Apr. 3rd, 2009

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Have the cold that just won't quit.  I don't feel that awful, just like my head is in a bucket of sand.  3 hour nap helped some but my face still hurts.

IOWA!!!!!!!  Seriously, Iowa?  And from what I'm reading from the legal folks I know, the decision's pretty airtight.  So that's a win.  Sadly, the shooting in Binghamton has bumped that from the top of the news cycle.
Also, we found out this morning that TRex got into our first-choice kindergarten.  She will be in the G&T program with (probably) at least one of her friends from her class this year and a couple of kids she knows who are already in the program and will be in first grade next year.  So that's a load of worry done, now I just have to deal with the fact that she's going to KINDERGARTEN!  I know it's 5 months away (almost exactly - the first day of school is the 9th) which is good because I think I will need that long to wrap my brain around the concept.

And now it's almost 4:30 and I have to go put laundry in the dryer so that my child's security blanket will be dry when she gets home from school.  It's an exciting life I lead.


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