Aug. 11th, 2009 10:24 pm
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Didy ou miss me? Did you even notice that I was mostly offline for two weeks?

Yeah, didn't think so.

The last weed in July TRex and I were in Maine with my maternal family as well as [ profile] samueljl , [ profile] relentlesstoil , and MC. Having them there was awesome, because then instead of just me and the kid we had our own little mini-commune. 3:2 is an awesome parent-to-four-year-old ratio. We didn't get to pull the "Big Love" joke on any meddling old ladies, though.
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We were home for 36 hours or so and then drove for approximately ten gajillion hours down to the Midatlantic so Grandma could pick up TRex and the two of us could stay in DE with Josh & Jacy and help out with three-week-old Cora. Which was also fun, and we got more sleep than I had expected. Oh, and I got an awesome dress for the wedding we're going to over Labor day weekend!
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Aug. 5th, 2009 10:39 pm
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Remember last year when I made TRex a birthday dress? She (rightly) thought that this should be a tradition, and I can't say that I disagree with her.  Recently she told me that she wanted her birthday dress this year to have stars on it; later she amended that request to stars, diamonds, and triangles.  I asked her which one of those was most important if I couldn't find fabric that had all three and she said that diamonds were most important.  Today as I was browsing the internets I found the fabric pictured over there to the right and nabbed 4 yards of it just to be sure.  I haven't quite settled on a pattern for it yet, but I'm leaning towards either this one (actually a mashup of those two garments... taking the longer sleeves from the shirt and putting them on the dress, using a dark pink trim and possibly also for the placket) or this one.  The latter is more little-girl-ish, I think, and cutesy, which is not appealing to me as much.  Is it possible for a five-year-old to be sophisticated?  Because the first one is much more sophisticated.

I will also be making her a ruffled skirt in two very loud pink fabrics (one of which you have seen if you've seen the pictures of her bedroom curtains - just call her Miss Scarlet) for her first day of kindergarten.  The other is in the same color family only it's flowered.  The garment will be just her style - out of control loud & bright.  I may have to physically restrain her from wearing a THIRD pattern with it.

I also have in my sewing room fabric to make a kimono top for Cora, who is the best three-week-old niece a girl could ask for.

That oughta keep me busy for a while, right?  And of course I have Caleb's hosen to make as well...
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Last week C said to me, offhandedly, "we're going berry picking on Sunday if you want to come" and I said sure, thinking you know... an hour, maybe two, bring some berries home, and then later we could go play minigolf like TRex had decided we needed to for Father's day.  (Because Froggy does, you see.)

I forgot who we were going with. C had said that they were picking at 11 so I called her to find out the details at about 10. She said, "We're leaving in 15 minutes." I asked, "Where in the hell are we going that it's going to take 45 minutes to get there?" The answer, it turned out, was Coulter Farms in Lockport. Rather than her trying to give us directions, we decided just to meet at their house and follow them.  The plan was that B was going to meet all of us there having gotten there on his bike (the long way... because it may be far but it's not 60 miles from here to Lockport!)  It ended up being us, C&B and the kids, 2 sets of their friends (4 parents & 3 kids) and B's sister and her husband. We picked (and ate) oodles of strawberries and sugar snap peas, and ate nearly as many as we picked I think (like you do). And then we rode the tractor to another set of fields and picked and ate some more. All told I think we were at the farm for 2 or 2 1/2 hours.

berry girls

And then it was decided that we needed lunch, so we followed C again, this time to
Brickyard BBQ
in Lewiston, were fortunately there was seating on the patio because the five kids who were there were going a little crazy running around. We were there until about 3:30... TRex fell asleep in the car on the way home and M and I took advantage of the chance to get some major trimming of trees and shrubs done (including him up on the garage roof cutting back the neighbor's maple tree that was serving as an ant superhighway). And then we had salads for dinner, which included both strawberries and sugar snap peas. Of course.

