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I packed myself a lovely lunch last night.  Matzoh w/ laughing cow and a wide variety of fresh fruits - pineapple, clementines.  Maybe even a banana.  I left it at home.  I succeeded in finding mostly-kosher-for-passover-if-you-squint-right lunch at the snack bar - chicken salad (let's imagine that the mayo was ok), grapes and cheese, and a banana.  Opened up the chicken salad container, took one bite, and NEARLY LOST MY LUNCH.  It was FOUL.  I don't think it was spoiled, it was just disgusting.  Lunch fail.  I managed to push down the gag reflex long enough to eat the cheese and grapes; I am saving the banana for later.

In other news, I am wearing all but two colors of the (new, improved, six-color) rainbow.  Unless you count the gold in my scarf as yellow - then I'm only missing orange.  From the ground up:  red shoes, navy blue jeans, green top, purple "grass seed" (my child is weird) necklace.

S'not fair!

Mar. 4th, 2009 09:06 pm
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We have a black tie event to go to in 10 days. On the one hand, whoo, kid-free night PLUS free booze! On the other hand, I have to figure out something to wear, dammit! I managed to find two possibilities tonight, though.
  • Option 1: Purple knit sheath dress (knee length) with velvet cropped swing jacket over it.
  • Option 2: silver strapless top with circus stripe skirt (I'm totally not kidding... it's awesome). I swear I thought J&J had a picture of it on their flickr, but apparently I was wrong. Damn, they go to a lot of weddings, though.
Option 1 is much more practical (read: warm), but also less formal. I would have to dress it up with hair bling and excessively shiny earrings - it doesn't lend itself well to neck jewelry because the jacket is cut pretty close to the neck.  Option 2 is indubitably black tie (if a bit ... thumbing your nose at the formality of black tie, which is SO the place I was in when I made it in the summer of 2004) but ... strapless, and this IS Buffalo in March.

We need a tux-equivalent for women.  (I know, little black dress that can be dressed up or down, but I DON'T OWN ONE.)  Blargh.
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Apparently what I need to do to have an AWESOME spinning class is a) not be able to go for several weeks (hard to attend an 8:45 fitness class when I have to teach at 8:34 every TTh) and b) turning my ankle on the way to the car in the morning. It's stiff & a little sore and I think when I take my shoe off it's going to swell up like a balloon. Fun!

There is coffee brewing, I should go get some.

But the real reason, the really REAL reason for this post is to tell you about fashion. :^D I haven't blogged about my clothes in a while, but I had a supercute outfit last week that I wanted to document (in writing at least).
  • light grey pencil skirt
  • graphic print wrap shirt
  • charcoal grey one-button blazer
  • black tights
  • patent leather wingtip flats
I just hadn't worn anything worth blogging about in ages, don't know why.  This weekend we went to the outlets and I got some cute shirts and a pair of supersoft grey cords that I have to lop like 6" off of before I can wear them.

That is all.
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... and I even compose posts in my head; they just never manage to make it out of my fingers and onto the keyboard.
Fashion blather... ) knew the person was pregnant; in one, I did not (probably due to the facebook/college friend being male); in the third, I found a HS friend on facebook two days after his wife had a baby.I think that hits the high points of what's running around in my head these days...
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Today is International Wear a Dress Day, according to A Dress A Day (curse you, siriel, for reminding me of the existence of that blog!)  Not being one to flaunt such a mandate, I have on a lovely blue-print faux-wrap dress (the one in this picture) and my tall boots have made their seasonal debut.  I love how it's not possible to NOT strut in these boots - so much fun.  They are sorely in need of a polishing, though.  I'll have to get on that.

The remains of Ike blew through here between about 8 last night and 10 this morning.  We lost power for about 5 hours and there are some small branches down around, but it wasn't anything major.  TRex woke up around midnight and was scared because her night light wasn't on, so we put the lantern (which has a night light on it) in her room.  When we woke again (5:40ish... ugh... though we weren't out of bed for real until 6:20), the power was back on.

The weather did make for our most interesting two-block trek from the train station to preschool yet, though.  My kid, like most preschoolers, has exactly two speeds: pokey (as her teacher last year called her) and running.  I don't know, maybe she's worse than most four-year-olds (or almost four year olds) in that regard - M has the exact same two speeds, and he isn't four years old.  Add in wind and rain and you have a recipe for not getting ANYWHERE very fast.  Our commute was further delayed (or, more accurately, had already been delayed) by the fact that there is some construction going on on the train tracks way down at the downtown end of the line.  (For those playing along at home, the subway in Buffalo has only one line, which runs from HSBC arena to UB South campus.)  So the trains are running only about half as often as they usually do during rush hour (every 12 minutes instead of every 7).  by the time the train arrived at University Station, there were as many people on the platform as would fit on a normal train.  Only, in a fit of reasonable-ness, the NFTA has made the wise decision to run double-length trains!  (Normally they run two cars; both trains that I've taken today have had four cars.)  So rather than scrambling for seats for any of us, we had three seats together!

Dude, it's 4 pm.  Where did my day go?  Eesh.
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There was a weekend.  In that weekend there was errand-running, kid-napping, kid-painting (she did the painting, not us painting her), playing, a VERY wet MoD Family Teams picnic, working, sewing, watching of football and tennis (I was up late last night not only because I had a caffeinated beverage at 9:30 pm but also because my Tennis Girlfriend was about to win her 3rd U.S. Open).

