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 No, I'm not abandoning LJ.

I did re-jigger my Twitter today, though, and as part of that turned off LoudTwitter updates here.  If you want to follow my personal tweets, you should follow @sarahmichelef (those have gone protected).  If you want to follow my academic/public interest tweets, you should follow @sarah_m_ford.

That is all.
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You'd sure think it has based on my layouts on these three blogs...  (TRex's blog at top, this one in the middle, and my Vox on the bottom.)  In my defense, How Very Meta is dark blue.  Because it's academic-like.  And stuff.
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I spent a good while last night working on back-tagging entries and cleaning up my tagging scheme.  (Also, talking to [profile] laurakc on IM, playing Jardinains, and watching anything but the State of the Union.)  I stole the general idea for the new tags from [personal profile] madlori.  And someday I might actually be able to find posts.  Or people who are really way too interested in my life will be able to find what they're looking for about me. 
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Thus far I have allowed anonymous comments.  But my last several posts have each garnered more than their fair share of spam comments, so I'm going to turn off anonymous commenting.  LJ is free... if you wanna talk to me, you can get an account.


Dec. 13th, 2006 08:42 am
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Today is not the day to have zero motivation.  Not at all.  So I'm making myself a pot of Earl Grey (because this is going to require far more than one cup of caffeinated beverage) while I deal with the dishes.

Also, is anybody else having the issue where LJ doesn't fully log you in?  I use the web interface to update and it has my SN and PW but I'm not logged in, so I can't post to filters or use anything but my default userpic unless I post and then go back and edit.  Which is kind of asinine.  Is it time to go client-shopping again?
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All right.  As always, I'm attempting to use blogging as a form of accountability.  This time it's my attempt to use Flylady (and [info]flylady, as I just discovered) to get the house under control.

Should I make a filter, or just drivel for everyone to read?


Oct. 24th, 2006 04:34 pm
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Anybody else having timestamp issues with LJ?  It's been all hinky on me for the past couple of weeks...


Oct. 23rd, 2006 08:03 pm
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My new political boyfriend.
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Everyone must read today's Diesel Sweeties.
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I'm always amused to see what my Party Shuffle comes up with.  Just now, drawing from my "pop" smart playlist (which includes all genres except "Classical", "Soundtrack", and "Children's Music"), it gave me the following:
  1. Hit Me Baby One More Time -- Billy Boyd on Sharon Osbourne's talk show
  2. Magic Carpet Ride -- Michael Monroe & Slash from the Coneheads Soundtrack
  3. The Story -- Ani DiFranco
  4. You're Pitiful -- Weird Al
  5. Techno Tim Gunn  (the one I linked to yesterday)
  6. One Tin Solider - Me First and the Gimmme Gimmes
    (now playing)
  7. One Caress -- Depeche Mode
    (coming up)
  8. Super Bon Bon -- Soul Coughing
  9. Stories I Tell -- Toad the Wet Sprocket
  10. My Baby's In Love With Eddie Vedder -- Weird Al
  11. and so on...
I am amused.  Very, very amused.

Also... I need a "CRAZY" icon...

ETA:  Icon problem solved.

GIP #3

Sep. 11th, 2006 08:41 pm
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Everyone loves Tim Gunn...
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Gave up on the old new layout and "upgraded" to plus in order to get one of the Vox layouts (and more userpics, because I am a userpic whore the same way I'm a photoset whore on flickr).

GIPs forthcoming. ;^)
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I'm feeling listy...

  • I forgot to take clean underwear to the gym with me this morning. Not a big deal since I was coming home afterwards (I just shower & dress much more efficiently at the gym than I do at home).
  • My arthritic shoulder is flaring up again. :^( I added my PT exercises to my regular gym routine and I must make myself stop sleeping on my right side.
  • Mom is coming to visit this weekend.
  • Classes start on Tuesday. I've got day 1 ready to go, day 2 mostly ready, and have done squat for anything past that.
  • On a related note, I can't log in to Blackboard, which is kind of a problem, since I need to upload the readings for my class.
  • No fight practice this week or next. But on the 25th there's a tourney at practice. Whee! Motivation to finally finish my new armor (all I have to do is make a point with which to tie my second ho' to my braiesgirdle).
  • I have a couple of posts percolating in my little brain... one about the rather amusing politics going on in Amherst, NY, and the other about Aethelmearc 12th Night. Will try to do those later today as a break from class prep. And I had been meaning to write up my impressions of Sweeney Todd but I think too much time has passed for me to write anything coherent anymore. *sigh*
  • I think I'm using about half of my tags for this post.
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The comma-delimited list was a list of all my "friend of" list, and all of those folks' "friend of"s.

My friends plus their friends (not counting the friends of paid users who block their "friend of" lists and those that don't show up on the info pages of those of you who are terribly, terribly popular) = 1402 LiveJournal users.

That's what I call a really good snowball sample.
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Man, I hate it when the Internet goes all stupid. I was having all sorts of DNS failures this morning, and traceroutes that just went nowhere. Seems to be better now, though. Well, except for the inability to keep a connection to AIM. I wonder if the rain is messing with our old, old phone lines (except that earlier, data was clearly getting out of the house, so I don't think that's the problem.) I also am annoyed at our USB mouse, because it and X^2 don't get along, such that when I single-click the mouse, X interprets it as a double-click. This is far less useful than you might imagine.

Annoyance aside, I got the desk cleared off and organized enough that it can now actually be used as (here's a shocker!) a desk, hence my complaining about the mouse. It is nice to work on a big(ger) monitor, too. Things to buy this weekend: USB hub (because I have lots and lots of USB devices and only 2 USB ports) and new USB keyboard and mouse. Then I will be sooooo set.

Plus, M just got paid and I feel the need to spend his money. Somebody said to him yesterday that we must be really excited to have his first paycheck. He said, "TRex just started daycare this week and we had to have a plumbing leak fixed." The response, "Oh, so daycare and the plumber are excited that you got paid."

I just remembered that I had a crash last night in the midst of posting some musings to my research 'blog. I should go do that. Good think I wrote them locally first.

LJ needs a drop-down menu of tags. I have a pretty good idea what my tags are, but I can't always remember exactly how I phrased them. Or I need to upgrade to Tiger so I can use the latest version of XJournal, which has tags support.

Someday I'm going to get a paid account so I can have more user icons and friendsfriends. Maybe I'll find a great dissertation grant to apply for and write that into the proposal. friendsfriends would be hella useful for research.
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This is going to have to be quick. After developing an academic interest in blogs/web journals/whatever, here I am. Silly silly me. So here it is, here's my very own LJ. More later, of course.


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