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A while back someone, I think it was [personal profile] nomadmwe or [personal profile] siriel, was wondering how to winter-proof windows without using the obnoxious saran-wrap stuff.

Enter DAP Seal & Peel.

This stuff WORKS.  Seriously - we sealed off the bottoms of all of the windows in the house and noticed an IMMEDIATE difference.  When we'd only done the downstairs, upstairs was always NOTICEABLY cooler than downstairs.  Now that we've sealed the upstairs windows as well, the house is retaining warmth REALLY well.  We're actually planning to use our last tube to seal off the top joins of all the windows (where the upper and lower sashes meet) and then we'll be living in a moderately hermetically sealed bubble.  :^D  As a double-bonus, M won't spend all winter messing with it the way he did with the saran-wrap - I just WISH we'd known about this stuff when we lived in MA, because our electric bills would have been much more bearable.

It's pretty noxious smelling as it dries, so I recommend applying it on a warm day when you can open doors for ventilation.  (When we did the upstairs I joked that we needed to open the windows to let the house air out...)
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With the advantage of built-in, ready-and-willing babysitters, M and I went out to (*gasp*) see a movie over the weekend.  We of course chose Casino Royale which we had both been looking forward to.Damn... now I really want to go see it again.
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I think I'm the only person on the PLANET who has not read the book.  As such, I went into the movie tabula rasa
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I started reading Charlie Wilson's War this summer and haven't yet finished it. I've decided that I'm not going to.  I may well end up seeing the movie, though.
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Just watched the first hour of Men In Trees. It's trying to be Northern Exposure, only with Anne Heche instead of Rob Morrow. Looks like it could be cute and amusing, but I don't think I'm going to manage to lure M away from Las Vegas with it.

Have I mentioned that I'm utterly distraught about ABC moving Grey's Anatomy to the same time as CSI?

OK, maybe "utterly distraught" is a bit overblown, but I'm pretty mad.
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On the off chance that somebody hasn't seen it yet...
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest )
And if Pirates III does not feature Keith Richards falling out of a coconut tree, I will be SORELY disappointed.
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I know I may get strung up for saying this, but I have not been universally impressed by Neil Gaiman's straight-up fiction. I adored Good Omens, but that's clearly not going to be a good example of Gaiman fiction. I more than adored Neverwhere, but I wasn't thrilled by Stardust. I picked up Anansi Boys over the holidays and finished it a couple of weeks ago.
Read more... )
See, this is why I should jot down my thoughts about books sooner after finishing them. Right now I'm in the middle of Charlie Wilson's War, which is a fantastic spy novel and then you realize that it's TRUE!
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I'm way behind on my book reviews - finished 2 books recently and haven't said anything about them! (Oh, the horror!)

While we were on vacation in Maine, I read Joyce Carol Oates' The Falls, which was a gift* from my dad, largely on the basis of the geography.
Read more... )Anyway. I definitely will read some more Oates, but it'll be either when I'm in a really happy place or in a really depressed and wallowing-in-it place.

*My family has this thing where rather than just passing books on after we've read them, we wait for gift-giving occasions and wrap up the pre-read books to give. Of course, Mom also reads newly-purchased gift books BEFORE she gifts them. So, y'know...
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Revolution in the Valley: The Insanely Great Story of How The Mac Was Made by Andy Hertzfeld.

Read more... )
All in all, it's a very entertaining read for anybody who's interested in the Mac as a computer or in Apple as a company.
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I finished this a couple of weeks ago (in fact, I'm most of the way through my next book at this point) but haven't gotten around to writing down my impressions until now. General verdict: Not as good as Wicked. Read more... )
Ok, not much of a review... but it's there.
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Saw Brokeback Mountain twice in 24 hours this week. Read more... )
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I'm showing Kinsey to my class tomorrow, so I watched it last night to know what I'm getting into. ;^)
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I read Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister several years ago and found it thoroughly enjoyable. It was engrossing, entertaining, fascinating. Wicked is all of those things, too.
Read more... )
I'll be starting Son of a Witch tonight. I'm so very looking forward to it...
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Decided to try out a new conditioner! I'd been using the Suave Awapuhi conditioner, but they apparently just re-configured their entire line of salon-knockoff products (a change that isn't even reflected on their site yet!). So there was no Awapuhi to be had. Instead I opted for a knockoff of Redken's Fresh Curls Conditioner.

