Apr. 5th, 2009

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I slept 'til 8, lounged in bed and/or putzed around upstairs with TRex until 9, was in my PJs until 11...  M and TRex went to donuts (she rode her bike there and back) and I chatted with each of my parents for half an hour.  Later TRex painted while M and I got some work done, then we had lunch and TRex video-chatted with my parents, and then she napped for over two hours.  Following that there were three more bike rides, bagging up the leaves we never managed to bag in the fall, making a necklace using various beads and a butterfly charm that someone ([livejournal.com profile] kiersey ?  [livejournal.com profile] rapierlady ? they seem like the most likely candidates...) left on her A&S entry last weekend, then going out to "play fairies" which involved a lot of running around and flapping our arms (the fourth bike ride of the day came during this time), dinner of veggie chili and corn, then a shower and watching some of the Louisville - OU women's basketball game before bedtime. 

Seriously, despite the fact that my gut was seriously angry with me for a good chunk of the day - I made my coffee WAAAAAY too strong this morning - it's this amazing feeling of peace at the end of a day with no tantrums, disappointment handled with relatively few tears (when neither C nor J was home to ride bikes with - I got out my bike and rode with her instead), and good cheer even when we turned off the TV when it was time to get ready for bed.  Seriously - gotta remember the days like this, because they WAY out-weigh all the ones where we make each other crazy.


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