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You know, small ones, like this.  That crawl into your lap for scritches and paw at your face if you have the temerity to stop rubbing their bellies.

We had the oh-so-painful task of a whole HALF DAY of dogsitting for our friends today.  Which basically entailed going over to their house, letting my best canine friend out to play and pee, swimming in their pool for an hour, and then feeding Juneau before we left.  But I had never encountered Juneau except in a situation where she was totally excited because PEOPLE!  in her HOUSE!!!!  We walked in and she bounced around sooooo excited to see us and I sat down on the couch and next thing I knew I had 100 lbs of dog in my lap begging for bellyrubs.

Poor pup has really been suffering with the heat wave (no a/c at the L house) but this afternoon was cooler and she chilled on the deck and in other shady spots while TRex and I swam.  Love that dog.  Still would love to have a Great Dane someday but right now our lifestyle is NOT conducive to a dog of any size.


Aug. 11th, 2009 10:24 pm
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Didy ou miss me? Did you even notice that I was mostly offline for two weeks?

Yeah, didn't think so.

The last weed in July TRex and I were in Maine with my maternal family as well as [ profile] samueljl , [ profile] relentlesstoil , and MC. Having them there was awesome, because then instead of just me and the kid we had our own little mini-commune. 3:2 is an awesome parent-to-four-year-old ratio. We didn't get to pull the "Big Love" joke on any meddling old ladies, though.
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We were home for 36 hours or so and then drove for approximately ten gajillion hours down to the Midatlantic so Grandma could pick up TRex and the two of us could stay in DE with Josh & Jacy and help out with three-week-old Cora. Which was also fun, and we got more sleep than I had expected. Oh, and I got an awesome dress for the wedding we're going to over Labor day weekend!
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... was brilliant. [ profile] childsplay7 , T, and [ profile] sprirtwolf got here a bit before 9 on Thursday night. We did not get moving quickly Friday morning between sleeping and getting everyone clean and going to the grocery store, but in the afternoon we went to the Botanical Gardens and then T cooked us an epic dinner (dilled salmon in pie crust, roast carrots & apples, roast kohlrabi and sauteed kohlrabi greens, and an apple pie for dessert). Saturday we went to the zoo and then for a walk on Elmwood and dinner at JP Bullfeather's. More staying up too late talking Saturday night and they left around 11 this morning to drive back to Boston. We all had tons of fun and I think [ profile] sprirtwolf is TRex's new favorite person on the planet.

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Jun. 29th, 2009 12:48 pm
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Note to self:  puffed wheat is way less filling than shredded wheat.  that + big swim + strong coffee + forgetting about lunch 'til 12:45 = massive caffeine-to-calorie imbalance.

In other news, my kid likes camping but wakes up waaay too early, and I have first-hand evidence that [ profile] chrisilin  does, in fact, exist outside the Internets.  Later this week I will have similar evidence of [ profile] childsplay7 , T, and [ profile] sprirtwolf .

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Last week C said to me, offhandedly, "we're going berry picking on Sunday if you want to come" and I said sure, thinking you know... an hour, maybe two, bring some berries home, and then later we could go play minigolf like TRex had decided we needed to for Father's day.  (Because Froggy does, you see.)

I forgot who we were going with. C had said that they were picking at 11 so I called her to find out the details at about 10. She said, "We're leaving in 15 minutes." I asked, "Where in the hell are we going that it's going to take 45 minutes to get there?" The answer, it turned out, was Coulter Farms in Lockport. Rather than her trying to give us directions, we decided just to meet at their house and follow them.  The plan was that B was going to meet all of us there having gotten there on his bike (the long way... because it may be far but it's not 60 miles from here to Lockport!)  It ended up being us, C&B and the kids, 2 sets of their friends (4 parents & 3 kids) and B's sister and her husband. We picked (and ate) oodles of strawberries and sugar snap peas, and ate nearly as many as we picked I think (like you do). And then we rode the tractor to another set of fields and picked and ate some more. All told I think we were at the farm for 2 or 2 1/2 hours.

berry girls

And then it was decided that we needed lunch, so we followed C again, this time to
Brickyard BBQ
in Lewiston, were fortunately there was seating on the patio because the five kids who were there were going a little crazy running around. We were there until about 3:30... TRex fell asleep in the car on the way home and M and I took advantage of the chance to get some major trimming of trees and shrubs done (including him up on the garage roof cutting back the neighbor's maple tree that was serving as an ant superhighway). And then we had salads for dinner, which included both strawberries and sugar snap peas. Of course.