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The scene: our living room.  G (who is 5) and her mom K are about to leave after a couple hours' playdate that involved dressup ([profile] master_mr , please let your lovely wife know that the mermaid costume from almost 2 years ago still fits TRex, more or less), playing with the dollhouse, and lots of running around in the sprinkler outside.

K: OK, it's time to go home now.
G: I don't like you!  I'm going to push you away from me forEVER!*
K: If you're going to freak out, we're not going to be able to have another playdate.
G: I don't care!  I don't like you!  I'm going to run away from you!
K: Can you wait to freak out until we're in the car please?

Gratifying both because G clearly had a good time and because my kid is not the only one who freaks out at the drop of a hat.  Hilarious because G's objections were registered using EXACTLY THE SAME TONE AND INFLECTION that TRex uses when she informs us "I'm going to throw you in the trash can!" and similar things.
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We put in our gardens yesterday. We'd broken up most of the soil with the hand tiller over the past week and then hit Lowe's yesterday morning to pick out plants. We already had tomatoes and a couple of sad bell peppers that we'd started in the frankengreenhouse to transfer over to the veggie patch.

Shoshanna's GardenTRex declared ages ago that she wanted polka-dot plants - we had some in our annual bed last year and they fried because we didn't realize how much shade the neighbors' pine had given the back yard until it was gone. Hers is much more shady, though, so they should do fine there. She wanted pansies again but we couldn't find any, so we put in some impatiens (which I cannot find a useful link for) and some orange marigolds along the very front where they'll get the most sun. The white blooming groundcover is montana sandwort that we put in 2 years ago... the second one (which was in the opposite corner) died after the first season; that one is going to take over the whole bed eventually, which is fine - it's very pretty.

My annual bed has red petunias and yellow/orange celosia which I will insist on calling "fire plants" because that's what the blooms look like to me. Those alternate around the edge... I am completely haphazard in my plant selection and placement, and yet it always comes out OK. I really do just go into the garden store, buy whatever appeals to me on that day, and go with it. So I was going to fill out the rest with marigolds but then we had more good tomato seedlings than we had room for in the veggie garden (which has 4 tomato seedlings with marigold friends, a hell of a lot of huge garlic, the two bell pepper plants that sprouted successfully, and I put in 3 zucchini seeds yesterday) so now there are marigolds and 2 tomato plants back there as well. Did I mention that the center of this bed is daffodils and some other late-blooming perennial whose name I can never remember?

We are for sure expanding the vegetable patch for next year, probably to include some herbs. M is quite obsessed with growing chives. We just didn't want to bite off too much this year.

Getting Rollin'In other news, we bought M a new bike and TRex a tagalong bike yesterday. She was terrified of it at first, but now all she wants to do is tool around the neighborhood on her trailer bike.  Her legs are JUST BARELY long enough to reach the pedals - it's a 20" wheel and the charts all claim that those are for kids 48" and taller, which she soooo is not (to say nothing of most of her height being in her torso).  But she can hang on and pedal when we need her to help get moving from a dead stop, so it's all good.
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We drove 8 hours round trip to go to a baby shower today. Yes, we are insane. But we had fun! And really, how could we miss out on this?

Awwwwww.... Being the Queen

There are other supercute ones of TRex, but they involve another kid who ain't mine so I'm not posting public pictures of him on the internets.
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One of the gigs as March for Babies Ambassador Family is to do media - including live tv!  TRex and I went down to  WKBW this morning to tape an interview for a health segment to be aired tomorrow, we think, and then to be on AM Buffalo with Stacey, the MoD division director.  

I think I didn't make a complete idiot of myself, told our story including compelling lines like "they said they might stand me on my head because there has to be something to that gravity thing" and "as long as possible turned out to be about 5 hours".