First impression: it smells like aftershave. Very disconcerting to have my head smelling like an old man's face, but I suppose I'll get used to it.
Second impression (post-shower, before bed): as it was drying, the front my hair looked kinda flattish. I worried that it was not going to do anything to enhance my curls.
Third impression (first look in the mirror this morning): Hello, curls! Curls everywhere! Glee!

So I'll happily live with the aftershave smell if I consistently get this much curl.

I do need another trim, though.
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Finally finished A Feast For Crows last night... spoilers ahead, matey! )
I guess that's not much of a review, is it? Oh well...
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I'm clearly completely behind the times, but so what else is new? Anyway, on Friday somehow M came across reference to this new reggae artist named Matisiyahu.* He's a Lubovitch Hasid (although he wasn't raised as such) - one of the most conservative Jewish sects. He's also the artist behind the scond-most downloaded album on iTMS today. We picked up a live recording - "Live at Stubb's" - over the weekend and it's amazing. It's reggae... but it's partially in Hebrew... and it's about religion.

I highly recommend it.


*Just to add to our amusement, Matisiyahu (or, as he pronounces it, Matatiahu - the weirdnesses of transliteration) is M's Hebrew name.
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Read The Birth of Venus over the weekend while I was at my parents' house. I was engrossed. The storytelling is good, the flashback structure (the first chapter is in the "present" and then the rest of the book is everything leading up to the events of the first chapter) is well-employed. You care about the main character, Alessandra, if not really about anybody else (except maybe the painter). I loved the interweaving of 15th century Florentine intrigue into the plot - I didn't know squat about the fall of the de Medicis, and now I know at least a little bit. A good, fairly quick read. Not total fluff, but not high literature, either.
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Thing the first:
This year, more so than any other year, I am thankful for my friends & family who have supported our little family through the past 14 months of hospitals, weekly doctor's appointments, oxygen tubes and monitor cables, and now (finally) a 20-pound (20 pounds, 1 oz as of this morning) very happy & healthy baby who leaves a swath of chaos & destruction everywhere she goes.

Thanksgiving travel )

GoF impressions, spoilers for changes from the book )

Fishes! )

The Helmand )

TRex-related hijinks will be posted sometime soon on her 'blog. There was chaos & destruction, excessive friendliness, and turkey dinner.
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Earlier this year, I posted about the beauty that is Zim's Crack Creme. I do still love me some Crack Creme, but it has its drawbacks. It burns, it smells medicinal, and it doesn't absorb into the skin very quickly. It being winter again, and us now living in a house with the very-civilized gas-powered central heat (hallelujah, no more space heaters strapped to the walls masquerading as a reasonable way to heat a house), my hands are once more a bloody mess. Not as bad as they were a year ago when I was scrubbing in to the NICU on a daily basis, but still a mess.

Enter Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Concentrated Cream. I happened upon a tube of the stuff in the medicine cabinet at my in-laws' over Thanksgiving and it works just as fast as the Zim's, smells fairly yummy, doesn't hurt when applied, and absorbs pretty quickly. Hooray!
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So in an attempt to clear both my & TRex's congestion, I picked up two of these things: a grownup one and a childrens' one.

They aren't all that useful. The two nights we've used the thing in TRex's room, her nose has been MORE stuffy and her cough worse than they are when we're just using the 1975-era vaporizer. I put the adult-strength one in our room and the smell of it irritated my throat so much that it actually made my cough WORSE rather than better. Four days later, there's STILL a hint of the overpowering menthol smell in our room.

They're also a racket in much the same way that the Schick Intuition razor is a racket - the little vapor pads are good for 8 hours of use. What they don't tell you is that they're not good for much more than 8 hours of non-use. We tried it for a few minutes the first night, and then decided to go back to the old-school vaporizer, so I just stuck the Vapo-Plug in the cabinet. When I got it out a couple of days later, it was completely spent. Also, they're good for 8 hours. My child sleeps for 11 hours. So we've been using the water vaporizer from when she goes to bed 'til we do ANYWAY.

So yeah. The upshot is, don't bother.

And now I think my disease is transmogrifying into a sinus infection. Lovely.


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