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"The ditigal pimp, hard at work..."

Anyway. I need to do some HD cleanup. There's no reason for my Documents folder & my Mail folder to span more than 650 Mb. (Keep in mind that "documents" only contains stuff that I actually touch semi-regularly... old stuff is already archived to CD.) Sadly, I have nearly as much crap in Mail as I do in actual documents.
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My inability to connect to the Internet earlier today had everything with the home network needing to be power cycled and nothing to do with a dead computer and/or wireless adapter.

Warning lights galore going off in my car. They seem to be indicating that my backup indicator lights and my rear brake lights are out. We have visually verified the status of the backup lights (they don't work); we haven't verified the functionality of the brake lights. (*wonders* Maybe it's my LIDDY LIGHT that's causing the warnings...)

If the problem was simply that the bulbs needed to be changed, I now know that it'd be really easy to do.

The problem is not the bulbs. I sat myself down in my trunk this morning and popped out the bulb assemblies for both sets of lights. (Yes, I was literally sitting IN the trunk of my car. It's the easiest way to get to the lights. No, the trunk wasn't closed at the time.) There are un-broken filaments galore - four of them, in fact. Which means that fixing the problem is now officially beyond the scope of my automotive repair capabilities.

I refilled my washer fluid. (Not as easy as you'd think since my car's hood no longer "pops" - you have to release it with the little lever, then wedge a key in the gap to force it up, then find the stupid latch, which more often than not sticks, etc...)
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Hee! )
Didn't make good use of my long weekend to get ahead in my lecture prep. Of course, since TRex is home from daycare on Mondays anyway, it's not like the weekend was really any different than usual for me.
various TV musings - Grey's Anatomy spoilers )
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There is technological escalation in our house.

First, M got a fancy-pants receiver for his 30th birthday.
Then we got a progressive-scan DVD player that could take advantage of the fancy-pants audio put out by the receiver.
But the problem is that our TV is apaprently just at the edge of spec for the DVD player, and they don't even get along well enough for us to be able to watch DVDs - the signal gets all wonky.
So today, we went out and bought a Samsung 27" SlimFit HDTV (using birthday money for TRex and me - thanks (great)Grandma!). We don't actually have it yet; we have to go to a different Circuit City location than the one near us to pick it up either tomorrow or Tuesday. This appears to be a pretty popular model - BestBuy was sold out of it, and there were only 2 in all 3 CC locations in the area.

In completly other news, a random not-quite-fear of mine was confirmed today as TRex and I drove to our swimming class:

Unmarked panel vans make me extremely anxious. I don't have any idea why. Ryder trucks do, too, but that's totally related to the OKC bombing.
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after my attacks of stupid and techno-hate...

  • Left a message to set up TRex's first-ever dentist's appointment (won't that be fun!).
  • Dudes are coming to (finally) change the locks on our house next Wednesday. We decided that we liked the original 1950 hardware on our front door more than we cared about it being on the same key as the back doors.
  • Purchased plane tickets for TRex and me to go to OK for the first bit of spring break. They were remarkably reasonably priced, too! It's sad when tickets on United cost $250 less than Southwest AND have better flight times (though the latter of those is not all that surprising). My loyalty to Orbitz cost me a dollar - I could have had the same tickets from either Expedia or CheapTickets (which I think might have been swallowed by Orbitz - the site layouts are identical now). I'm sure we'll manage to amuse ourselves for 3 hours in O'Hare on the way there. It was that or be on a 6:30 am flight out, and I didn't want to mess with that.
  • Read over the notes that I was mad about not being able to print. Percolating exactly how I'm going to write the theoretical section of the diss. *hate*
  • M made the tactical error of sending me a link to a bunch of refurb stuff that Apple has on sale. *lust* Another low-end iBook (1.5 GHz, 512 MB, 60 GB, combo drive, airport extreme, etc.) would last me another 4 years (which is how long I've had X^2), I'm sure of it.

Thinking about the possibility of a new computer makes me wonder... Wherein lies the soul of a computer? When X's HD died in September 2004, I changed her name to X^2. Does the identity of the computer lie in the hard drive, as this would imply? Or is it somewhere else?

What does this tell us about the seat of human identity?

