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Isn't she cute?

Have Fun Stormin' the Castle was a lot of fun.  Guaranteed way to make TRex happy: take her to a dance class.  She loooooved it.  And hey, it gets M to dance, too, which is hilarious for the rest of us. 
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Tonight I took picture 365/365. Between me, my parents, M's parents, and M, the year between TRex's "second second birthday" and her "second third birthday" has been documented on a daily basis - missing only two days.
Day 1 and Day 365 )
You can see the whole set here.
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First spinning class in six weeks... ouch.  My legs were fine, my lungs were not.  But damn it felt good.

Our friends S & W got to go to Guatemala to see their baby last week.  The pictures made me cry, both because they look so happy and because they had to leave without him (something I would wish on no parent, bio or adoptive).  He is an adorable little dude and I can't wait to meet him (and TRex is all excited to give him some of her baby toys when he comes home).

In Flickr dorkiness, this picture of TRex is officially my third picture on Explore.  And it cracks me up (the picture, not the being on explore).  Also, yesterday she got a big chocolate chip cookie for having a no-pee-accidents day - she's been in big girl undies since Saturday.


Nov. 14th, 2007 09:10 pm
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Those of you who know my husband will be amused by this:
He had to pause his game of Madden to read something in The Economist.

lookit my pretty corn muffins! )


Aug. 28th, 2007 12:45 pm
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See?  This is why I can't resist...
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See them here.  Extra big points to those who can help me identify the unidentified fencers from Rapier Champs (presumably people know the identities of their opponents...).
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Went to the lake, saw relatives' graves, dug in sand and water, and generally relaxed.

Pictures are here.

Also, just for the sake of the excessive cute...
183/365: First Ride (by sarahmichelef)
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Rather than posting anything of substanc,e here are some of my latest Photoshop (ok, actually Gimp) projects...

Daisy, done )

Under the Pine )

Silhouette )

Dessert )
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Still Life with Pickles
Still Life with Pickles,
originally uploaded by sarahmichelef.
Why is there a stuffed dinosaur in the fruit bowl? I have no idea...


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