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This is worth it purely for the last question of the interview.
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Not only does she provide sound medical advice, she's a FANTASTIC enabler.

That's right, she called me last night during Project Runway and gave me play-by-play commentary during the resolution of the Manufactured Jeffrey Drama as well as of the judges' comments and the announcement of the winner.  She even held the phone up to the TV so that I could hear Tim talking.

I have the best friends ever.
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Next week... the snarkfest!  And from the previews, it looks like it's going to be a good one...

Off to listen to Tim's podcast!
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Techno Tim Gunn (featuring Santino Rice)

Mildly NSFW, but if you have headphones you're fine.

Designers, rock the Casbah.
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Starting at 1 pm today, Bravo is doing a marathon of Project Runway Season 2.  Now new PR3 episode tonight; they're re-running last week's.  Next week they go from 4 to 3, then on the 4th is the reunion show (taped last Wednesday, I believe), and the 2-part finale is he 11th and the 18th.
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Project Runway Fashion Week Spoiler Behind This Link!
How much does it cost, please?

Photo from
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Don't click the links if you don't want to see the collections before the finale!!! (You may want to narrow the results by event to get the pics you're looking for.)
links to pics of the collections via getty images )
And here's my impressions! )

ETA: More (untagged) pictures at (via [ profile] projectrunway).


Sep. 14th, 2006 03:04 pm
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Bravo has apparently seriously underestimated the traffic that their site is going to get... It's taken me nearly all day to read Tim's Take on last night, and the site died when I tried to use "Rate the Runway" to look at pics of the dresses in writing my recap.

LeSigh. Dare I attempt to watch Kayne's exit interview?
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OK, I'm posting before I read any blogs or listen to the podcast.
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And could they have told us LESS about next week's episode from the preview? Didn't think so.
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I *knew* the "Olsen twins" comment was a red herring.


This is so totally worth the Andraeaeaeaeae "Bitch didn't!" icon...

Danger is:

Sep. 12th, 2006 12:30 pm
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searching youtube for project runway videos.

Also, in retrospect, I don't dislike Santino nearly as much as I did during the run of Season 2. Maybe it's just that Vincent had all of Santino's bad qualities and none of the charm of the FABULOUS Tim Gunn impressions.
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Ah, Paris. I love Paris. Catherine Malandrino is so delightfully French, too. ;^) But on to the FASHION!in case anybody TIVO'd it... )

Predictions )
Also ETA: The PR show at Fashion Week is Friday the 15th at 9 am. Just FYI.
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Holy crap, Laura is getting more visibly pregnant EVERY TWO SECONDS! I guess when you're on your sixth kid, your body just assumes the position...

two things

Sep. 1st, 2006 10:21 am
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1) After talking to Henry at Apple, I'm going to take Eloisa to the Apple Store so that they can actually witness the problem rather than me trying to describe it over the phone. So that's what I'll be doing instead of working out. Joy. But at least I can go and fondle the technology.
1a) I was very annoyed that they didn't even boot up the machine and check if the problem was gone, and then I realized that I hadn't disabled the little application that masks the problem, so it's not entirely their fault that they didn't catch the failed repair. D'oh.
2) OMG Extreme Glee! Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny.
3) Project Runway. Read more... )
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Tim Gunn: "How can any self-respecting gay male not know who Cher is?"

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Nick Verreos' blog about the new season.
Daniel Vosovic's blog not about the new season.

I need a paid account so bad, just so I can have more than one PR icon. [ profile] irihs, how did you end up liking the "sponsored" account?

ETA: Because I would do ANYTHING DanielV told me to, I'm now reading bits of Michael Rucker's behind-the-scenes blog. Anybody who can mention Paul Erdos, Wicca, and include a still from Fargo in a blog about PR wins in my book. ;^)
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Ooooh, Miss USA! She's from Tennessee (oy, is she ever from Tennessee!)! She's cute! And southern! And going to wear the winner's dress at Miss Universe!

I of course immediately thought that Kayne had a massive advantage. I appreciated that he didn't start crowing - he was very reserved and actually seemed a bit ... cowed? overwhelmed? by the challenge.
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