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The scene: our living room.  G (who is 5) and her mom K are about to leave after a couple hours' playdate that involved dressup ([profile] master_mr , please let your lovely wife know that the mermaid costume from almost 2 years ago still fits TRex, more or less), playing with the dollhouse, and lots of running around in the sprinkler outside.

K: OK, it's time to go home now.
G: I don't like you!  I'm going to push you away from me forEVER!*
K: If you're going to freak out, we're not going to be able to have another playdate.
G: I don't care!  I don't like you!  I'm going to run away from you!
K: Can you wait to freak out until we're in the car please?

Gratifying both because G clearly had a good time and because my kid is not the only one who freaks out at the drop of a hat.  Hilarious because G's objections were registered using EXACTLY THE SAME TONE AND INFLECTION that TRex uses when she informs us "I'm going to throw you in the trash can!" and similar things.
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 I want to remember this weekend, the idyllic times in the sunshine, the bike rides, the good times with friends.  Even the Lord of the Flies- esque birthday party we went to yesterday afternoon.

Saturday I have already posted about.  I hope our gardens do well... we definitely enjoyed putting them in and TRex loves watering them!

Sunday was another perfect day weather-wise.  I was grumpygrumpy in the morning but then I went for a long walk when TRex and M went for their Sunday morning donuts and blasted Liz Phair into my brain and felt much better.  After that we tried out the trailer bike and all tooled around the neighborhood a couple of times.  After lunch and a nap we went to the most lord-of-the-flies fifth birthday party ever.  Seriously... 15 kids, a 15x15 patch of grass, and three toys that weren't water balloons.  Oh, and completely insufficient parental supervision.  Awesome.  Apparently there was one point where a mom lit into her kid (verbally) and M and B just looked at each other like, "what do we do?????"  As M put it, her actions were totally fine (chasing him down and putting him in time out) but the verbal abuse that went along with it was pretty horrifying.  I don't know, I was upstairs where they were doing cake and presents at the time.  More tooling around after that, and grilled chicken salads for dinner 'cause we'd all eaten junky food at the party.  The food - which was potluck - was spectacular.

Today... more perfect weather.  We cleaned the house in the morning because we were having our March for Babies team over for a pizza party (note: not all that easy to get pizza on Memorial Day) at lunchtime.  Hung out with the P family and the L family until all the kids got crispy, with some hilarity and only one minor mishap (Mister T managed to flip over the folding chair he was sitting in, tumbling headfirst into TRex's garden).  They hauled a whole bunch of toys out... Mister T was careening around the driveway pushing a teddy bear and an oversized stuffed Pikachu in the doll stroller, the girls were blowing bubbles, and B was playing whiffleball with his mom/whoever he could get to pitch to him.  After that, another nap, and then we went out on our bikes to take advantage of CWL's invite to swing by later if we were bored... TRex thought that biking to Miss J's house was the BEST THING EVER and the two of them played very well for an hour or an hour and a half while the adults lounged on the deck and laughed at /lamented the crazy dogs.  (Un-fixed one year old male Weimaraner = waaaaaaay too much dog for me.  Said dog PLUS a same-aged female Greater Swiss Mtn Dog = >200 pounds of insane canine energy.)  And then we biked home and ate MORE pizza and salad, watched the Electric Company, and put the girl to bed.

Bliss.  Only now I have to write a lecture for tomorrow.  To that I say BOO.
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Happy birthday to the lovely and talented and not-really-so-scary-after-all [ profile] childsplay7 !

Here's one illustration of her awesomeness.  When M was out of town on a job interview back in March of 2005, when TRex was still a very high-needs baby, she drove all the way out to our house to keep me company just for one evening.

