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Since there was discussion in response to my last post about who Emily Hughes resembles, I put together the following collage for your enjoyment...
Is it a Hughes or a Hannigan? )
In short, I think we're all right. Emily looks like her sister and they BOTH can look like Alyson Hannigan in the right light & from the right angle. The pic from Emily's skate yesterday DEFINITELY looks like Alyson, and I think [ profile] laurakc is right - it's in the eyes.

Incidentally, doing a Google Image search for Alyson Hannigan (NB: if pictures of scantily clad women are frowned upon in your workplace, wait 'til you're home to click on that link) is a bit terrifying, even with "Moderately Safe Search" on. And yes, when you turn all filtering off, the search results do change. Behold the powers of Photoshop.


Feb. 21st, 2006 10:17 pm
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Emily Hughes looks EXACTLY like her sister. Very different body type (from what I remember), but the face is so similar it's freaky.
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I would NOT want to play pool with someone who's good at curling; they're way too good at working the angles. Also, the US Men's Curling team is from Bemidji. In case anyone was wondering.
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Oh, I'm gonna be late to get TRex...
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Why had nobody told me that Johnny Weir is Brian Bosworth's son? Maybe I'm the only one who finds this hi-FREAKING-larious, but I do. It's a by-product of having grown up in Oklahoma during the era of The Boz. Also, I knew he was a character, but I didn't realize quite HOW MUCH of a character. I am amused, and also now REALLY looking forward to the long program tomorrow.
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I just learned that doubles luge is not necessarily a men's sport - theoretically you could have mixed teams or all-female teams in the competition as well.

As it stands, though, it's a male sport. It is also the single most homo-erotic sport EVER. And I'm noticing today that may of the teams are brothers.
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Somebody give Evgeny Plushenko some drugs, 'cause I think he's spazzing out. What the heck WAS that? Massively fast footwork and slow but intense music? Not into it.
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How did it get to be 9 pm already?

I'm very amused by the music choices playing in the background of the women's half-pipe... a second ago it was "I Love Rock & Roll"; I can't ID what it is now. I think the 'boarders should be allowed to pick their music. :^D
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watching snowboarding (never mind that I know how it ends...). I've decided that "Giacomo" is the ultimate Italian surfer name.
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I haven't been paying that close attention (been working on various and sundry things), so [ profile] irihs and [ profile] aethera will probably yell at me for liking the wrong people, but the Russian pair just blew everyone else out of the water in the short program. Their synchronization was FLAWLESS in every single move. Plus they did the semi-obscene double camel spin, which always gets people bonus points in my book.
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My bud [ profile] rufinia wondered whether the whole girl-skater-in-pants thing goes just for pairs or for solo skating too.

I like it. ;^)
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I <3 CBC Olympic coverage. They treat their daytime programming as their primary programming, and the evening as the rebroadcast, which means that we can watch lots of stuff live that we'll never EVER see on any of the NBC coveage (even the cable coverage). For example, I saw the photo finish for the bronze in the 15k nordic combined this morning. Hell, I saw MOST of the 15k nordic combined this morning. Not that I'm a huge fan of nordic combined (but I do love ski jumping...), but just an illustration of the difference in the coverage.

I really also like the "Life Takes" Visa commercial.

And here's something I don't get. I just don't get moguls skiing. I mean, I get the mogul part (go fast over the bumps), and I get the aerial part (do nifty things in the air in the midst of skiing really fast down a mountain). But I really can't fathom the combination of the two. Whose idea was it to combine them? I'm baffled.

But I do know who won the women's moguls, thanks to CBC coverage. Nyah-nyah to those of you who won't see any of the finals because ack! spoiler! )

Holy crap!

Feb. 10th, 2006 09:11 pm
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There are dudes with flames coming out of their heads on my TV!

And stoooopid me didn't think to watch the opening ceremonies live and in their entirety on CBC, rather than the crap NBC coverage that's going to be on tonight.

Now they're waltzing in cow costumes.


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