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May. 6th, 2009 11:24 am
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I don't really appreciate this whole one week on, one week off health thing you're subjecting me to this spring.  
Last night/today: massive sore throat, enormously swollen nodes
2 weeks ago: GI ickiness
4 weeks ago: cold
6 weeks ago: cold 
I'm done now, K?
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 This afternoon, I loaded up just to see what was going on in the world.  And my blood pressure soared IMMEDIATELY.  I could feel my heart pounding.  I felt short of breath.

That's right... the election is giving me actual, honest-to-goodness mild anxiety attacks.

Can it be Wednesday yet?  I know things may not be definite by then, but I think it will be good for my overall well-being.
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First off, I can't be the only one who finds it funny that the sports med. doctor at my clinic is named Michael Jordan.  Second off, it's not weird that I biked to an appointment about a leg injury, is it?  (Third off - how lame is it that my doctor's office doesn't have a bike rack?!)

Anyway, the diagnosis: patellar chondromalacia with a hip flexor strain secondary to the knee problem (he thinks that I have been compensating for the knee pain and in the process placed undue stress on the hip, which was my hunch).  THANKFULLY there is no ligament damage and NSAIDs, PT, and avoiding running for a bit should fix me right up.  Elliptical, spinning/biking, and swimming are all recommended/acceptable activities.
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bad sign:

Jun. 20th, 2008 01:13 pm
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you have to look up your dentist in the yellow pages because you can't remember the name of the clinic.

Oh, my poor neglected teeth.
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The verdict:  Still really REALLY dislike my PCP.  Going to call and push to get changed to the one I like.  I went in, described my symptoms, she poked and prodded at me, said, "OK, I'm going to write you some prescriptions - an antibiotic, a decongestant, and a spray" and walked out.  And the scripts were delivered back to me by the nurse, not the doc, so I didn't get a chance to ask once I saw what they actually were or how long I should keep taking the "decongestant" and the spray.  I will probably get on the website this afternoon/tonight to ask those questions.

The list:
  • Augmentin
  • Flonase (which really does smell like flowers!  But gave me a narsty aftertaste in the back of my throat about 10 minutes after I took it.)
  • Allegra (um, I already have this.  guess I should take it daily for a bit, eh?  I did need a refill, though, so bonus there.  Also, last I checked, it's an antihistamine, not a decongestant.)
I'm already starting to feel better - the sinus pain is decreasing rapidly (I mean, now it's just in the vicinity of my nose, rather than all the way up into my eye socket), though the goo is still technicolor.

C'mon, you totally needed to know that.
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She may claim not to like patient care, but she's the one who had the brains to tell me to take an antihistamine when my upper airway is COMPLETELY MISBEHAVING.  Smarter than the docs at my clinic, that one is.
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Triage nurse called back and of course had no idea WHY she was calling me.  *headdesk*  But there was a cancellation so they were able to get me in this afternoon with yet another doctor (I have now seen every general practitioner in the place, I think).  I think I'm going to investigate changing to the Family Practice side of the clinic - would that be weird, when TRex does not go to them?  (Do I care?  I feel like these docs and the PA actually listen to me, which my current PCP definitely does not.)  Anyway, Mark the very nice med student checked all the usual things (SpO2 99%, BP 120/70, HR 86) and then I chatted with the doc.  He noted that one of my nodes is STILL swollen from the cold I had a month ago (yes, it is) but that I wasn't actually wheezing & my peak flow was fine.  He figures my airway is probably a bit irritated and that's why I'm feeling tight.  He wrote me scripts for a peak flow meter to have at home and for a spacer for my inhaler, which I've never had.  His comment was that the pharmacy could see if they would be covered but that usually they weren't.  He was also impressed by the trifecta of infections that I had last month and sympathized about the thrush.

So I ran over to Target to pick up the stuff we needed there and then over to the close RiteAid with M's script and my two things... and the pharmacy deities smiled upon me.  Not only did they have M's pills in stock (it's a crapshoot... I can't count the number of afternoons we have lost between the two of us chasing around to find a pharmacy that actually has them in stock), but our insurance is going to cover both the peak flow AND the spacer.  I win at insurance!
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Used our doctor's office's nifty web-based system to send an e-mail to my PCP this morning about my continued wheezing/tightness and got a message back from one of the nurses to "call and make an appointment asap".  Of course "asap" will be whenever they can squeeze me in - the appointment desk couldn't find anything and a triage nurse is going to call me back.  Fun, fun.  I assured them that I wasn't in any respiratory distress - it's an annoyance factor and a knowing that things are not completely fixed rather than an "OMG I'm not getting enough O2" situation.  I expect I will end up with a daily maintenance drug at least for cold/flu season.  Stupid growing INTO asthma rather than out of it.

Day 3...