Damn... I didn't intend for this to get all philosophical. Back to your regularly-scheduled Friday afternoon.


Jan. 20th, 2006 12:39 pm
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I bought a new black cartridge for my printer the other day - I've been buying Office Depot brand cartridges (I have an Epson printer in part BECASUE they license generic cartridges). Anyway, I popped the new cartridge in, printed my lecture notes for Thursday's class, and turned off the printer. La-dee-da.

Today, I started up the printer with the intention of printing out some dissertation-related reading notes. It's telling me there's an error with the cartridge. Nothing I do fixes this - I've checked the thing over, reseated it several times, etc. Nada. This isn't the first time I've had this problem with the Office Depot cartridges, either - it happened once before with a color cartridge, only that one NEVER worked.

OK, WTF? NOW there's no error light and it's working fine. It hates me, it does.

That's it. From now on I'm buying my in from the Laser Monks.
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Six weeks ago, I was proud of myself to run an 11:30 miles on the elliptical.

Four weeks ago, I accidentally ran a 10:30 mile and then got a stitch in my side.

Today, I ran a 10:10 mile (and two miles in 20:30) and it wasn't a big deal.

I had intended to go hard for the first mile and then back off the pace a bit for the rest of the workout (to more like a 10:30 or a 10:45 pace) but I wasn't really paying attention to my RPMs and lo and behold, they stayed at a pretty good clip without me even thinking about it.

In similar news, I lost 8 pounds in my first 11 days on weight watchers.

Go me, and stuff.
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OK, this is the funniest spam I've ever received )
For those playing along at home, yes, that's Nigerian spam in German!


Jan. 17th, 2006 03:45 pm
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Class was. There are many of them; they displayed varying levels of live-ness today. Lots of tech stuff to sort out for my classroom, including the best place for me to stand... the projector is so far away that it shines on the ENTIRE SCREEN and I can't stand stage center without blocking it. Meh. Also, the VGA port is on one side of the screen and the ethernet port is on the other - how's that for brilliant? Fortunately the e'net cable that's in the room is super-duper long and so this semester may be the "watch Sarah try not to trip over the cables" show. Ah well... Gym was gym-y. I've decided the single best way to dry off after a shower is to go in the sauna for a couple of minutes. Mmmmmm... sauna. Nothing better when it's 40 degrees and raining out than going in the sauna.

Interesting thingy for the day: I did an internet use survey that we're going to talk about in class on Thursday. 4 people (myself included) indicated that they use the Internet 30 or more hours per week.

3/4 of them were female.

New Hair!

Jan. 6th, 2006 12:11 pm
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I think I've found a haircuttergirl that I can stick with... my last cut was good for approximately a week and then it hit the slightly-too-shaggy stage. Meh. I decided to grow it out. But then it hit a stage where I could envision a short cut with that approximate shape. And so I've been intending to go in and say "I want to keep it a bit longer in the front but please oh please make it look less mullet-y" for quite a while.

et voila

Bless you, Jessica, for taking into account the fact that I have curly hair, for actually listening to me, and for giving me a haircut that I'm really, really happy with. I will definitely be a repeat customer.
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Found out on Wednesday that my class for next semester already has 35 people in it - and here I thought it was capped at 20! Good thing the bookstore keeps an eye on enrollment! I'm having to rethink some stuff about the class because of it, but that's ok.

Weatherstripped the doors in the entryway the other night. Much less cold in there now. 1950s-era weatherstripping is scary, scary stuff. Gotta get some housecaulk this weekend to try to seal up some other various leaks.

There's another itinerant sociology grad student in Buffalo. We're going to have a dissertation group starting next semester. Yay!

I feel like I have a bruise in the inside corner of my eye - clogged tear duct maybe? Just a random weirdness? I don't know. We were frenzied this morning anyway, so I didn't put in my contacts (plus! cute new glasses!). It only hurts when I poke at it.

