Apr. 13th, 2009

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One of the gigs as March for Babies Ambassador Family is to do media - including live tv!  TRex and I went down to  WKBW this morning to tape an interview for a health segment to be aired tomorrow, we think, and then to be on AM Buffalo with Stacey, the MoD division director.  

I think I didn't make a complete idiot of myself, told our story including compelling lines like "they said they might stand me on my head because there has to be something to that gravity thing" and "as long as possible turned out to be about 5 hours".

TRex was a bit cowed by the whole thing... I had warned her repeatedly that it was going to be a "listening time" and that she really REALLY shouldn't interrupt and for the most part she didn't.  When we were talking about her gross motor delay in the health segment interview I said, "she gets PT to work on her strength and so that she can keep up with her friends" she busted out with "Yeah, like LARA!  But now I can run as fast as she can because I have fast running shoes!"  When I gave her the chance to talk about being ambassador family during the live bit ("what does it mean to be the ambassador family?") all she would say was "I get to ride my bike..."  But later she saw that they were showing a picture of her and she piped up, "Hey, that's me!"  Mostly she sat there and petted the present she got from Linda Pellegrino, the host - a Sleeping Beauty DVD.

So... if you're still thinking about donating, here's where to go.  We are less than $100 from our original goal (but I bumped it last week when we got within $250) - this year will almost certainly be our biggest year to date!  Or you can donate to [livejournal.com profile] marajade648  at this page.

I will try to get web video of one or both of our appearances so you can all laugh at me.


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