AI finals

May. 16th, 2007 10:01 pm
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I haven't been paying superclose attention to AI this season, but I just have this to say about tonight's results:



May. 24th, 2006 10:01 pm
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I cannot believe that Taylor actually won. Hoo-freaking-ray!

They've found another American Idol - and another one, like Ruben and Fantasia (and, to a lesser extent, Carrie), who will not be likely to be showing up on the Top-40 charts.

Oooh, and now the sucky first single. Yay!


May. 24th, 2006 09:21 pm
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OK, the golden idols are DUMB. But when did Clay Aiken get so ... suave?

AI Spam

May. 24th, 2006 08:25 pm
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Ha! Meatloaf and Katharine! Funny. Also, David Boreanaz' kid is way cute.
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Well, if there's any justice in the world, Taylor Hicks will be the next American Idol. Shockingly, my two favorites of the last group were actually the ones in the finals, but Katharine, adorable and talented as she is, is just plain boring next to Taylor.

And why, oh WHY do the songs that they give them for their first singles have to SUCK? And why, oh WHY didn't Taylor reprise his "You Are So Beautiful" from last week? (For that matter, why can't he release THAT as his first single?)
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Missed the first half hour of AI... but DAMN Taylor's "You are So Beautiful" was haunting & mesmerizing. And Simon's picked him to win it all. During the audition shows, I loved him but I never thought he'd get enough votes to make it this far. I definitely like him best of the remaining three... I am still befuddled by Elliot. Paula keeps saying he's a funky white boy, but he's just BORING!

House Spoilers )
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Sent in the book review at *checks sent mail folder* 2 this afternoon. Am mostly ready for class tomorrow, too. I might actually get to grade the makeup exam that's been sitting on my desktop for a week later on this evening. And take a shower and get to bed at a decent hour. Novel concept, eh? I also got at least the "when I'm doing what" part of my summer syllabus fleshed out (which might be a moot point if more folks don't enroll... I've only got 4 so far).

And also - thank GOODNESS Kellie finally got booted off the American Idol island.

And also also - I think I have an ear infection. I was going to go to the after-hours clinic tonight but decided that it didn't hurt that bad (it's worst when air pressure changes) especially if I take some Advil every so often and I have enough else to do that I didn't want to go sit on my ass there for several hours. *looks at baronessmartha* Am I correct in thinking they wouldn't do anything for a mild ear infection in an adult anyway?


Apr. 19th, 2006 09:34 pm
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I confess... I watch American Idol. And what the HELL? ACE getting voted off? After how badly Kellie MESSED UP last night?

Oh well... at least Catharine is still safe. She's cute, she can sing, and she looks kinda like Catharine Zeta Jones.
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The top howevermany people they've kept in American Idol so far are very skewed towards the south this year. Is it the Bo Bice influence? The Carrie Underwood influence? Who knows. Right now my favorites are Lisa and Taylor. Because how can you resist a white guy with totally gray hair singing the blues?
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Is it me, or is Simon Cowell just being mean for the sake of being mean this season? It seems like he's just cycling through a repertoire of stock "Simon" phrases. All 3 American Idol judges have become charicatures of themselves, quite frankly. Meh.

But now it's Bravosploitation, and I remain convinced that Heidi Klum is the cutest pregnant lady EVAR! Heehee! "This also is a competition for you, as well." And Nick is about to pee himself in gayboy ecstasy! Glee! Tim Gunn on ice skates! Triple Glee! I'm literally squeeing out loud.


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