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... however I don't think the weather's going to cooperate.
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"They" started warning us sometime yesterday about a high wind warning with a front that was supposed to be coming through around 4 this morning.  Sure enough, right at 4, I heard it kicking up like crazy.  It was gusting so hard that I actually felt our sturdy brick house shift a bit.  It was gusting hard enough that our bedroom door kept opening and closing a bit, and I was having trouble sleeping because I was keeping an ear out for TRex, in case the racket woke her up (it didn't).  Drifted back off about 5... As we were getting ready for the day, I looked out the window and saw the pine in the neighbor's easement bowing big-time.  Thought to myself, "That thing ain't gonna last the day.

I was right.  Sometime between 10:45 and 10:50 this morning, it fell, completely blocking the street and mostly blocking our driveway.  (I could have gotten out if I'd really really needed to but it would have involved making use of hour high ground clearance and AWD.)  The city came and pushed it out of the street within an hour, but they put it smack across another neighbor's driveway - I THINK she was at work so she'll be able to park on the street (or down the block at her mom's house) but if she had been home, she would have been seriously trapped.  As of last time I looked out the window, they hadn't done a thing about actually removing it.

Other fun notes:
When we went to the grocery store this morning, one of the traffic lights had fallen - it had probably been a while, because there was no evidence of it anywhere.  Another was attached by one wire, kind of spinning in the wind.  As I was attempting to get TRex out of the cart (my angle is all wrong, she's too tall, her boots get stuck and I bloody give up), the wind caught her and started moving the whole operation - because, unbeknownst to me, I was standing on a sheet of ice.  Yay.  As I was trying to get into the car after I'd put the cart away, the wind caught me and I slid... because, again, I was on a sheet of ice.  There was no way I was going to be able to stop myself, except I grabbed on to the rearview mirror as I went by.  When we went by the same traffic light after picking M up at the train this evening and the light that had been hanging by a thread was gone, too.
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It's become more and more obvious to me over the past several years that I simply adore the transitional seasons.  The first day that you drive around with the windows down, the first day when you walk out in the morning and can feel that little bite in the air.  THAT morning was this morning... it was 53 degrees when we left the house, just cool enough to want a light jacket, and the air felt ... clean.

As I drove downtown to take TRex to school, there was a CRAZY cloudbank over the lake and the river (to the south and to the west).  I suppose I will eventually get used to the strange weather patterns that the lake causes, but it hasn't happened yet.

And so my mind moves to fall things.  We're going to take some or all of the coleus out of TRex's garden and pot it.  I REALLY want to get the compost pile at least constructed this fall - I have a mental plan for it but need to buy the lumber and hardware and secure the loan of a circular saw (I'm quite certain SOMEONE in the Barony will have one that they'll be willing to let me use for a weekend).  Though the idea of just using a big trash can with a locking lid, at least until we have more garden, is sounding better and better, so maybe we'll just do that.  Instant gratification and all that.
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It has been dry, dry, dry here all summer.  Our grass is brown and miserable - the gardens are happy, but only because of dliigent watering instigated by TRex (because what toddler DOESN'T love to water?).  When we've had rain, it's been a bit here, a bit there.  We are strongly resistant to watering the lawn because it's such a waste of water - so we've probably only given it a good soaking 3 or 4 times over the last 2 months.  A couple of more localized ones when we did double-duty with kid entertainment and watering.

Today, though, it's RAINING.  Not drizzling, not the odd thunderstorm that puts on a big show but doesn't drop much in the way of precip.  It's been at LEAST drizzling all day, with a couple of periods of good, hard rain thrown in for good measure.  The lawns will be happy.  And maybe some of the Japanese beetles will drown for good measure.

In other news, but not enough to warrant its own post, it takes for bloody EVER to iron 11 yards of 60" fabric.  Just sayin'.
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The minute you have on a fencing mask, or are in the middle of a manicure, or have your hands covered in raw meat, some part of your anatomy will itch.  Most likely  your head.

