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 ... don't know for sure what I'm going to do with this yet.
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You know, small ones, like this.  That crawl into your lap for scritches and paw at your face if you have the temerity to stop rubbing their bellies.

We had the oh-so-painful task of a whole HALF DAY of dogsitting for our friends today.  Which basically entailed going over to their house, letting my best canine friend out to play and pee, swimming in their pool for an hour, and then feeding Juneau before we left.  But I had never encountered Juneau except in a situation where she was totally excited because PEOPLE!  in her HOUSE!!!!  We walked in and she bounced around sooooo excited to see us and I sat down on the couch and next thing I knew I had 100 lbs of dog in my lap begging for bellyrubs.

Poor pup has really been suffering with the heat wave (no a/c at the L house) but this afternoon was cooler and she chilled on the deck and in other shady spots while TRex and I swam.  Love that dog.  Still would love to have a Great Dane someday but right now our lifestyle is NOT conducive to a dog of any size.
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I happened to go into JoAnn's today and found that for this weekend only (today through Sunday) they have pretty much all Simplicity patterns on sale 5 for $5.  Yeah, buy five, pay about $7 less than you would for a single pattern.  I got 2677 for TRex's birthday dress, 3859 just 'cause, 2550 because I love the cross-bodice short sleeve version (any of my PR junkie friends have any idea what design this is based on?), 4273 because it's a CUTE suit (and yes, I'm crazy enough to think that I could make a suit), and 9900 because there ain't a thing wrong with a nightshirt & pajama pants.

Also: cranberry slightly sparkly tulle for her ruffle skirt, the pair of pinking shears I've been meaning to buy for years. and the notions for S's birthday dress.

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So, I am trying to reduce the amount of crap in our house...

Should I sell on ebay?  craisglist?  or just donate to goodwill?

How much hassle is ebay really?  more or less than craigslist, with the constant "when can we meet up to exchange goods for dollars" negotiations? 


Aug. 11th, 2009 10:24 pm
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Didy ou miss me? Did you even notice that I was mostly offline for two weeks?

Yeah, didn't think so.

The last weed in July TRex and I were in Maine with my maternal family as well as [ profile] samueljl , [ profile] relentlesstoil , and MC. Having them there was awesome, because then instead of just me and the kid we had our own little mini-commune. 3:2 is an awesome parent-to-four-year-old ratio. We didn't get to pull the "Big Love" joke on any meddling old ladies, though.
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We were home for 36 hours or so and then drove for approximately ten gajillion hours down to the Midatlantic so Grandma could pick up TRex and the two of us could stay in DE with Josh & Jacy and help out with three-week-old Cora. Which was also fun, and we got more sleep than I had expected. Oh, and I got an awesome dress for the wedding we're going to over Labor day weekend!
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Aug. 5th, 2009 10:39 pm
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Remember last year when I made TRex a birthday dress? She (rightly) thought that this should be a tradition, and I can't say that I disagree with her.  Recently she told me that she wanted her birthday dress this year to have stars on it; later she amended that request to stars, diamonds, and triangles.  I asked her which one of those was most important if I couldn't find fabric that had all three and she said that diamonds were most important.  Today as I was browsing the internets I found the fabric pictured over there to the right and nabbed 4 yards of it just to be sure.  I haven't quite settled on a pattern for it yet, but I'm leaning towards either this one (actually a mashup of those two garments... taking the longer sleeves from the shirt and putting them on the dress, using a dark pink trim and possibly also for the placket) or this one.  The latter is more little-girl-ish, I think, and cutesy, which is not appealing to me as much.  Is it possible for a five-year-old to be sophisticated?  Because the first one is much more sophisticated.

I will also be making her a ruffled skirt in two very loud pink fabrics (one of which you have seen if you've seen the pictures of her bedroom curtains - just call her Miss Scarlet) for her first day of kindergarten.  The other is in the same color family only it's flowered.  The garment will be just her style - out of control loud & bright.  I may have to physically restrain her from wearing a THIRD pattern with it.

I also have in my sewing room fabric to make a kimono top for Cora, who is the best three-week-old niece a girl could ask for.

