Mar. 18th, 2009

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We put up tomato and bell pepper seeds in peat pots this weekend. With DST coming so early, or living room is now VERY sunny in the afternoons, so they will get plenty of light in there. Our house is decidedly NOT 70-80 degrees, though. Clearly they needed a way of trapping heat. Enter... the FrankenGreenhouse! I call it Franken-Greenhouse Mom gets credit for saying "You could use saran wrap to make a small greenhouse"; M gets credit for thinking of using wire hangers for the frame, and I implemented those ideas.  It's a large plant tray (you know, the kind you put under a pot) with five stretched wire hangers attached to the side with duct tape.  Then I laid lengths of plastic wrap over the whole thing, sticking it to the bottom of the tray with duct tape and convincing it to stick to itself around the sides and top.  There's one panel that's easy to peel off to get in there to water the pots.

Stay tuned... if it's actually working, we should start seeing sprouts in about a week!


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