for it to really make sense, but that's OK.

The world has been a big bag of suck for a lot of my friends and acquaintances lately, and I really hope that it improves really really soon for everyone.
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... I slept 'til 8:30, lolled in bed 'til after 9, had breakfast, took the shambling zombie out for a 2.5 mile shamble.  Now I'm sitting here nursing my water and contemplating a shower... I don't expect the others back for a bit, since they were going shopping for my present this morning.  The rest of the day... we have no plans except running to M's office to make use of the departmental copier/scanner/printer/julienne fry machine because I have a document to scan that is substantially bigger than bed on the home scanner.

Happy Mothers' Day to all the Mommies, hope you get to do EXACTLY what you want to today!
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2 moms
2 three-and-a-half-year-olds
2 strollers
1 nine-week-old greater swiss mountain dog puppy

Anybody want to guess how many permutations of stroller occupancy we went through on the walk?
  • both kids in their own strollers, dog walking
  • both kids in their own strollers, dog being carried
  • both kids out of their strollers, dog walking
  • both kids out of their strollers, dog riding in TRex's stroller
  • both kids out of their strollers, dog riding in J's stroller
  • J out of her stroller, TRex in her own stroller
  • each kid in the other kid's stroller, dog walking
  • each kid in the other kid's stroller, dog (all 17 pounds of her) on kid's lap
  • each kid in the other kid's stroller, dog riding in the basket underneath TRex's stroller
I THINK that might be all of them, but I'm not actually sure.  It took us about an hour to walk a mile, but it was very amusing.  And we managed to come home from the L household with me in a different shirt (because the very tail end of the walk featured me being target practice for a bird) and S in J's underwear and pants, because she didn't QUITE make it to the bathroom in time.
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Still Alive

May. 6th, 2008 02:58 pm
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In bullet list form...
  • Spent 7 to 7.5 hours yesterday cleaning the house.  Am only about half done.  But ZOMG the bathrooms are extra-shiny and we have clean sheets & mattress pads and I even rotated our mattress all by myself.
  • Super Sekrit Projekt going well, very amusing to me.  More to come upon its completion.
  • Put in plastic garden border this weekend.  TRex LOOOOVES worms.  Loves them, is very gentle with them, moves them from the dirt we just dug up to our perennial bed and then covers them with more dirt.
  • That 100 bulbs for ten bucks box I bought at Aldi?  Totally worth it.  Hopefully this weekend will be lovely so we can do some planting.
  • CF light bulbs are cheaper at Aldi than at Target.  PSA and all that.
  • TRex has eczema, not some other bizarro rash, so yay.  Also, 35 pounds according to the ped's scale.
  • Swimming gets less annoying every time I do it.  But oh, freestyle kills me ded.  And I do need different goggles... no matter what I do, the minute I start to freestyle they fill right up.  And I was very averse to pool water in my eyes even before I wore contacts.
  • I think it says something about my fitness level that I'm planning to go for a "short" run today.  Y'know, only a mile and a half.  But, woe, my iPod is out of battery-juice and I didn't have the cable in my bag, so I will be running with ENVIRONMENTAL NOIZE!
  • Final exam Thursday.  Have spent most of today doing the administrative nonsense that goes with it.  Now administrative nonsense is all done.
  • Hooray for webcams and skype, they mean I get to actually SEE Sam instead of just typing at her.
  • Per the cleaning spree... I have two things warring within me.  Thing 1: being thrifty/eco-conscious and not throwing things away willynilly.  Thing 2: decluttering, which means occasionally throwing away things that might have been repurposed.
My miscellanea gun, she is out of bullets.  In conclusion, I give you a macro in search of a picture.
My mind, you haz blowed it.


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