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I woke up at 9 to a certain young lady, who had been up with Daddy since 7, climbing on top of me and giving me kisses.  We all lazed about in bed 'til 10, when I got up, had breakfast, and put on snow clothes to go clear the driveway and sidewalk - we only got about 3" of the predicted 6.   I was smart and put on the coffeepot before I went out so when I got back there was hot coffee waiting for me.

The other 2 went out for donuts and I did some stuff on the Internets (printed out a Sid the Science Kid coloring page that M found last night, printed & filled out the last charter school app that we needed to do).  When they got back, we decided to go sledding.  The forecast, according to the local NPR, was for mostly cloudy.  They lied.  It was BEAUTIFUL - claims that right now it's 21 out, but I think it was warmer than that.  No wind, brilliant sun.  The hill was CROWDED - we just missed J, she had gotten cold and gone home with her dad.  Corey was still there with B and her sister in law, as well as M & I and their moms.  And a million other families.  Corey mocked me for looking like Elmer Fudd, but I don't care - I was warm.*  For the first bit TRex wanted one of us to sled with her, which was fine - her sled easily holds a kid plus an adult. Then she decided she needed to go alone, a bunch of times.  And then she decided she wanted to go "in a pile" - headfirst, grownup on the bottom and her on top.  I volunteered for that insanity, and it actually worked pretty well - she didn't fall off like we thought she might and I had some hope of steering (hands on snow).  So... all told we were out in the snow for close to 2 hours, which is FOREVER in four-year-old time.  And then we came home, had lunch, and now she's napping - big surprise!

*She may have a point.  My snow gear consists of long johns under sweatpants, big wool socks, and these boots. On top, I've got a tank top, long-sleeved t-shirt, fleece hoodie, parka, and my "Buffalo hat" (which is what really leads to the mocking).

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Went out for a night on the town yesterday with Corey & Shasti (hi, S, you found me on facebook first but I found you here first!)... Sea Bar for dinner (I had udon noodle soup and tempura shrimp and one of Shasti's rolls, though I can't remember which kind - it involved smoked salmon), chow chocolat for dessert (I am still fantasizing about the jasmine tea chocolate), and then to the opening of the new Burchfield Penney Art Center which is a gorgeous space and included a fascinating mix of people... I saw Sister Pat (the nun in charge of the service learning program at Canisius), a guy in full-body Carhartt coveralls, ladies in their finest furs, and art students with pencilled-on handlebar moustaches, and every possible permutation of person in between.  I think we all needed the decompression.
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... and I even compose posts in my head; they just never manage to make it out of my fingers and onto the keyboard.
Fashion blather... ) knew the person was pregnant; in one, I did not (probably due to the facebook/college friend being male); in the third, I found a HS friend on facebook two days after his wife had a baby.I think that hits the high points of what's running around in my head these days...
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Tacos and salad are a win for a quick dinner that makes EVERYONE (grownups as well as the under-four set) happy.  Double-bonus for being able to make it taco SALAD for those of us who are doing WW.

TRex and KidP are hilarious - she is just enough older than he is that he pretty much wants to follow her around and do everything she does except he's also a LITTLE shy when they're at our house and she was exceedingly enthusiastic about him being here that she was overwhelming him a little bit.  But dinners with guests are SO much easier when there's another kid and we can stash them at the kiddie table and they can entertain each other while the adults do the same.

It has actually been a very busy and social week for us.  We had open house at preschool on Tuesday, and then the G's came over to have dinner and inherit baby stuff last night (quote of the night: TRex looks at MG and says, "when he [the baby] comes out, will you be his daddy?").  There are now NO MORE INFANT CLOTHES IN OUR HOUSE.  And then tonight the P family came over and tomorrow is Summer's End and yes, we are insane.
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Jul. 14th, 2008 10:21 am
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We had a very chill weekend... it was quite nice in advance of the madness that is coming.

Saturday was errands in the morning, then a nap for TRex while M and I did various things around the house (like sorting through the giant pile of software CDs in the study and throwing way approximately 2/3 of them, as well as salvaging data from & wiping 8 100 MB zip disks), and then we went to the pool with the P family until it decided to pour on us.  I had mis-remembered T's age - he just turned two, not three...  but my confusion was forgiven as he is nearly as big as TRex and at least as coordinated.  She woke up this morning declaring, "I like T!"  In the evening, M and I cooked some food (he made his special Gen. Tso's Chicken, for which I can post the recipe if anyone wants (and if I haven't previously) and I made pasta sauce in an attempt to use up the fresh oregano we brought back from MD and then I kicked his butt at Bust a Move for a while.

