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 I confess, I am a dork.  I have a picture of the POTUS-elect on my desktop, in part because I'm still giddy about election results and in part because it's a really cool picture.  I can't find the specific picture in a quick search, but it's similar to this one (from the same rally - just not the same moment or angle).  Anyway, TRex knows that it's Barack Obama, and this morning after she was playing on my computer she asked me, "Why his skin is brown and his hair is black?"

What I told her: Well, his daddy had really dark brown skin, and his mommy had light skin, and so he ended up with medium-brown skin.

What I thought: Oh, kid.  May you grow up in a world where you don't see anything extraordinary about a man with brown skin and black hair being the President.
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I picked M & TRex up at the train station around 5:25; we headed straight to our polling place where we were surprised that the line was NOT out the door (it was when we drove by at about 7:30 this morning).  We were there less than half an hour total; we were voters 588 and 589 from our precinct.  I think we got there right at the beginning of the after-work rush, thankfully.

And now I have caved.  We have CNN on.  I'm going to desperately attempt to finish writing my lecture for tomorrow.
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 This afternoon, I loaded up just to see what was going on in the world.  And my blood pressure soared IMMEDIATELY.  I could feel my heart pounding.  I felt short of breath.

That's right... the election is giving me actual, honest-to-goodness mild anxiety attacks.

Can it be Wednesday yet?  I know things may not be definite by then, but I think it will be good for my overall well-being.


Apr. 22nd, 2008 10:54 am
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Go.  Read.  (No noise, no NSFW pictures, but some textual language.)
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This right here is why Mike Huckabee might actually win the election.
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the democratic candidates will all eat each other for lunch sometime relatively soon, at which point Al Gore will swoop in with Oscar in his back pocket and become the Democratic nominee.
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Joe Biden!

No, not really.  Vilsack's out.  Kind of a shame; from what I'd heard of him (and I'm expressly not paying attention at this point, because I'm not going to have to actually cast a vote in this election for roughly a year), he made some degree of sense.

"no strings!  no strings!  no strings!"


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