As soon as you turn off the pilot light, a cold front will come through and it will be 60 degrees in your house.  It's the middle of MAY, people!  I should not need to have the heat on in MAY!  (In other news, I did refrain from going all psycho-environmentalist on the friend who told me last week that she was running her air conditioner during the day and the heater at night.)
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And it's because I post really random lists of things.
  1. WalkAmerica was brilliant.  [profile] marajade648 flew in to walk with us, as I've mentioned previously, which was awesome.  Friday night her plane was 2 hours late so it was after 1 am before I got to bed.  Saturday the weather was gross so we went out for breakfast and then generally hung around the house.  Oh, and we went to a new Indian restaurant for dinner.  I thought the chana masala was lovely; M and marajade were less impressed with the dosa fillings.  TRex happily munched on a veggie burger and some of my rice.
  2. I have sent in TRex's preschool registration for the fall.  Eep!
  3. I am sitting on the porch in the sunshine.  I love this.
  4. Our summer is already looking crazy, so crazy that we're having a hard time figuring out a weekend that we can go to M's parents'.  How is that even possible?  Already on the calendar (starting with Memorial Day weekend):
    • A trip to Ghent for M
    • A trip to San Diego for M
    • Me teaching Internet & Society
    • My parents coming to visit (overlapping with the Ghent trip)
    • SCA events: Aethelmearc 10 Year, Brass Ring Thing, and Baronial Championships.  And Pennsic, of course.
    • [profile] greydora coming to visit over 4th of July.
    • My parents getting a cabin on Lake Chautauqua for the second week in July.
    • TRex going to Camp Grandma while we're at Pennsic.
  5. I am applying for a doctoral colloquium / workshoppy thing for AoIR.  I am pleased to discover that I can crib the vast majority of the  application statement (which is the entirety of the application) from my dissertation prospectus.
  6. We got notice from the city that they will be taking down one of the trees in our easement.  Don't know for sure which one, though.
  7. Hope to plant TRex's garden this weekend.  A couple of weeks ago she asked me for her very own garden to "plant my own plants" and "water wif my own watering can" and we're going to oblige her on this request.  She's already very proud of the cleared spot where we're going to put the plants.  I need to do a bit of research on what will work well in that area.
  8. We were quite sure that the plants we put in last spring had not suvived the October storm.  Happily, we were wrong, and 3/4 of them are coming back very strongly.  Also, our cherry tree is in full bloom.
  9. The plumbing problem that we had in November came back.  It's fixed now, hopefully permanently.  Soon, you will get to hear about our adventures in patching drywall.  With luck, this will result in neither homicide nor divorce.
  10. I feel like once I've got nine items in a list, I need to add SOMETHING to get it to a nice round number.  So this last one is utterly devoid of content.
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  1. Hooray, rockin' thunderstorm! 
  2. I am an NPR dork.  I was vastly amused to learn that Rebecca Roberts is the daughter of Cokie Roberts.  Also to hear them both getting kind of embarrassed to be on the radio talking about being mom & daughter.
  3. I hope the rain lets up before I have to haul TRex from the parking lot to Daddy's office.  We've decided it's time for her to associate his office with something OTHER than puking.  (She got sick when she was hanging out at his office when I was in MA for my proposal defense.  She STILL tells me about it.  "I burp daddy's office, in my stroller.")
  4. I am getting very excited about Deathly Hallows and Order of the Phoenix.  85 days and 77 days respectively.  I refuse to go to Pennsic having not read DH, because then I won't be able to have a conversation with ANYONE because I'll be DAMNED if I'm going to have it spoiled.  We have preordered our copy of the book.
  5. I saw the last 45 minutes or so of Sorcerer's Stone on tv the other day and MAN was that movie awful.  At the time, I didn't object to the Chris Columbus treatment of the books.  But now, yeesh.  It doesn't hurt that the kids are no longer true "child actors," either.
  6. I also would not have predicted that cute little Dan would end up having the Cheekbones of Doom.  (Aside: How cute is this pic?  I think the number of people who feel dirty for thinking that Dan is hott will be balanced out by the number of people who feel dirty for thinking Emma is hott.  Also, those boots!)
  7. New Grey's Anatomy tonight.  Grey's fans should know that [personal profile] baronessmartha and I are plotting wonderful evilness to begin with the summer reruns. Think Project Rungay, only 1) not gay and 2) Grey's.  Stay tuned.  Seriously.
  8. Just over 24 hours before [profile] marajade648 is in our house!
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There's a giant ball of fire in the sky.  Also, did you know that the sky is blue?  I didn't.


Apr. 13th, 2007 03:51 pm
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I've been merrily working on my syllabus for my summer class and just now noticed what time it is...  Soon, I will need to get moving on making the beds and emptying the dishwasher before I head off to collect TRex from daycare.

I actually have nothing of substance to say.  I am more than ready for this late spat of winter to be over and done with.  It should not snow on the thirteenth of April.  (It should be noted that last time I was bitching about snow in April it was for one day, and on the fifth, not the thirteenth.)

I have been successful in my goal of working out four days this week.  I seriously tricked out my menubar yesterday, too. 

