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I happened to go into JoAnn's today and found that for this weekend only (today through Sunday) they have pretty much all Simplicity patterns on sale 5 for $5.  Yeah, buy five, pay about $7 less than you would for a single pattern.  I got 2677 for TRex's birthday dress, 3859 just 'cause, 2550 because I love the cross-bodice short sleeve version (any of my PR junkie friends have any idea what design this is based on?), 4273 because it's a CUTE suit (and yes, I'm crazy enough to think that I could make a suit), and 9900 because there ain't a thing wrong with a nightshirt & pajama pants.

Also: cranberry slightly sparkly tulle for her ruffle skirt, the pair of pinking shears I've been meaning to buy for years. and the notions for S's birthday dress.

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There was a weekend.  In that weekend there was errand-running, kid-napping, kid-painting (she did the painting, not us painting her), playing, a VERY wet MoD Family Teams picnic, working, sewing, watching of football and tennis (I was up late last night not only because I had a caffeinated beverage at 9:30 pm but also because my Tennis Girlfriend was about to win her 3rd U.S. Open).

During naptimes Saturday & Sunday I got the bolero for TRex's birthday dress done and the bodice mostly put together.  I might rip out and re-do the zipper, though, because it doesn't look as nice as I would like it to.  I remembered why I do 13th century stuff in the SCA... sewing curves makes me CRAZY!  But I popped the mostly-done bodice over her head yesterday afternoon, and it's going to fit just fine.  I am the queen of pattern-tetris - I had bought the quantity of fabric that Simplicity said I needed to make a 3 but I managed to cut a 4 out of it, so she should be able to wear it next summer, too.

And then there's the fashion..  I'm looking for any excuse I can come up with to wear my fun red flats, so today it's a chocolate-brown shirt, glen plaid pants and red-and-brown accessories.

This whole week promises to be insane.  Tomorrow we have to go vote in the local primaries (there are hot primary races for DA and Family Court Judge; I don't know if our state senator is opposed in the primary but I haven't seen any evidence that he is) and then TRex has a swimming lesson after school and it's open house night at school which we both want to go to.  So we'll see how all that shakes out in terms of dinner and transportation and so on.  Then we have dinner guests on Thursday and Friday (Friday is the P family; they're low-maintenance and I think I'm going to make tacos) and Summer's End is on Saturday.  Hrm, I had hoped to have an award medallion done for the A&S on Saturday; we'll have to see if I can make that happen.  If not, oh well!  I'll show the embroidery as it stands right now - it's only been displayed at Pennsic, not locally yet.
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TRex and I went to JoAnn's today to pick up some gingham for her to practice cross-stitch on.  Of course, "true" gingham (read: with actual straight lines) was only found in the quilting section.  And in its immediate vicinity, the kid found pink and purple sparkly butterfly fabric (the link goes to a blue background; this was the same print on pink).

You know she decided she had to have it.  She said, "Mama, you will make me a dress for my birthday party!"  Well, fine, I'm a sucker, 'cause I said yes.  I figure it will be one of her birthday presents.  So off we went to the pattern section where we found this cute sundress with a bolero.  Perfect, because while it will probably be warm enough for short sleeves on her birthday, it most likely will not be warm enough for anything sleeveless.  So back we went to find something to coordinate with the butterfly fabric, and ended up with a deep purple.

And here's the part where the pattern companies smoke crack.  We all know (ok, I know, and now I am telling you) that my kid is ... stocky.  That is to say, she's among the shortest in her class but also one of the heaviest.  We affectionately refer to her as "the tank".  And yet, if you believe Simplicity's measurements, she's all over the place.  Her height puts her in a 4, her belly measurement in a 3, and her chest measurement in a 2 - completely the opposite of where things like the CDC growth charts put her.  Also, whoever drafted this pattern is suffering from never having come into contact with an actual toddler/preschool body.  The chest measurements are LARGER than the belly measurements.  This is the exact OPPOSITE of most small children (and the pattern is toddler sized, not kid-sized) - TRex is actually about equal in her chest and belly measurements, but that change is relatively recent.

So, in the interests of this fitting her for a while, I'm going to make her something between a 3 and a 4, depending on what I can eke out of the 1 yard of butterflies I bought (a 3 calls for 1 yard, a 4 for 1 1/8).  We'll see how it goes - there will be pictures when it's done.
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