Apr. 6th, 2009

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I started swimming about a year ago because I was tempted by that mini-triathlon that never actually happened.  At first I really didn't like it - I had never enjoyed swimming laps.  I would get in and muddle through half an hour or 35 minutes of breast stroke and elementary backstroke, usually about 25 laps.  I would try to throw in some freestyle and would find myself floundering in a big way after just a lap or two, so I just stopped doing freestyle. 

I slowly started swimming for longer, both in terms of time and distance.  25 laps became more like 30, 30 minutes became 40.  My breast stroke, which I think of as slow, made me one of the faster swimmers in the pool - I routinely pass people doing freestyle with my breast stroke.  I figured out what was wrong with my freestyle (I was expending FAR too much effort kicking) and I can now do 5 laps of freestyle easily and could probably do more if I paced myself better.  I re-discovered the joy of a good backstroke.

About 3 weeks ago I didn't feel done after 30 laps, so I tagged on the 6 more I needed to make it an even mile, and have been doing a mile in about 45 minutes, 2 or 3 times a week.  I only did 25 laps today, since I'm still coming off of that stupid cold.

I still don't LOVE swimming.  But I don't hate it and since my knee is back to being a pain in the, well, leg, swimming is making up a significant proportion of my exercise these days.


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