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When I don't blog for a while, you get bullet points.
  • Meeting with Old Plumber must be re-scheduled because the guy who did the actual repair last May was sick today.
  • Fashion on Tuesday: cream colored tunic-length sweater belted with skinny red belt (would have been better with a wide belt), brown slacks and red flats.
  • Fashion on Thursday (today!): my favorite glen plaid slacks, mustard-yellow cowl-neck shirt, khaki blazer, brown sling-back heels.
  • Kid: still precocious.  Not napping at school anymore, so she goes to bed pretty early.  Which is kinda nice.
  • SCA: I have taken it into my head to enter Kingdom A&S.  See, the theme was my idea, so I feel a LITTLE obligated.  I finished a set of 13th c. gowns for HRH Liadain that look awesome - I will be able to finish up the write-up of them next week after I actually have a picture of them on a person rather than just on my dress form.
  • Still loving the AutoFocus time management system.  I have knocked off SO MANY little niggling tasks that had been languishing - like taking a ton of wire hangers to be recycled, ordering omega 3-6-9s for the kiddo (hard to find them in brick & mortar stores in pedi doses), and other similar things.
  • Work: high school is weird, but the kids are pretty receptive.  Their grades, so far... not so hot.  But there's only been one quiz and a reading quiz, so hopefully they'll get the hang of it and/or actually ask me for help.
  • Dissertation: progress is being made.  I'm producing mini-reports for Bob that I would love to get additional feedback on - let me know if you want to read them!
  • I totally used up my perky earlier today, so I'm just going to say donate to March for Babies!  We're 1/3 of the way to our goal, yay!  And [ profile] marajade648  is coming to walk with us again, doubleyay!  (So if you wanted you could donate to her, instead.)
  • BSG cherry: officially popped.  Are you happy [ profile] relentlesstoil ?  At some point I will go back and watch from the beginning.
  • Speaking of tv, CURSE YOU CBS!  I USED to be able to get HIMYM web streaming... not anymore.  So I've missed the last ... 2 or 3 episodes.  :^(
  • The commercial with the dudes at the Renaissance Fair amuses me.  I'm not exactly sure why.
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Lots of data to plow through...I present to you a lovely screenshot of Journler, where my data live. The number of un-coded entries seems to be getting bigger rather than smaller. :^/ (But that means I am making substantial progress on goal #1 for the week, which is getting current on data archiving.)


Jan. 6th, 2009 12:28 pm
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 Keep your fingers crossed for me, people.  If LJ dies, my dissertation is well and truly hosed.
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Stats give me wrinkles.I spent the morning fighting with statistics. See, I need just a TITCH more stats than Numbers can do - chi-square, some simple tests of significance. It's possible I won't even really report many of these stats, but I like to know if relationships are statistically significant, and how strongly things are related, etc., in addition to the simple correlations that Numbers can do.


First I took one more crack at R but DAMN that's a complicated, obtuse, stupid system. I am not doing anything high-powered. I do not need R. I have in the past tried to run these numbers in OpenOffice but that is also hard to figure out.  I would prefer to avoid Excel if at all possible.

Surely there has to be a simpler way.  And so I went to see what could be found online... and I found PlainStat which so far seems to be working quite nicely.  Supposedly it has a limit of 100 rows, but I read in many more than that and it's crunching the numbers in a believable way, anyway.  I will have to e-mail the developer and see what it does when it gets 6.5 times as many rows as it supposedly can handle.  :^)

In the meantime, though, I have spent the morning making the Stats Face.

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Consider this your OFFICIAL invitation to contribute your ideas and opinions to my PhD dissertation, "Public and Private in the Blogosphere".

Click here to fill out the survey.

Even if you don't take the survey, please PLEASE pass the link on to any personal bloggers you know who might be interested in participating. I'll even give you the HTML to cut & paste.

<a href=””>Bloggers, stand up and be counted! Take the “Public and Private in the Blogosphere” Survey!</a>

So there you go. Enjoy, share with your friends. If you've filled this out during my various testing phases over the last three years, those didn't count. This time it's for real.
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Find me a decent customer service contact e-mail address for Blogger.  I've come up completely freaking empty, and it's making me crazy.
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Vastly better than dry run #1. PP “Presenter tools” (which is THE BOMB, by the way) timed it at 35 minutes, which I think is probably a fair estimate. As long as I stick to my notes, that is. Can’t get distracted telling stories. Found some holes in my notes that needed to be filled in, and am putting some animations back in (I had taken them all out).
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Nothing like doing a first run of a talk and realizing halfway through that it SUCKS MAJOR DONKEY BUTT!

I am reorganizing.  The structure that makes sense for a 35-page paper does not make sense for a 20-minute talk, it makes it too jumpy and disjointed.  Will attempt to locate some clarity while running errands and gym-ing and work on it more later.

