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"Check your calendar for next month's events"  We should see what's coming up, plan for birthdays, etc.
This is a good idea.  I definitely want to implement it.  We've already sent a birthday card to Smelly Uncle Josh.  As far as month's events, though, we still have quite a bit of shopping to do.  Oy.  My aunt informed me last night that she wants "a surprise".  Helpful, no?
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I forgot to post yesterday... we were very busy with the usual Sunday stuff plus [profile] cranky_dragon and her hubby came by for a bit to visit because they were in the area plus the whole defense scheduling kerfluffle.

So for day 27 we were supposed to plan what was for dinner in advance.  Not a problem, we pretty much have to do that what with the hungrymonster in the house.

And today we are asked to eat good food, drink our water, and get enough rest.  Working on it.  Working on it.
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Today we are asked to read a testimonial written by the FlyLady.  I actually found it really, really interesting to read how she developed the FlyLady system over the course of an entire year.  Makes me think that I really can streamline life and not feel overwhelmed by all the housekeeping stuff that needs to get done, and at the same time reminds me to be patient as we travel down this road.
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Today we are supposed to add a "swish and swipe" to our morning routine.  "Swish and swipe" is a quickie bathroom cleaning.  The idea is to do it to the "main" bathroom every day.  And here comes a question... what is the main bathroom.  More fundamentally, what is the purpose of FlyLady - she tells us that we're doing it to make the bathroom ready for anyone.  The whole thing is founded on the idea of CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome).  But, honestly, my goal is to have the house neat and orderly for myself and my family.  So do I swish and swipe the upstairs bathroom, or the downstairs one?  (OK, really, what I'm probably going to do is S&S both.)
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Today we are supposed to look at the "Ask Flylady" portion of the website.  Today's question actually addresses one issue that many people here have raised, and something that I think needs to be made more clear from the get-go.  The questioner has a back injury and can't do anything that involves bending and asks how she's supposed to make her bed.  FlyLady suggests a method, and then reminds us of the following: "Let go of your perfectionism and take care of yourself."  This is the first reference I've seen in the "beginner baby steps" that suggests modifying the system.  I feel like that needs to be made more clear up front.

Yesterday evening a "mission" came through for the master bedroom - to do a "27 fling boogie" today.  I did mine last night - when I discovered that I couldn't get all of my sweaters/sweatshirts into the tub where they lived, I hauled all of them out and pruned.  Then I pruned my drawers in the dresser.  Then I did the closet.  I have one big trash bag of stuff that's too ratty to go to the Salvation Army, and piles and piles of stuff that I've cataloged and will be dropping off later today.  I stopped counting at 33 items gotten rid of, and man do I feel free.  There are some pretty decent things in there - just ones that I don't wear anymore - an I hope that they can bring warmth and/or joy to someone, whether as a holiday gift or just in filling a need.
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"Nothing says I love you more than clean underwear!"

Not sure I agree with that one, but the task for today is to add laundry to your daily routines.   FlyLady suggests a load a day - which to me is a waste of resources.  The three of us do not make enough dirty clothes to justify a sorted load a day.  But I have been making it a point to do a load as soon as there's a full basket, and I like that method much better than "laundry day" when you have to devote and entire afternoon/evening to being a slave to the washer and dryer.  And part of my evening routine is to fold and put away any laundry that's been done during the day.

Today is going to be a three-load day because I gotta get things washed so that tomorrow night I can pack for our trip to DC.  Which also means that I'll be folding and putting away during Studio 60.
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Today we are supposed to read the testimonial.  There's one in particular that she links to where a lady wrote in a told about the fabulous B&B that she and her husband spent the weekend at, and blah blah blah, guess what, it was her house. 