TRex was a bit cowed by the whole thing... I had warned her repeatedly that it was going to be a "listening time" and that she really REALLY shouldn't interrupt and for the most part she didn't.  When we were talking about her gross motor delay in the health segment interview I said, "she gets PT to work on her strength and so that she can keep up with her friends" she busted out with "Yeah, like LARA!  But now I can run as fast as she can because I have fast running shoes!"  When I gave her the chance to talk about being ambassador family during the live bit ("what does it mean to be the ambassador family?") all she would say was "I get to ride my bike..."  But later she saw that they were showing a picture of her and she piped up, "Hey, that's me!"  Mostly she sat there and petted the present she got from Linda Pellegrino, the host - a Sleeping Beauty DVD.

So... if you're still thinking about donating, here's where to go.  We are less than $100 from our original goal (but I bumped it last week when we got within $250) - this year will almost certainly be our biggest year to date!  Or you can donate to [ profile] marajade648  at this page.

I will try to get web video of one or both of our appearances so you can all laugh at me.

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I slept 'til 8, lounged in bed and/or putzed around upstairs with TRex until 9, was in my PJs until 11...  M and TRex went to donuts (she rode her bike there and back) and I chatted with each of my parents for half an hour.  Later TRex painted while M and I got some work done, then we had lunch and TRex video-chatted with my parents, and then she napped for over two hours.  Following that there were three more bike rides, bagging up the leaves we never managed to bag in the fall, making a necklace using various beads and a butterfly charm that someone ([ profile] kiersey ?  [ profile] rapierlady ? they seem like the most likely candidates...) left on her A&S entry last weekend, then going out to "play fairies" which involved a lot of running around and flapping our arms (the fourth bike ride of the day came during this time), dinner of veggie chili and corn, then a shower and watching some of the Louisville - OU women's basketball game before bedtime. 

Seriously, despite the fact that my gut was seriously angry with me for a good chunk of the day - I made my coffee WAAAAAY too strong this morning - it's this amazing feeling of peace at the end of a day with no tantrums, disappointment handled with relatively few tears (when neither C nor J was home to ride bikes with - I got out my bike and rode with her instead), and good cheer even when we turned off the TV when it was time to get ready for bed.  Seriously - gotta remember the days like this, because they WAY out-weigh all the ones where we make each other crazy.
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not filtered because there is stuff that will amuse multiple categories of friends... and copying & pasting from my other blogs, 'cause I'm too lazy to write things twice.

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When I don't blog for a while, you get bullet points.
  • Meeting with Old Plumber must be re-scheduled because the guy who did the actual repair last May was sick today.
  • Fashion on Tuesday: cream colored tunic-length sweater belted with skinny red belt (would have been better with a wide belt), brown slacks and red flats.
  • Fashion on Thursday (today!): my favorite glen plaid slacks, mustard-yellow cowl-neck shirt, khaki blazer, brown sling-back heels.
  • Kid: still precocious.  Not napping at school anymore, so she goes to bed pretty early.  Which is kinda nice.
  • SCA: I have taken it into my head to enter Kingdom A&S.  See, the theme was my idea, so I feel a LITTLE obligated.  I finished a set of 13th c. gowns for HRH Liadain that look awesome - I will be able to finish up the write-up of them next week after I actually have a picture of them on a person rather than just on my dress form.
  • Still loving the AutoFocus time management system.  I have knocked off SO MANY little niggling tasks that had been languishing - like taking a ton of wire hangers to be recycled, ordering omega 3-6-9s for the kiddo (hard to find them in brick & mortar stores in pedi doses), and other similar things.
  • Work: high school is weird, but the kids are pretty receptive.  Their grades, so far... not so hot.  But there's only been one quiz and a reading quiz, so hopefully they'll get the hang of it and/or actually ask me for help.
  • Dissertation: progress is being made.  I'm producing mini-reports for Bob that I would love to get additional feedback on - let me know if you want to read them!
  • I totally used up my perky earlier today, so I'm just going to say donate to March for Babies!  We're 1/3 of the way to our goal, yay!  And [ profile] marajade648  is coming to walk with us again, doubleyay!  (So if you wanted you could donate to her, instead.)
  • BSG cherry: officially popped.  Are you happy [ profile] relentlesstoil ?  At some point I will go back and watch from the beginning.
  • Speaking of tv, CURSE YOU CBS!  I USED to be able to get HIMYM web streaming... not anymore.  So I've missed the last ... 2 or 3 episodes.  :^(
  • The commercial with the dudes at the Renaissance Fair amuses me.  I'm not exactly sure why.
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My mom got TRex some post it notes with various shapes on them for Christmas.  Tuesday night she colored in a shape for each of us and stuck them to our backs.  (She did it again last night, too...)