We got crappy sleet yesterday afternoon with a couple of inches of snow dumped on top of it overnight. The lake effects snows are supposed to kick in this afternoon and give us several more inches, although it's nice and sunny now. I think every school in the entire area is closed today (but not the universities), but TRex's daycare is open so off we went this morning - I'm going to keep an eye on the weather and if it starts looking like I'd have trouble getting there to pick her up at the usual time, I'll just go early - that's the advantage of it being only 5 minutes away.
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wow, I didn't remember life being this interesting. But yay, legos! )

In other news, I'm back on the juice (aka, coffee). Why in the hell did I ever give up caffeine? Sweet sweet simulants.

In other other news, I have an eye exam and a gym orientation/fitness assessment today. I hopehopehope the gym has rowing machines. There's something lovely and hypnotic about rowing. I feel like the assessment is probably going to kick my ass, but in a good way. I need it. The plan for right now (until I start teaching in January) is to drop TRex of at daycare and then head to the gym three days a week.
probably tmi for lots of folks. deal. )
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So this morning I had to go get M's car's NYS inspection. It being the end of the month and right before a holiday weekend, I had to go to a first-come-first-serve place and wait...

There was a coffee shop that I'd been wanting to try across the street from the shop where I was getting the inspection done. It's called the Higher Grounds. I'd heard ads for live music there and so on. So I wandered in, ordered myself a mocha and a muffin, and plopped myself on a couch to do some work. There was Christmas music on, but that's not that surprising; it is after the 4th of July, after all. I had noticed Star of David coasters on the counter, and there was a "Happy Hanukkah" banner on the wall and Hanukkah kitsch by the napkins/creamer/etc. When I sat down, I noticed that the table tent was a recruiting announcement for their Friday night praise bands. And, when I looked around, I noticed a giant cross (we're talking floor-to-ceiling) painted on the wall.

This article clarifies things a bit. I like that it's a not-for-profit enterprise. I'm a little squiffed out by the giant cross on the wall.

But the coffee was good and the muffin was calorie-laden, so I'm not complaining too much.
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One of those people who walk through the grocery store with their hands-free sets on. (Hey, at least it's not a wearable computer with heads-up display.) I had to run out to buy baking staples that I'd forgotten that I didn't have, (stupid moving) but I knew that M would probably call me to tell me that he and TRex had landed at BWI, so I popped it on before I left the house and didn't bother to take it off.

Is it slightly vindicating that I was right, and he called 2 minutes after I'd left the house?
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We have no exciting Halloween plans... [ profile] master_mr tells me that TRex's flying monkey costume was to be overnighted to us today. Assuming it arrives early enough in the day on Monday, I'm going to take her to campus to see her admirers in M's department, who will ooh and aah over her as they always do. We bought candy, and tonight I carved us a very happy-looking pumpkin (the pumpkins speak to me... this one was a maniacally happy gourd) and roasted up the seeds with some tasty Old Bay seasoning.

I hope we get some trick-or-treaters; we never did in Amherst, and eventually we gave up on even buying candy. Here, I hope that they'll come to the back door, since our front porch light doesn't work. Mr. Happy Pumpkin will be out on the back porch (or maybe the driveway, but I fear that if he's out there, he'll end up smashed, whereas he'll be a bit safer in the screen porch window) to act as a beacon. Otherwise, we'll be eating tootsie-roll mix for a long, long time.

I *heart* Halloween. I can't wait 'til next year when TRex is old enough to pick out her own costume and actually go trick-or-treating.

And now I'm off to bed.
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Do an "I'm Feeling Lucky" search on "failure."


Oct. 20th, 2005 11:16 am
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LJ just warned me that my password might be too easy to guess.

Somehow I doubt it. I suppose it could be more secure, but I doubt that anybody's going to guess it.

Also: I wonder what proportion of "mood" indicators actually used on LJ are from the first 1/3 of the alphabet?
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I've been meaning to get a firewire cable for our camcorder for almost four years (ever since I got my current computer). At one point I asked M for one for my birthday and he never got around to figuring out which cable we needed and buying it ("just do the research and order it for yourself!").

So, dammit, I just did. And I had eleven bucks of leftover gift certificate from Amazon from goodness-knows-what, so it's not even costing that much (not that it was even that expensive to begin with).

Now we just have to hope my poor computer can handle it. Otherwise, my next purchase might be RAM. :^D

But soon, I will be able to annoy the world with movies of my excessively cute child.


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