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He has an LJ account but damned if I can remember what he named himself, and he makes me comment for him so I'm pretty sure he doesn't know what the password is anymore anyway. So you can pester him here and I'll read him the comments later.

Happy birthday Matthew!
This is what Buffalo gave him for his birthday. We were much nicer - he got a new swimsuit and a Kindle2.


Jul. 14th, 2008 10:21 am
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We had a very chill weekend... it was quite nice in advance of the madness that is coming.

Saturday was errands in the morning, then a nap for TRex while M and I did various things around the house (like sorting through the giant pile of software CDs in the study and throwing way approximately 2/3 of them, as well as salvaging data from & wiping 8 100 MB zip disks), and then we went to the pool with the P family until it decided to pour on us.  I had mis-remembered T's age - he just turned two, not three...  but my confusion was forgiven as he is nearly as big as TRex and at least as coordinated.  She woke up this morning declaring, "I like T!"  In the evening, M and I cooked some food (he made his special Gen. Tso's Chicken, for which I can post the recipe if anyone wants (and if I haven't previously) and I made pasta sauce in an attempt to use up the fresh oregano we brought back from MD and then I kicked his butt at Bust a Move for a while.

Sunday M & TRex went to donuts, I did some yoga, we lounged around, splashed in some puddles.  We took advantage of having a monstrous vehicle (our rental replacement while the Outback is getting its side panels and door skin replaced) and M went out and bought the extension ladder we've been needing for a while and then he fixed a drainpipe and cleaned out the gutter underneath the neighbor's ancient maple tree.  We spent some time watching the clouds, idly weeding in the gardens (and M cleared out the joint between the curb and the street, which is the most fertile soil in our entire yard, I swear), going for a walk around the block.

It was nice not to be out DOING all day Sunday, even if the DOING is just going to the pool.

This morning M took TRex to school on the bus-and-train and I had breakfast with [ profile] spanish_rhode and her hubby.  And now I'm back to dissertating.
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Last week when I was lamenting the appearance of smile lines on my face (me: when did THOSE show up?  him: sometime in the past 31 years), he pointed out that I don't have frown lines, which really just goes to show that I smile a lot.



Nov. 14th, 2007 09:10 pm
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Those of you who know my husband will be amused by this:
He had to pause his game of Madden to read something in The Economist.

lookit my pretty corn muffins! )
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I hear all the time "She looks so much like you!" or "She looks so much like M!"

Hello, people. Have you not looked at us? There was a REASON it was funny when we went as each other for Halloween. There's a REASON we've had fun freaking people out by smooching passionately shortly after saying, "Yeah, we're siblings."

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I have the best husband ever on the planet.  Deathly Hallows arrived with the mail at about 11:30 yesterday morning.  I got about 100 pages in during TRex's nap and then started reading again when she went to bed (I was reading again by 8:15).  When I sat down, I figured it would take me until about 2 am to finish it - I was right; I got in bed at 2:15 this morning.  Normally Sunday is my day to sleep in, but usually I get up around 8 so M can shower before he and TRex go off for their traditional Sunday morning trip to Tim Horton's.  M showered last night, though, so he wouldn't have to wake me to watch her while he got clean.  They came up to get me when they got home at 10 'til 10 (and TRex had brought me flowers she'd picked on their walk, too).

There will be an actual review later.
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This week (we're not entirely clear on the date, but it's probably the 17th), M and I will have been together for ten years.  10 years of ups and downs and being each others' best friends.  I love it that way.  What, you may be asking yourself, does this ten years of couple-dom get you?  It  gets phone calls like the following:
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Earlier M went out to the store to pick something up. He was gone a bit longer than I expected it to take him, but whatever. Shortly before he came home I was thinking about how we should spend our exciting Friday night... and I remembered that he'd said the other day that we hadn't played any video games since we got the new TV (I actually think we had, but not a lot). So I figured, hey, I'll see if he wants to play some games tonight.

The grocery store is right next door to a Game Stop. He came home with a copy of Madden 2006 (continuing with his trend of buying the previous year's Madden when the new one comes out - because it's the difference between fifty bucks and fifteen bucks). So now he's downstairs playing Madden and I've been playing 'nains.

It's an exciting life we lead.
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M came home from the conference declaring that he is now a D-list celebrity in the world of memory management. I pointed out that this makes him like Kathy Griffin.
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Much house-related fun this weekend. (And for once I'm actually not being sarcastic... yes, this will be a positive installment in the occasional "Adventures in Homeownership" series.)

I've been thinking that I want to get some herbs going in pots, because I like fresh herbs and I'd like to be able to have them year-round. On our way to Lowe's to buy potting soil, M suggested that instead we could put in some plants in either the backyard or along the front porch, where there are just some sort of sad-looking shrubs. I thought this sounded like a perfectly fine idea, so we wandered around the garden center discussing pros and cons of various perennials (not even CONSIDERING annuals). Ultimately we decided to put some stuff in the back and bought four plants that like shade and will end up growing pretty big (2-3' tall) and some garden mix soil.