So the whole evening, M had a post-it declaring him to be a square on his back.  And I giggled every time I saw it. 

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I woke up at 9 to a certain young lady, who had been up with Daddy since 7, climbing on top of me and giving me kisses.  We all lazed about in bed 'til 10, when I got up, had breakfast, and put on snow clothes to go clear the driveway and sidewalk - we only got about 3" of the predicted 6.   I was smart and put on the coffeepot before I went out so when I got back there was hot coffee waiting for me.

The other 2 went out for donuts and I did some stuff on the Internets (printed out a Sid the Science Kid coloring page that M found last night, printed & filled out the last charter school app that we needed to do).  When they got back, we decided to go sledding.  The forecast, according to the local NPR, was for mostly cloudy.  They lied.  It was BEAUTIFUL - claims that right now it's 21 out, but I think it was warmer than that.  No wind, brilliant sun.  The hill was CROWDED - we just missed J, she had gotten cold and gone home with her dad.  Corey was still there with B and her sister in law, as well as M & I and their moms.  And a million other families.  Corey mocked me for looking like Elmer Fudd, but I don't care - I was warm.*  For the first bit TRex wanted one of us to sled with her, which was fine - her sled easily holds a kid plus an adult. Then she decided she needed to go alone, a bunch of times.  And then she decided she wanted to go "in a pile" - headfirst, grownup on the bottom and her on top.  I volunteered for that insanity, and it actually worked pretty well - she didn't fall off like we thought she might and I had some hope of steering (hands on snow).  So... all told we were out in the snow for close to 2 hours, which is FOREVER in four-year-old time.  And then we came home, had lunch, and now she's napping - big surprise!

*She may have a point.  My snow gear consists of long johns under sweatpants, big wool socks, and these boots. On top, I've got a tank top, long-sleeved t-shirt, fleece hoodie, parka, and my "Buffalo hat" (which is what really leads to the mocking).

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Isn't she cute?

Have Fun Stormin' the Castle was a lot of fun.  Guaranteed way to make TRex happy: take her to a dance class.  She loooooved it.  And hey, it gets M to dance, too, which is hilarious for the rest of us. 
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 I confess, I am a dork.  I have a picture of the POTUS-elect on my desktop, in part because I'm still giddy about election results and in part because it's a really cool picture.  I can't find the specific picture in a quick search, but it's similar to this one (from the same rally - just not the same moment or angle).  Anyway, TRex knows that it's Barack Obama, and this morning after she was playing on my computer she asked me, "Why his skin is brown and his hair is black?"

What I told her: Well, his daddy had really dark brown skin, and his mommy had light skin, and so he ended up with medium-brown skin.

