Feb. 26th, 2009

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When I don't blog for a while, you get bullet points.
  • Meeting with Old Plumber must be re-scheduled because the guy who did the actual repair last May was sick today.
  • Fashion on Tuesday: cream colored tunic-length sweater belted with skinny red belt (would have been better with a wide belt), brown slacks and red flats.
  • Fashion on Thursday (today!): my favorite glen plaid slacks, mustard-yellow cowl-neck shirt, khaki blazer, brown sling-back heels.
  • Kid: still precocious.  Not napping at school anymore, so she goes to bed pretty early.  Which is kinda nice.
  • SCA: I have taken it into my head to enter Kingdom A&S.  See, the theme was my idea, so I feel a LITTLE obligated.  I finished a set of 13th c. gowns for HRH Liadain that look awesome - I will be able to finish up the write-up of them next week after I actually have a picture of them on a person rather than just on my dress form.
  • Still loving the AutoFocus time management system.  I have knocked off SO MANY little niggling tasks that had been languishing - like taking a ton of wire hangers to be recycled, ordering omega 3-6-9s for the kiddo (hard to find them in brick & mortar stores in pedi doses), and other similar things.
  • Work: high school is weird, but the kids are pretty receptive.  Their grades, so far... not so hot.  But there's only been one quiz and a reading quiz, so hopefully they'll get the hang of it and/or actually ask me for help.
  • Dissertation: progress is being made.  I'm producing mini-reports for Bob that I would love to get additional feedback on - let me know if you want to read them!
  • I totally used up my perky earlier today, so I'm just going to say donate to March for Babies!  We're 1/3 of the way to our goal, yay!  And [livejournal.com profile] marajade648  is coming to walk with us again, doubleyay!  (So if you wanted you could donate to her, instead.)
  • BSG cherry: officially popped.  Are you happy [livejournal.com profile] relentlesstoil ?  At some point I will go back and watch from the beginning.
  • Speaking of tv, CURSE YOU CBS!  I USED to be able to get HIMYM web streaming... not anymore.  So I've missed the last ... 2 or 3 episodes.  :^(
  • The freecreditreport.com commercial with the dudes at the Renaissance Fair amuses me.  I'm not exactly sure why.


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