That oughta keep me busy for a while, right?  And of course I have Caleb's hosen to make as well...
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M gets so persnickety in my eternal search for the perfect bag, which he doesn't realize is situational.  HOWEVER!  I have found something that is pretty darn close, for most day to day stuff.  It is the EMS Brighton shoulder bag. I got one (in black) at the outlets in New Hampshire (I blame [ profile] relentlesstoil  and [ profile] sammybaby  for encouraging me) and I'm loving it so far.  Lots of nooks and crannies, a lined electronics pocket, a zip-away water bottle pocket and on and on and on.  Easily goes over the shoulder or cross-body.  Big enough for books and stuff but not so big as to be cumbersome.


Jul. 17th, 2009 01:09 pm
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We saw Half Blood Prince last night. It was really good. Really, really good. I still think Prisoner of Azkaban was better, but this was up there. Excellent performances from Jim Broadbent (Slughorn), Daniel Radcliffe (do I need to tell you who he plays?), Tom Felton (Draco), and Alan Rickman (Snape). Oh, and Helena Bonham Carter (Bellatrix), too, of course. Going through the movie you know they have edited it, but you don't feel like things are horribly missing. I had some issues with some of the changes they made, though, which I will detail below the cut for those who don't want to be spoiled for them. Also plot spoilers, but I figure everybody reading this has read the book already.

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None of this took away from my overall enjoyment of the movie, though.
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I have no commentary except this:
HOW do I choose who should win in "Outstanding special class - short format live-action entertainment"?  I mean... Dr. Horrible vs. The Daily Show!  Who do I love more - Joss Whedon or Jon Stewart?  AUGH I can't decide!

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Has anyone had any success getting their cell provider to block specific numbers from sending text messages?  M gets frequent txtspam, always from the same 5-digit number.   He has activated all possible blocking options and Verizon (shockingly) told him that they cannot block 5-digit numbers.  Their solution was for him to text the people back and request that they stop spamming him.

Yeah, like that's gonna work. He did it so that when the spammers strike again he can go to Verizon and say, "Really, that plan worked a treat, great idea boys. Now fix it."
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... was brilliant. [ profile] childsplay7 , T, and [ profile] sprirtwolf got here a bit before 9 on Thursday night. We did not get moving quickly Friday morning between sleeping and getting everyone clean and going to the grocery store, but in the afternoon we went to the Botanical Gardens and then T cooked us an epic dinner (dilled salmon in pie crust, roast carrots & apples, roast kohlrabi and sauteed kohlrabi greens, and an apple pie for dessert). Saturday we went to the zoo and then for a walk on Elmwood and dinner at JP Bullfeather's. More staying up too late talking Saturday night and they left around 11 this morning to drive back to Boston. We all had tons of fun and I think [ profile] sprirtwolf is TRex's new favorite person on the planet.

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Jul. 4th, 2009 09:26 pm
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Mostly for [ profile] baronessmartha, from [ profile] sprirtwolf and [ profile] childsplay7 and me with love.
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Jun. 29th, 2009 12:48 pm
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Note to self:  puffed wheat is way less filling than shredded wheat.  that + big swim + strong coffee + forgetting about lunch 'til 12:45 = massive caffeine-to-calorie imbalance.

In other news, my kid likes camping but wakes up waaay too early, and I have first-hand evidence that [ profile] chrisilin  does, in fact, exist outside the Internets.  Later this week I will have similar evidence of [ profile] childsplay7 , T, and [ profile] sprirtwolf .

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I have a lot of stuff to do in the next 4 weeks.

I have insomnia.

Insomnia -> doing some of that stuff.

Knowing people all over the globe means there is often someone you know posting something on the interwebs for you to read.

But now I'm going back to bed. 
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 This is the best thing ever.  I am going to have to turn it off if I want to get any work done today.
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AF Book 6/22 It's been about 5 months since I started using the Autofocus Task/Time management system - I'm pretty sure I posted a link to it back in February.  I'm still totally loving it.  I've gone through a couple of permutations of how I keep my list - work and personal all mixed up, on facing pages, one on each end of the book.  Now I'm back to the barest-bones implementation of the system - everything all mixed up in one book.  I don't even keep track of dates except the date I started and closed pages, and I could probably ditch those too.

