Mar. 4th, 2009

S'not fair!

Mar. 4th, 2009 09:06 pm
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We have a black tie event to go to in 10 days. On the one hand, whoo, kid-free night PLUS free booze! On the other hand, I have to figure out something to wear, dammit! I managed to find two possibilities tonight, though.
  • Option 1: Purple knit sheath dress (knee length) with velvet cropped swing jacket over it.
  • Option 2: silver strapless top with circus stripe skirt (I'm totally not kidding... it's awesome). I swear I thought J&J had a picture of it on their flickr, but apparently I was wrong. Damn, they go to a lot of weddings, though.
Option 1 is much more practical (read: warm), but also less formal. I would have to dress it up with hair bling and excessively shiny earrings - it doesn't lend itself well to neck jewelry because the jacket is cut pretty close to the neck.  Option 2 is indubitably black tie (if a bit ... thumbing your nose at the formality of black tie, which is SO the place I was in when I made it in the summer of 2004) but ... strapless, and this IS Buffalo in March.

We need a tux-equivalent for women.  (I know, little black dress that can be dressed up or down, but I DON'T OWN ONE.)  Blargh.


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