We cut out a lot of dead shrubbery that's in the nebulous area between our house and our neighbor's (whose side of the property line is it on? who planted it? who knows!) and weeded the beds back there - I was able to get out a fair number of shrubbery sprouts that I'm going to pot and hopefully they'll do well enough that we can use them to fill in some of the gaps in the existing hedge. M pulled out an entire dead rhodedendron just by touching it. (I think it had zero root system left.) Once all that was cleaned up, we put our new plants in, thinking about how we're going to fill in that garden space. Next weekend we might actually try putting in some vegetables - we've established that there's actually an area that's going to get enough sun to do it. And get some lower-to-the-ground stuff to go in in the area that's not back against the property lines.

We also dug out this random pole that was in the backyard. We can't figure out what it was supposed to be. The end point of a clothesline? Who knows. M started wiggling it and discovered pretty quickly (when it broke off in his hands) that it was rusted through, but that left a sharp, rusty end about 2" above ground level. Leaving it there was obviously not an option. So we (mostly he) dug it out. The concrete it was set in went down about 18" and the grass had grown over it. Good thing we had lots of dirt that we'd dug up in the planting process - it turned out to be just enough to fill that hole. Hooray! No gaping hole in our backyard for TRex to fall into!

The soil here is lovely - a bit clay-ey, but very dark & rich & moist. TRex thought that gardening was glorious fun (she toddled around digging with a stick, helping me mix soil & garden mix, breaking up clumps of long-neglected mulch, etc. In so doing, she earned herself her first "you're really THAT dirty, kid" bath (not counting ones that were food-related - there have been lots of those).
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M's graduation present from his brother arrived today:

It's both PhD books.


Which we both think is SO COOL!


We are geeks.
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In which I narrate the first bit of our spring break )
So I'm not going to even attempt to read what y'all people have been talking about for the past five days. If there's anything vital to my continued existence, gimme the Cliff Notes version.
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M has a non-league raquetball match tonight...with the league coordinator, becasue the guy wants to assess the skill level of people. We went out and bought him new court shoes the other day because he's been using his old ones to mow the lawn, which might not go so nicely with the court.

My FL got to play a role in class today - they read Lisa Nakamura's article "Interrogating the Digital Divide", and one of the main points that she makes is we need to look at how minorities are using the Internet for PRODUCTION rather than just CONSUMPTION in order to assess the impact of differential access and use patterns.  So I mentioned [ profile] xayide79's posting about the offensive theme park & how the Internet plays into the discovery, the response, and the possibility of mobilization (one of the things that Nakamura mentions is the Internet-facilitated mobilization of the Asian-American community in respones to the horribly offensive A&F shirts that came out a couple of years ago), and then of course yesterday's flak about WoW.
Project Runway, of course! )
And now I'm off for the rest of my madcap Thursday (gym, quick stop at home, doctor, pick up TRex...).  Tomorrow is Friday and thus DISSERTATION DAY!  Whoo.[profile]
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Kitchen Table Poker #1
Kitchen Table Poker #1,
originally uploaded by sarahmichelef.
It means that I can regale all of you with my random pictures... good thing I haven't sprung for a pro account so I can only use 20 megs of bandwidth a month.

We played kitchen table poker for no money Friday night. Both M and J cheat (stealing chips when others aren't looking), but I got the last laugh when I revealed that I'd secreted away a handful of chips in my clothing after J knocked a bunch of his on the floor. That he didn't notice might be a clue as to exactly how badly he beat us.
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I realized I haven't rambled about the gym in a bit. I only managed to get there once last week - Thursday I had a couple of appointments, and then they were predicting weathery DOOM on Friday (which of course didn't materialize). This week, however, I hit the gym THREE TIMES! Amazing. Tuesday and today I lifted & did 20 minutes of cardio; yesterday I learned that the max time you can punch in on the elliptical machines is 31 mintues, so that's what I did. M went with me today as well, though we completely ignored each other the whole time we were there.

Starting in January TRex and I are taking a mommy-and-me swim class. I signed us up yesterday. On the way out today, M picked up the gym booklet for the winter and was all excited about the raquetball league, except that he thought that it meets on Tuesday nights, which is when Textile Guild is (once a month). So we argued about whether or not I should forgo textile guild so he can go play raquetball and then when *I* read the announcement, I beat him about the head and shoulders with a wet noodle because he was being dumb. The league *starts* on 1/10 (a Tuesday) but players have two week windows in which to schedule and play their assigned matches. Which means that it DOESN'T have to be on a Tuesday. Duh. So he's going to join the raquetball league. Go, M.

I think my plan for next semester is to do weights and cardio on Weds and Fri (days I don't teach) and then to just do cardio on days that I do (Tuesday and Thursday). We'll see what actually happens, since in addition to teaching, I'll hopefully be adding a dissertation group to my schedule. It's all about making the time, however.


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