I won't say that I'm a million times more productive than I used to be using this system, or that I stick to it faithfully all the time.  It works at its best when you have a lot of unscheduled time and can make your own decisions about what to do when - in other words, pretty much my entire life.  There were definitely times in the last month when I was operating on near-crisis mode (summer school will do that to you) that I hardly used it at all.

Two common "criticisms" are that it doesn't handle projects very well, or items with urgent deadlines.  In fact, it handles projects perfectly well and very flexibly.  On the pictured pages, there are multiple entries for "LJ/FB paper".  I need to work on that paper, and I have a list of related tasks either in my head or written down elsewhere.  (In my case, stuff like that goes into Journler.)  Urgent items... well, it depends on your definition of "urgent".  I put things on the list as soon as I know they need to be done (unless it's something with a way-far-out deadline like the paper I want to write for next year's ASA conference, whose deadline will be somewhere around 1/5/10) and have not had a thing slip through the cracks.  Items with longer-range deadlines, or things that are time dependent go in a calendar with popup reminders; those reminders are not to do the item right then and there but rather to put them in my AF list so they can enter my consciousness.

The notebook, in case anyone is wondering, is a Picadilly medium notebook.  Do not love - I've been using it since Feb.; it's already held together by duck tape on the outside and packing tape on the inside and it's only 1/3 full.  Shell out the $$ for a real Moleskine if you're going to drag a notebook everywhere with you.
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Last week C said to me, offhandedly, "we're going berry picking on Sunday if you want to come" and I said sure, thinking you know... an hour, maybe two, bring some berries home, and then later we could go play minigolf like TRex had decided we needed to for Father's day.  (Because Froggy does, you see.)

I forgot who we were going with. C had said that they were picking at 11 so I called her to find out the details at about 10. She said, "We're leaving in 15 minutes." I asked, "Where in the hell are we going that it's going to take 45 minutes to get there?" The answer, it turned out, was Coulter Farms in Lockport. Rather than her trying to give us directions, we decided just to meet at their house and follow them.  The plan was that B was going to meet all of us there having gotten there on his bike (the long way... because it may be far but it's not 60 miles from here to Lockport!)  It ended up being us, C&B and the kids, 2 sets of their friends (4 parents & 3 kids) and B's sister and her husband. We picked (and ate) oodles of strawberries and sugar snap peas, and ate nearly as many as we picked I think (like you do). And then we rode the tractor to another set of fields and picked and ate some more. All told I think we were at the farm for 2 or 2 1/2 hours.

berry girls

And then it was decided that we needed lunch, so we followed C again, this time to
Brickyard BBQ
in Lewiston, were fortunately there was seating on the patio because the five kids who were there were going a little crazy running around. We were there until about 3:30... TRex fell asleep in the car on the way home and M and I took advantage of the chance to get some major trimming of trees and shrubs done (including him up on the garage roof cutting back the neighbor's maple tree that was serving as an ant superhighway). And then we had salads for dinner, which included both strawberries and sugar snap peas. Of course.

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I've had a recipe for "Southwestern Shrimp Stir-Fry" knocking around in my binder for ages. Finally decided to make it a couple of weeks ago. This is another one that the whole family loved & that is quite scalable. Also: extra quick (not counting time peeling & marinating shrimp: 15 minutes).

The recipe as written calls for 1.5 lbs shrimp, which fed us for 1 dinner with a generous helping of leftovers for me to take for lunch the next day.
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We had it with couscous and it was quite tasty. You could change up what veggies go in the stir fry for variety.
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The scene: our living room.  G (who is 5) and her mom K are about to leave after a couple hours' playdate that involved dressup ([profile] master_mr , please let your lovely wife know that the mermaid costume from almost 2 years ago still fits TRex, more or less), playing with the dollhouse, and lots of running around in the sprinkler outside.

K: OK, it's time to go home now.
G: I don't like you!  I'm going to push you away from me forEVER!*
K: If you're going to freak out, we're not going to be able to have another playdate.
G: I don't care!  I don't like you!  I'm going to run away from you!
K: Can you wait to freak out until we're in the car please?

Gratifying both because G clearly had a good time and because my kid is not the only one who freaks out at the drop of a hat.  Hilarious because G's objections were registered using EXACTLY THE SAME TONE AND INFLECTION that TRex uses when she informs us "I'm going to throw you in the trash can!" and similar things.


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