Other than that...  nope, I got nothing exciting to report.  Weekend looks to be weekendy.  (Shit!  Forgot to sign up for TRex's swimming lessons and gym class today!)  Next week marks some crazymadness...  Ben Folds show on Monday, M takes 2 teams to programming contest in Rochester Friday and Saturday, then the next weekend [profile] marajade648 is here for WalkAmerica (donate!), then a weekend off, then Grandma and Opa come for Mother's day, and then it's Canisius graduation (and Ae War Practice, which we're now thinking we're NOT going to attend) and I start teaching.  Seriously.  double-you-tee-eff?
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... I am disinclined to go to practice. I will evaluate what I really want to do once I get on the roads and see how bad they are and what the precipitation really is (as opposed to what it sounds like).  One should note that the last time I chose not to go to practice based on the weather was the evening of the October Surprise.
I was glad I made the decision I did, I tell you whut.  [info]baronessmartha, I may be home for Grey's after all. Also I have a shitton of stuff to get done tomorrow and might like to get a head start on it. That is all.

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For the first time in almost a month, we have broken freezing.  The breeze is gentle and feels warm!  My plans for the day include breaking out the wheeled shopping cart for the mile-and-a-half hike down to RiteAid and the bank.  The cart is necessary because RiteAid has store-brand pullups on rebate.  Big, BIG rebate.  And pullups are expensive.  And my lungs are not yet up to an intense workout, but I'll be able to handle the walk.

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You and your law can, as far as I'm concerned, suck it.
Snow on the ground: roughly 6", 3-6" more expected by 2 pm today.
The Beast: drive pin lost, leaking oil.
Snow shovel: crappy.
Shoulders: sore, as always.
Knee: busted, not useful for lifting.
M got the driveway sorta cleared despite the not-fully-functional snowblower.  Despite that, it took me 3 tries with the car in low to get up the driveway after dropping TRex off at daycare.  I will be calling Sears about the snowblower in a bit - we have discovered that warranty repairs are available if you bring the product in to the store.  Ha.  Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!  They're funny.  I will have a very civilized discussion with them about why that's just not possible.

sarahmichelef: (Default)'s practically whiteout conditions out there right now.  We're supposed to get 3-6" between1 & 7 pm.  DDR, here I come!  Also good because I have been procrastinatey today and haven't gotten as much as I'd like done, so the extra half hour or so at home is a good thing.
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 National Grid says all of Buffalo will have power by 11 pm on Saturday.  Rumor around the neighborhood last night was that we should see power on Friday.  I'll believe it when the fridge starts humming.

There was actually a Nat'l Grid pickup parked outside our house when we got home last night, so at least they're starting to assess the situation in our vicinity.
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Other storm photos are here.  I'm going to try to suck down pics from the camera tonight on battery power and then will post them tomorrow.
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TRex is back to daycare.  Canisius is having class for the first time since last Thursday.  I'm working on campus because there's electricity and Internet here.  We still have no power, probably won't 'til the weekend.  Landline came back yesterday, though, FWIW.  It's supposed to be warm today and tomorrow, but cool again (low 50s, which makes a difference when you have NO HEAT) over the weekend.  I think we shall try to keep our plans and go to Meadville for a visit on Saturday.
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Hey dudes.  Just a quickie update to say that we're alive but have no power, phone, or cable.  (And thus only minimal heat, etc.)  Pass the word - we should have power back by the middle of the week and phone Thursday.  We're holding up fine, made a "ghetto fridge" out of snow and coolers, and will muddle through.  See ya when we're functional again.
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There are 2 to 3 inches of heavy, wet, slushy snow on the ground, trees, everywhere.  Where TRex's favorite puddle is, it's a lake of slush.  We're to stay off the roads until 6 am - at the moment our side street isn't passable anyway.  Our trees are ok, but the big maple in our neighbor's yard dropped a smallish branch into the backyard.  There was a loud noise a couple of minutes ago; I went and looked and didn't see any damage in the direction it came from.  I'm a little concerned becuase it overhangs our garage by a good bit.  It's still thundering and lightening.*
PIctures )
Oh, and we managed to light the furnace on the first try.  Go us, we're smarter than a pile of bricks.

*Why is it "thundering and lightning"?  Lightning comes before thunder!
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You learn neato things when you watch Mythbusters. For example, the fastest windspeed ever recorded is 318 mph, during the "Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak" of 1999. The top windspeed was recorded in the F5 twister that particular series of storms produced - before then, F5 had been a hypothetical category - that was the first one that had ever been observed.

Yay! Science!


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