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If you're interested in sex ed, being a politically active teenager, and/or Lubbock, Texas ([profile] childsplay7, I'm looking at you, babe), try to see this documentary.
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  • Finally saw Garden State this weekend (M and I had our anniversary chinese take out and a movie Saturday night).  Loved it with huge big piles of loving.
  • In research news, I closed my survey last week and have started coding data.  Whoohoo!
  • The reunion of the original cast of Rent was underwhelming.  Am I wrong in thinking that Jesse L. Martin was in the original cast?  Because he certainly wasn't on stage last night (but Taye Diggs in glasses and a bow tie?  hee!  so much adorable!) 
    • Also, we are probably in the minority in America in having felt torn between watching the Tonys and the basketball game.  Plus I had baronessmartha telling me I need to watch In Plain Sight as well.
  • I am feeling very productive today, despite having not actually done much but swim most of a mile. 
    • It is to the point that the only part of swimming which I don't enjoy is dealing with my goggles.  I have NEVER liked goggles, but I also really can't stand water in my eyes (like, even in the shower, I can't stand water in my eyes).  And the goggles I have, well, I can't go more than about three laps (half a lap of freestyle) before I have water sloshing in my eyes.  It's annoying.
  • We have pretty much decided that we are going to be a public-transit family come fall, as much as we can.  M will buy two metro passes through work (pre-tax, whoo!) and we will make use of the handy park&ride lot at UB on a daily basis.  So, yay for that.
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Michael Chabon's The Mysteries of Pittsburgh. [ profile] ellid, I think you would enjoy this (if only for geographical reasons) if you haven't read it already.
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M and I had been hankerin' to see this for ages.  We liked it, but did a lot of head-shaking.  Review here.
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New Baronial Banners.  (Not SCA filtered because there are oodles of non-SCAdian folks who will appreciate it.)
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FINALLY saw Fever Pitch this weekend.  It's cute.
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I'm sure some of you (sid) will be aghast at the fact that The Road to Samarcand was the first Patrick O'Brian novel I have read.  I quite enjoyed it.
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It was a good trip - conference was overwhelming, as they always are - met tons of famous Internet people - ate good food in a way to big group at Steamworks Brewery - went to Seattle to see Laura, Brian, Pat, and jennybeast - read a weird book - came home - now it's Monday again and I have to do progress reports on a bunch of students which means grading their midterm essays.
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Seriously, Seattle Grace is live.  [personal profile] baronessmartha and I snark Grey's Anatomy, with diagnosis scores and everything.  (She's gonna win on that one.)


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