Nov. 5th, 2007 10:20 pm
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5 November 2007 (by sarahmichelef)...and I totally am understanding why people say this drug is crazy-making. I am sapped of all motivation. I really, REALLY need to be writing a lecture, but I just can't bring myself to do it. It doesn't help that it PAINS me to try to treat issues of race relations in the U.S. in the way that you pretty much have to in an intro class - there's just not enough TIME - teaching this class is really making me believe that the UMass way of teaching intro makes much more sense (no general intro, just topical ones - social psych, social problems, race/class/gender, etc.).

Probably also doesn't help that despite my being OH-SO-CLEVER last night and putting my pills in my purse so I wouldn't forget them this morning, I forgot them this morning. Yes, I am a GENIUS.  So I took my "after lunch" one when we got home and my "after dinner" one after dinner.  One more to take tonight, then tomorrow I'm down to 3 pills.  The hives, by the way, have not made a reappearance, so that's good.

I really think I'm just going to give up on getting lecture written tonight.  I am too fried.  We do live life at a crazy pace in my family... In October we had company for two weekends and I was out of town for five days.  November isn't going to be much less crazy... we had M's parents here last weekend; this weekend M has open house at work and then we're possibly speaking at a March of Dimes thinger Saturday afternoon (did I mention that we're signing up to be an Ambassador Family?).  Next weekend is Aethelmearc Rapier Academy and another MoD thing Friday night (Pink & Blue night at the Sabres game), and the weekend after that is already Thanksgiving!  Gah.  I also have an application for a dissertation fellowship due on the 15th (it's basically done, I'm just waiting to hear back from them with some guidance on the budget/resources end of things), and am still working on sorting out my job situation for the spring.  Oh, and I'll be applying for one full time, tenure-track position for next fall.  There's an opening locally, and I'd be stupid not to try for it.
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Hrm, maybe it does give me the crazy after all.
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So some of you know that I was sick for the better part of October, with various things that I have detailed here and not. So when the second cold of the month ended up with me hitting the albuterol something on the order of four times a day towards the end of the week, [personal profile] baronessmartha  convinced me that I should really, REALLY get my rear in to the doctor. Asthmatic (by sarahmichelef)So I called on Friday morning and they didn't have any openings for Friday, but they were able to make me an appointment for Saturday morning. (Incidentally, remember how I was so annoyed that you could never ever get a sick appointment? It turns out that the secret is to choose menu option "If you are a family member are sick and in need of medical assistance", which to me doesn't sound so much like "If you want a sick appointment" as it does "triage nurse". Anyway, that's the trick to actually getting a timely appointment.) So I went in and the nice PA (who I like so, SO much better than my PCP) listened to my lungs, tapped me on my hairline (checking sinus pressure, apparently - if I had a sinus infection, apparently that would have hurt like a sonofabitch), and felt my nodes. She declared my cold to be just about done but that my lungs were not keeping up with the getting better, so she prescribed me a course of prednisone. Hives (by sarahmichelef)I dutifully took the first three pills with lunch when I got home, then one at dinner and two more at bedtime. And I woke up sometime over night with my ankles itching LIKE CRAZY. It occurred to me that it could have been a reaction to the med, but it eventually subsided and I went back to sleep. This morning I got up and read the package insert, but it didn't say anything about itching being a side effect. I shrugged and went about my business. But then a while later I pulled up my jeans because my left ankle was feeling itchy again. And lo, what did I see? A nice patch of hives, right there on my ankle and lower leg.  They've gone up and down all day today and seem on the whole to be getting better, but I'll still be putting in a call to the pharmacy to see what they think I should do.  The lungs, though, they are feeling much, much better.  So much better that I would actually consider going to the gym tomorrow.  But I'm not going to because that would probably not be very smart. 

And I will be getting a flu shot probably next week - gotta call the doctor's office in the morning and then find out when exactly they're being offered.


Oct. 29th, 2007 09:02 pm
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Lovely & relaxing weekend with childsplay7 and T.  All houseguests should be as low-maintenance as they are!

Procured plane tickets to Portland for Christmas...  we have to stop twice, but they cost under $600 apiece, so y'know.  We have a redeye back here Christmas night and I'm not too proud to dope my kid up with benadryl if that's what it takes to get her to sleep.  MIght dope up the husband, too, but with just a half dose.

TRex loved going to see the Wiggles, but hit her overwhelmed threshold about halfway through.

Went to a dinner/meeting for March of Dimes this evening and actually managed to go to the whole meeting part - TRex was perfectly happy playing with the other kids under the supervision of the staff & hired teenagers.  She was the youngest one there, too, and was totally wiped by the time the meeting was done.

I found the midterm essay that had gone missing, much to my relief (and my student's as well!).

I can't draw a deep breath without coughing.  Must go locate inhaler.  Also, my voice cracked like a thirteen-year-old boy's for the whole of my 35-minute lecture today.