I do love my Apple Remote, though, especially when paired with Remote Buddy.  Hooray, presentation remote!
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Defense scheduling is down to a four-hour window on the 15th of December.  I did not get the Ding but the regular Internet Special fares let me do plane tickets and car for under $300.

Boo.  Yah.

Details to follow.


Dec. 3rd, 2006 09:19 am
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A "Ding" (Southwest super-cheap fare) just came through from here to Hartford, both for the rest of December and for January.

This would make it feasible for me to fly out to defend this week or next.

But the tickets have to be bought by 2 pm CST today.

What should I do?

(I'm tempted to buy for next weekend (the weekend of the 15th) because you can always cancel the tickets at no penalty - you just end up with that much $$ credit from SWA that you can use for later flights.)

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I'm compressing again, for much the same reason that I did last time.  The task for Day 11 is to add and inspirational page to your control journal.  Pardon me while I hurl.  Ok, I'm done now.  It's not my personal journal; I'm not about to leave my diary sitting out on the kitchen counter for everyone to read.

(Insert "Public and Private in the Blogosphere" reference here.  Yes, I'm aware of what I just said and how it relates to my dissertation.  Yegods, can I NEVER get away from it?  Ah well, such is the life of a blogging academic who blogs about being an academic and blogging while they research blogging.  Ouch.  That hurt.)

On Day 12, we are told to delete all mail messages from the FlyLady.  But!  But!  But!  If I delete them, I'll never achieve my goal of filling up my GMail account!  But! 

Oh, fine.


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I just e-mailed what ought to be the last major revision of my dissertation proposal to my advisor.  It came in at 27 pages of content - which is impressive, since Bob once told me that it should be about 20 pages and I almost always end up with double his recommended pages.  ;^)

And now I'm off to sew on M's tunic and either lament or celebrate election returns.  The polls just closed twenty minutes ago here (they're open for FOURTEEN HOURS, which is awesome) so I don't expect any reliable results on that front yet, though I am very curious to hear who take the New York 26th (Tom Reynolds, chair of the House Republican Campaign Committee, is the incumbent).
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We're off in just a bit for M's parents' for the weekend.  Must pack up TRex's travelin' dinner ("sheeees" (Stars & Moons), "buh", slices of "bapple", some "psssss" (grapes), and some "cookies" (animal crackers)), print our itinerary (no point in doing boarding passes since we're checking luggage and it doesn't matter what our boarding group is since we preboard) and Bob's comments on my prospectus draft (which conveniently just appeared in my inbox), and throw the last of the stuff in the car and then go and collect my family.

L'Shanah Tovah, all!
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I really, really needed a haircut.

September 6 2006

But I'd been putting it off until I got the first draft of the proposal done. And so, this morning, I went out for my every 8-12-week routine of a haircut and an eyebrow wax. The cut is nothing new or exciting - just 2" or so off of the same cut I've had since January. The eyebrows, I'm not too happy with... she made them a lot thinner than I usually like, and brought in the outer ends a LOT. They looked really really uneven, too, but now that I've washed more of the waxing goop out of them, it's not as obvious.

And I bought new shoes. The black heels that I bought six or so years ago finally bit it - they were fabric and the fabric is now wearing off. Not attractive. So I got these to replace them. Pointy-toed sling-backs! Stacy would be so proud. The heels are super-low (compared to what I've been wearing lately), too.

I also tried on the FABULOUS black croc mary janes but the heels were way too high and skinny for me.
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Being offline for the morning/day doesn't mean I can't spam you... I just means I write things to post later!  Bwahahahahaha!

I find it amusing that many of my dissertating friends have wordcounts that are increasing, whereas my work on my prospectus so far today has
yielded negative growth.

Also: In my favorite library carrel, right under the bookshelf (ie, not quite visible if I sit up straight and look straight ahead), someone has written "Titties & Beer!"  It's times like this I wish I had a cameraphone.
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Currently my introduction to my dissertation proposal is my "elevator summary" of the project. I feel like that's a good placeholder.

Otherwise, I've already increased the volume of proposal from 8 pages to 11. Go, me.
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Have filled in many gaps in my outline of the background of my proposal. Am nearly ready to begin writing. Hopefully I'll be able to bang it out quickly and get moving on replacing my lost committee member* and (Incidentally, I'm forcing myself to account for my progress on my research blog if anybody cares to follow along.) Tomorrow or Friday I will go to campus to make use of some books in the library, since I realized my treatment of the development of public & private has a huge gap right around, oh, the whole 20th century.

And now, for your amusement, I give you my workspace:
My messy workspace
I think I'm going to try to excavate between now and when I have to leave to go collect TRex from daycare. Maybe I'll make another silly panoramic shot when I'm done.

*Thinking about this process makes my head spin, due to the circumstances under which the member I have to replace left UMass. It's a long story, and one I have very deliberately not gotten all the details on, because I just can't bring myself to get all worked up over departmental politics anymore.


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