What I thought: Oh, kid.  May you grow up in a world where you don't see anything extraordinary about a man with brown skin and black hair being the President.
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1. Stop talking about politics for a moment or two.
2. Post a reasonably-sized picture in your LJ, NOT under a cut tag, of something pleasant, such as an adorable kitten, or a fluffy white cloud, or a bottle of booze. Something that has NOTHING TO DO WITH POLITICS.
3. Include these instructions.
Mostly this will amuse my SCAdian friends, but pretty much everybody likes a picture of a cute kid, right?
Princess by right of arms!
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So cool that when we take her to a hibachi restaurant (she was TERRIFIED of the fire but thought the noise and the tossing of things and the seeing him cook your food was pretty fun) she orders the salmon instead of the chicken.  And she looks at the shrimp appetizer and says, "Mama, you need to take the ends off."  (The "ends" were already off...)
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There was a freeze warning for last night, so we wanted to finish up digging out the vegetable garden plot before the ground got nice and hard.  Lucky for us (read: me) it had rained a couple of days this week so the ground was pretty soft and the sod-cutting was MUCH easier than last weekend.  We got it all dug up and nicely loosened and then M helped me schlep one of the compost bins out to the plot and I put approximately half of its soupy, fragrant, disgusting contents into the garden plot and mixed it all up.  So now we have a plot that's about 6x3 and ready for some veggies in the spring.  We'll put in the garlic next weekend, probably.  I wanted to give the compost a bit to get less stinky before we started digging in it again.

I have convinced M to turn on the heat.  It was 55 degrees in the house this morning and that is not warm enough.  Tuesday we are getting three more estimates for new furnaces - with natural gas prices projected to be up by like 50% this winter, we figure it will pay for itself in savings in about 3 years.  Yeah.

Oh, and for the latest in TRex hijinks, go here.  It's funny, trust me.
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Tacos and salad are a win for a quick dinner that makes EVERYONE (grownups as well as the under-four set) happy.  Double-bonus for being able to make it taco SALAD for those of us who are doing WW.

TRex and KidP are hilarious - she is just enough older than he is that he pretty much wants to follow her around and do everything she does except he's also a LITTLE shy when they're at our house and she was exceedingly enthusiastic about him being here that she was overwhelming him a little bit.  But dinners with guests are SO much easier when there's another kid and we can stash them at the kiddie table and they can entertain each other while the adults do the same.

It has actually been a very busy and social week for us.  We had open house at preschool on Tuesday, and then the G's came over to have dinner and inherit baby stuff last night (quote of the night: TRex looks at MG and says, "when he [the baby] comes out, will you be his daddy?").  There are now NO MORE INFANT CLOTHES IN OUR HOUSE.  And then tonight the P family came over and tomorrow is Summer's End and yes, we are insane.
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Jul. 14th, 2008 10:21 am
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We had a very chill weekend... it was quite nice in advance of the madness that is coming.

Saturday was errands in the morning, then a nap for TRex while M and I did various things around the house (like sorting through the giant pile of software CDs in the study and throwing way approximately 2/3 of them, as well as salvaging data from & wiping 8 100 MB zip disks), and then we went to the pool with the P family until it decided to pour on us.  I had mis-remembered T's age - he just turned two, not three...  but my confusion was forgiven as he is nearly as big as TRex and at least as coordinated.  She woke up this morning declaring, "I like T!"  In the evening, M and I cooked some food (he made his special Gen. Tso's Chicken, for which I can post the recipe if anyone wants (and if I haven't previously) and I made pasta sauce in an attempt to use up the fresh oregano we brought back from MD and then I kicked his butt at Bust a Move for a while.

Sunday M & TRex went to donuts, I did some yoga, we lounged around, splashed in some puddles.  We took advantage of having a monstrous vehicle (our rental replacement while the Outback is getting its side panels and door skin replaced) and M went out and bought the extension ladder we've been needing for a while and then he fixed a drainpipe and cleaned out the gutter underneath the neighbor's ancient maple tree.  We spent some time watching the clouds, idly weeding in the gardens (and M cleared out the joint between the curb and the street, which is the most fertile soil in our entire yard, I swear), going for a walk around the block.

It was nice not to be out DOING all day Sunday, even if the DOING is just going to the pool.

This morning M took TRex to school on the bus-and-train and I had breakfast with [ profile] spanish_rhode and her hubby.  And now I'm back to dissertating.
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