Honestly, I'm usually not particularly inspired by the testimonials, but oh well.  As I told M when he saw what today's task was, I view the days when we're not adding anything to our routines as existing in order to reinforce the habits that we're already working on.
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Today we are to make a bedtime and stick to it.  I do this already - I'm almost always upstairs by 11 and asleep shortly after 11:30 (when Sex & the City is over).  I need my beauty rest, dammit, and with TRex waking before 7 everyday (and anyway, M has to be up at 6:45 to make it out the door to the bus at 7:35), it's necessary.
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Today we are to read an e-mail from the FlyLady. They're hard to miss, there's so many of them (thank goodness for GMail). I skimmed a couple of testimonials and didn't want to shoot either myself or the authors, so that's good. ;^)
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Back at home, back to it. Today we are supposed to "pick one of Kelly's Missions and do it". Today it's either to clean the back and sides of the toilet or to go through the Product in the laundry room.  I'm choosing the latter, since when I cleaned the whole house a couple of weeks ago, it included the sides of the toilets so they're not too gross.

I was also skeptical of the "weekly home blessing hour" (and we won't even get into an examination of the rhetoric of THAT ONE!). Could I really give my whole house a superficial cleaning in an hour?  The answer, it turns out, is yes.  In 30 minutes, I did a cursory vacuuming of the basement and the living room, swept the kitchen, entryway, and hall, dusted a bit, gave each bathroom a once-over with a sponge, and did the lunch dishes.  I didn't do anything upstairs because TRex was howling in her bed the whole time (instead of napping).  I'll do the vacuuming up there tomorrow.  I had wiped down the kitchen counters earlier in the day while TRex was drawing at her little table.  While I wouldn't say I've been a total cleaning perfectionist (that title I reserve for the mom I saw on Surviving Motherhood who was a SAHM to 3 toddlers and wiped her bathrooms down with disinfecting wipes THREE TIMES A DAY) but I have thought it silly to do a half-assed job of things.  I see the logic though - keeping things moderately clean makes the "detail cleaning" much less onerous when it does need to be done.
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On Day 10, we learn that we can do anything for 15 minutes.  I've already taken this to heart to great effect (editing the last draft of my prospectus in 15-minute chunks).  Today we are supposed to spend 15 minutes emptying all of the trash and taking it outside.  Conveniently, trash collection is tomorrow so this would be happening sometime today anyway.  I'll just make sure it happens extra-thoroughly.  ;^)  I'm also going to do another 5-minute room rescue in the dining room, which is still a disaster.
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Today we learn to declutter.  We are instructed to add a 5-minute room rescue to our morning routine.  For me, it's more feasible to add this to my afternoon/making dinner routine - there's ALWAYS a period of five minutes when I don't have to do anything with dinner and M and TRex are off somewhere playing together.  I think I'm going to tackle the dining room (aka, dumping ground) first, and my project for today (while M and TRex are off at the polls, because he's taking her with him) is going to be to disassemble the Ugly Brown Thing so that it can go out with the trash on Thursday.  It shouldn't be too hard to take apart, since it's been falling apart for months.
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Today's task was to make a control journal.  A couple of days ago, I took the binder that still held my pumping records (if you don't know to what I'm referring, don't worry about it - you're probably happier that way - trust me) and dumped some looseleaf in it.  Over the past couple of days, I've written down (and edited) my morning and evening routines, jotted down a number of holiday-related things, made a perpetual calendar for birthdays and anniversaries. 

And now TRex is waking up... so off I go!  I think we're going to take advantage of the fact that it's GORGEOUS outside and go to the playground.  That will give me a happy girl.
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Today's job is to pick out our clothes for tomorrow.  So when I go upstairs to shower and go to bed, I'll set out stuff for tomorrow.  Pas de problem.

Tomorrow we start the Control Journal.  I've kind of already done this, so tomorrow I'll look through the more detailed stuff about putting together the Control Journal.  Some of what she suggests I know I'm not going to do - it's not going to be my planner, for example, nor am I going to use it to store office supplies.  But I will keep a 3-ring binder in the kitchen for writing down things like the routines, the cleaning schedule, and holiday planning stuff.

So there you have it.
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For day 5, we are instructed as follows:
Are you hearing any of those nagging negative voices popping into your head? I want you to take a piece of paper and write down what you hear then I want you to turn those ugly words around and say something nice to yourself to negate the ugly words that they said.
Since I do this already, I'm skipping ahead to Day 6, in which we learn about Hot Spots.  We are to identify a Hot Spot and spend 2 minutes putting it out.  We have oodles of Hot Spots in our house, unfortunately.  I think I'm going to tackle the mail stand (which lives in the dining room, where it's out of reach of grabby fingers) for 2 minutes while TRex is still napping (which means soon).  Having the mail there is already an improvement - it used to be on the kitchen table, which meant that Little Miss Monkey could climb up and get whatever she wanted from it.