Sunday M & TRex went to donuts, I did some yoga, we lounged around, splashed in some puddles.  We took advantage of having a monstrous vehicle (our rental replacement while the Outback is getting its side panels and door skin replaced) and M went out and bought the extension ladder we've been needing for a while and then he fixed a drainpipe and cleaned out the gutter underneath the neighbor's ancient maple tree.  We spent some time watching the clouds, idly weeding in the gardens (and M cleared out the joint between the curb and the street, which is the most fertile soil in our entire yard, I swear), going for a walk around the block.

It was nice not to be out DOING all day Sunday, even if the DOING is just going to the pool.

This morning M took TRex to school on the bus-and-train and I had breakfast with [ profile] spanish_rhode and her hubby.  And now I'm back to dissertating.
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... everybody start singing "It's a Small World After All".

Today M told me that there's a woman on one of his college committees who hasn't made recent meetings because she's been out of town - in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  Her hometown.  I asked him how old she was and he said about our age... in any case, she's newish and untenured.  Did I know anyone named Neva?  I wracked my brain... and came up with Neva Sanders almost immediately.

Yup, I know her.  She helped teach/coach my rhythmic gymnastics classes when I was 10 or 11.

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She may claim not to like patient care, but she's the one who had the brains to tell me to take an antihistamine when my upper airway is COMPLETELY MISBEHAVING.  Smarter than the docs at my clinic, that one is.
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Any concerns I had about road-tripping solo with TRex were all for naught.  Seriously, the kid was practically an angel the whole trip - we had two whole tantrums, both on Saturday afternoon and she passed out for two and a half hours shortly thereafter.  And that nap actually made it possible for us to make it home yesterday in just two legs rather than three - because she was good to go for an hour after she woke up, which got us as far as Utica where we had dinner and then pushed on into the sunset until we got home.

Socializing was productive, work was productive, miss WMass both for geography and people.  [ profile] baronessmartha  and [ profile] mittenydoom  are lovely hosts even with a three year old who wakes up "ungodly early" and likes to watch things like The Little Einsteins and has a mama who vetoes episodes of  Saddle Club that would require me to explain the death of a horse, which conversation I was not in the mood to have.

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I had a dream about you & N last night.  You were a couple, but the fact that you were living in China was explained by the fact that she was a giant panda.  There was more to it than that, but I can't remember the details.

Seriously.  I can't make this stuff up in my conscious mind, but my subconscious goes freaking crazy.
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HS friend Jake (also the son of my piano teacher from 7th - 12th grade) died of cancer on the second.  He'd been sick almost since graduating from HS in '96.
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TRex woke up around 6:30, we did our morning thing and got M off to work around 7:30.  The morning was punctuated by TRex slamming her closet door on her foot which required icing and clearly hurt her for a good bit of the morning even after some Tylenol.  We played outside / shoveled out the plow refuse, watched the Little Einsteins, ran some errands, had lunch with a friend, TRex took a nap while Steph and I dug through the infant clothes for stuff that would fit S's son when the adoption finally wends its way through the bureaucracy.  After nap, we made collages and snowflakes, and then M came home and we had extra tasty dinner (chicken, broccoli, and stuffed shells that Slightly Batty Neighbor brought over last night) and our package arrived from Lands' End so TRex and I had new boots to tromp around in and so on...  And she was in bed before 8.

I feel like I'm not articulating it well... it was just a very, very relaxing.  Steph and I are probably going to go finish off our shopping together tomorrow afternoon.  Yay, shopping buddy!


Nov. 16th, 2007 12:00 pm
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My old friend from high school, Joe, died this week.  He had all sorts of health problems that I never knew all the details of, but he had a pacemaker already in high school.  He was a SCAdian, he was one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Have a Harvey Wallbanger, Joe.  Have a Harvey Wallbanger.


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