Oh, and the sears guy from Friday.  Yeah, he wasn't supposed to come, we really were supposed to wait for the parts.  Fortunately, he had the requisite stuff on the truck so he was able to do the repair anyway.  I just shook my head.
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When you aren't feeling well... don't skip your afternoon snack (I wasn't hungry) and then do your usual workout.  You will end up famished and with a fever.  It will not be pretty.  But two tacos will begin to fix you up and well, you'll end up wanting to go to bed really early.  Which is why it's 9:15 and I'm going to enter quiz grades and then pass out.
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The advice about how to treat croup in kids applies to adults, too.  I think I would be feeling much better today if I had just gone and sat out on the porch for a bit last night.  But now, thanks to the wonders of a shower both longer and hotter than usual, I can take a deep breath.
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In bullet point form.
  • I have another sore throat.  Yes, yes, yes.  I'm going to get myself something for nasal lavage, because I KNOW this one is post-nasal-drip related.
  • I have a job for the fall.  Had I mentioned this?  Anyway, I'm picking up a section of Introduction to Sociology at Buffalo State.  Went over there today to talk details and get info on textbooks, all that stuff.  My books are now ordered, recommendation letters for my HR file should be on their way, and I'm sending off for an official transcript from UMass.
  • Our house's Walk Score ( is 42.  We don't take advantage of some of the stuff that's within walking distance.  I may start walking to the grocery store (just over a mile away) occasionally.  I SHOULD walk to RiteAid today except for the part where I feel AWFUL.
  • [personal profile] baronessmartha and [profile] mittenydoom are sleeping at our house on Friday night.  Yay!
  • The roof is done.  I forked over the remaining 2/3 of the cost this afternoon and a crew of guys came to finish up the last things that we weren't happy with.  Like getting all the roofing debris out of the gutters.  That kind of thing.
  • I really think I need a nap.  My brain isn't functioning AT ALL.
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after three weeks of an on-again-off-again annoying sore throat, I came home from OK with a cold.  sudafed is my friend.

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Still sickly, but getting better.  Spent Sunday marveling at the holding capacity of the human sinus.  (Seriously.  What is the capacity of the sinus system?  'Cause I'm pretty sure I maxed it out this weekend.)  Benadryl is my friend, but only at night.  I watched Studio 60 in a Ben-induced catatonic state last night, which wasn't necessarily a bad thing.  Also, M and I have concluded that they need to cut out the studio politics nonsense and just stick to the stuff about making the show itself, because the studio politics stuff is shite.  Loved the backstory on Harry and Matt, though.

The Big Storm (tm) is supposed to bring us 8-18" over 24 hours starting at about 5 tonight.  Whee?  Need to clear the driveway so that we're starting from as little as possible.  Remembered to feed the car this morning so we don't have to worry about it tomorrow.

TRex's Grammy came to visit the end of last week, which they both loved.  Because TRex loves anybody who will play legos with her for hours on end.


Feb. 10th, 2007 09:29 pm
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Y'know the kind of sore throat that hurts all the way from the roof of your mouth to your collarbones?

Yeah, I gots me some of that goodness, along with a hellastuffy nose.  3 Advil makes life tolerable for a while.  Wegman's did not have any Throat Soothers tea, and I used my last bag of it this morning.  Since then I have been making do with chamomile & honey.  I ate some orange sherbet to anesthetize my throat and it helped a little bit.  And now I am going to bed in the hopes that I will feel better in the morning.

*falls over ded*
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Actually, the problem is that my pupils are dilated.  Looking outside hurts.  The lights are off, the brightness on the screen is turned down...  and my eyes are feeling very dry and annoyed at me.  Also, I can't focus on anything close up, which is a problem since the work I have to do is reading.  Maybe I should go to the gym NOW rather than later and hopefully by the time I get home the drops will have worn off.  Yeah, that's the ticket!

My "Eye Care Advisor" at Lenscrafters was such a typical old Catholic lady, only not so old (55).  I heard about how her 35 year old son is living with his fiancĂ©e, that he needs gastric bypass survery, that he lives in the Twin Cities, that she was a preemie (3 pounds something) and that her dad had to choose to save her life or her mom's but not both (but they both survived), that her mom made multiple pilgrimages to the Shrine of Saint Anne de BeauprĂ© because she'd been told there was no way she'd ever get pregnant, that 5 years ago she (the advisor) seemed to be pregnant but really it was breast cancer that was hiding behind her nipple and no scans were showing it (really.  she mentioned her nipple.) and that somehow in the course of her cancer treatment they discovered a heart problem and if they hadn't she wouldn't have survived the chemo and onandonandonandon.  I got the impression that the doctor and the other staff were not big fans of hers, either.

But, as I told [personal profile] baronessmartha, I did get to see polaroids of my retinas!  How cool is that??????


Dec. 19th, 2006 12:19 pm
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apparently I'm not as recovered as I thought...  See, TRex was kind enough to get a tummy bug on Daddy's watch (Friday while I was in MA) but I didn't escape it, oh no.  I had it yesterday (as did M).  Woke up feeling fine this morning, but apparently the huge calories expended (expelled?) to calories consumed (next to none) ratio of yesterday is still taking its toll.  It took everything I had to carry the vacuum cleaner up 2 flights of stairs, and now that I've finished the vacuuming, I'm sitting down to rest for a bit.


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