Off I go!

Go, me.

Nov. 3rd, 2006 11:07 am
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Coat closet = clean. All non-boot shoes have been moved upstairs to where they actually belong, random sweaters of TRex's that had ended up in there are now in her closet, and the floor is clean.

And I took down the stupid stick-up air freshener that was in there. (There is at least one in EVERY ROOM OF THE HOUSE. I've been slowly pulling them down when a particular one irritates me so much that I can't take it anymore.)
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For day 4, we are to write down the things we're already doing (getting dressed, shine sink, read reminders) on post-it notes and put them on the bathroom mirror and by the kitchen sink.  I'm adding the stickies widget on my Dashboard, because that's something I look at quite often.

Additionally, today's Zone Mission is to clean up the entryway to the house.  Our coat closet desperately needs to be cleaned out, so I'll be making sure to do that today, including sweeping out the "daddy grass" (what TRex calls any schmutz that comes out of there, because one time she hauled out a chunk of grass that had been stuck to M's shoes).
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For Day 3 of Beginner Baby Steps, Flylady tells us to do what we've been doing. Get dressed to shoes (or, in my case, a pair of old clogs that function as my slippers, because I'd rather not tramp around the house in my boots), shine the sink, read Flylady reminder e-mails for 2 minutes (hard to avoid, there's so many of them), and to read something from the website.

This morning when I got up my sink was shiny but not empty, but it wasn't my fault. M had some chocolate peanut butter cream pie last night and had put his dirty plate in the sink. :^( We'll have to come up with a method for what to do with dirty dishes when the dishwasher is full of clean ones (it was still drying when I went to bed last night).

So I'm up and I'm dressed in a shirt without printing on it (embroidered logos don't count, right, especially when they're on a shirt with a collar?), and clean jeans. My "morning routine" is going to largely be shifted to the evening - shower, etc. That makes our morning much easier with M getting up and dressed, getting TRex up and dressed, etc.

For my "assigned reading" I read about "Zone Cleaning".   This is what I've tried in the past to do - come up with a schedule for what gets cleaned on each day.  But I'd never been able to stick to it.  I like the idea of doing more than one day in a room - honestly, I think that if I can get into a routine of basic cleaning on a daily basis then the rooms don't need a DEEP CLEAN any more than every couple of weeks.

So there you have it.  Tomorrow's thing is to write all of these things down on a Post-It.

How can I not like a system that involves Post-Its?  I mean, really.
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Flylady Baby step #2 is to get up and get dressed, complete with shoes.  This includes "doing your face", etc.

For me, this isn't a big thing - I don't lounge around in my PJs all day.  So last night I laid out my clothes and made sure that they included a shirt that doesn't have anything printed on it.   TRex slept  late this morning (I went in to get her at about 10 after 7 and she was still out cold, burrowed under the covers where M had put her when she woke up at 5) so I had time to get dressed and to spritz down my hair with water without her clamoring for a spray and without her yelling about my armpits (deodorant).

I also created some order out of chaos on our bulletin board.  TRex went through a phase over the last couple of weeks where she's been obsessed with receipts... and would have a fantastic toddler meltdown if we wouldn't let her have them.  This was a problem since we keep receipts on the bulletin board in the kitchen.  So this morning I got out four envelopes: one for each credit card, one for stuff that qualifies for flex benefits, and one for ATM and bank receipts.  Stuck 'em up on the board, and it's going to make M's bill-paying much easier because he'll be able to just grab the envelope he needs rather than digging through all the papers up there .
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OK, until someone objects, I'm going to post this stuff publicly.

Flylady Day 1 task is to shine your kitchen sink.  I was skeptical... can you really make a plastic kitchen sink shine?  Plastic can't shine, can it?

Guess what folks, plastic can shine.  Maybe not as much as ceramic or stainless steel, but DAMN my kitchen sink is gleaming.  (An hour's soak in hot bleach water, a scrub with baking soda, and then a "cleaning" with standard cleanser, and then dried.  I think the dry is the key to the shine.)

So there you have it.


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