During naptimes Saturday & Sunday I got the bolero for TRex's birthday dress done and the bodice mostly put together.  I might rip out and re-do the zipper, though, because it doesn't look as nice as I would like it to.  I remembered why I do 13th century stuff in the SCA... sewing curves makes me CRAZY!  But I popped the mostly-done bodice over her head yesterday afternoon, and it's going to fit just fine.  I am the queen of pattern-tetris - I had bought the quantity of fabric that Simplicity said I needed to make a 3 but I managed to cut a 4 out of it, so she should be able to wear it next summer, too.

And then there's the fashion..  I'm looking for any excuse I can come up with to wear my fun red flats, so today it's a chocolate-brown shirt, glen plaid pants and red-and-brown accessories.

This whole week promises to be insane.  Tomorrow we have to go vote in the local primaries (there are hot primary races for DA and Family Court Judge; I don't know if our state senator is opposed in the primary but I haven't seen any evidence that he is) and then TRex has a swimming lesson after school and it's open house night at school which we both want to go to.  So we'll see how all that shakes out in terms of dinner and transportation and so on.  Then we have dinner guests on Thursday and Friday (Friday is the P family; they're low-maintenance and I think I'm going to make tacos) and Summer's End is on Saturday.  Hrm, I had hoped to have an award medallion done for the A&S on Saturday; we'll have to see if I can make that happen.  If not, oh well!  I'll show the embroidery as it stands right now - it's only been displayed at Pennsic, not locally yet.
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We're going to a black-tie-optional wedding in June.  I'm seriously considering acquiring this dress (in celadon) for the occasion.  What does the hive mind think?

ETA: I would wear it with a silver shawl for the ceremony/warmth and silver sandals.  (It's a 7 pm Saturday wedding.  Jews, what can ya do?)

ETA2: Bit the bullet and did it.  Will report more when it arrives.  Oh, and based on my measurements, I bought it in an 8.  AN EIGHT!  (They didn't have it in celadon in a 10, which was my first size-instinct.)
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First off, today's fashion (I took a picture but it did not look good and I'm not putting a hell of a lot of effort into taking another):  med. grey pencil skirt (the one I bought a couple of weeks ago), red/maroon shirt, dark grey pinstriped zoot suit jacket (from my first suit - and it seriously is very zooty... long, 4 buttons, double pockets... very 1999), tall boots.  The jacket is a SMIDGE too big but not so much that I can't wear it.

I am SO READY for warmer weather.  I have a bunch of summery skirts that I want to be able to wear!

Second off, makeup.  For months I was off-and-on searching for either a very sheer foundation or, better yet, a tinted moisturizer.  And I'm cheap - drugstore level stuff was a must.  There is remarkably little in that niche - I found a couple of things in the $10 for 1 oz range, which is more than I wanted to spend.  And then, one day, I happened upon Jane Nearly Foundation, which is PRECISELY what I had been looking for, and SPF 30 to boot!  It's a very light texture, almost a mousse, and goes on very easily.  Once summer rolls around, I'll probably have to pick up a tube of the medium, because I'm just barely a "fair" right now in the dead of winter.  But I'm superduper happy with it.
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... and today I have on khaki pants, brown boots, a purple polkadot shirt with ruffles, and a brown herringbone blazer.  (I'm too lazy to go through the rigamarole necessary to take a picture.  It's this shirt with this blazer (hooray for tagging - I had linked y'all to it when I bought it and found the link in approximately 2 seconds) and the rest I should hope you can visualize.)

I'd say that I have learned something from Clinton, Stacey, and Tim.

(And, incidentally, I'm also broiling 'cause I have on a tank top underneath all that and tights under my pants because it was below 10 degrees when we left the house this morning, and not supposed to warm up much.)
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Last night around bedtime I was seized by a strong desire to stay home in sweatpants all day today. That, however, was not an option since I have office hours today. So I decided to counter my lazy impulses with FASHION!

This morning I pulled out my favorite red corduroy skirt, intending to wear it with my knee high black boots and ... something on top, hadn't gotten that far yet. Except I put it on and it dropped a good 6" from my waist. As a joke, I pulled it up like a strapless dress and went to look in the mirror... And I went, wait, this actually looks GOOD! I experimented with belting (not a good idea), throwing a fitted blazer over it (a good idea). So now I have a plan to make over my favorite red corduroy skirt into my favorite red corduroy strapless minidress.*

Today's Fashion...The red skirt idea being a bust, I poked around for something else... and ended up grabbing a gauzy silk skirt out of the summer box under the bed - purple with kind of abstract brown, white, and pink patterns on it. Tried it with a biascut white linen tunic and a tweed blazer; that didn't work (the shirt and the blazer - the skirt and the blazer is a pairing that will make an appearance at some point). Then I heard the weather forecast and decided I wanted a sweater anyway, so I put on a chunky brown cableknit sweater, thickish tights (the thickest I've got), and mid-calf-height brown boots, and off I went. Loving the outfit, too.

*It should be noted that my husband did not refrain from making boobs at waist height jokes during this experiment. It is a sign of my good mood that I didn't throttle him for it.
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Whatever issue I was having with my night guard last week (or the week before, whenever it was) has resolved itself and I'm happily back to sleeping very, very soundly with it in.  I don't know if there's actually a connection between my sound sleep and the night guard... maybe I'll have to do a systematic study.

I got 2 compliments on my hair today - one from a stranger and one from a friend.  So yay on that.  I am very much still loving it.  It's kinda like my hair was in 11th grade, actually.  I'll have to dig up a copy of my junior pic to really compare.

There is only one HP geek in my class.  See, I talk about how language creates meaning and use words like "muggle" and "kneazle" and "Voldemort" to illustrate how these concepts didn't even exist until J.K. Rowling made them up.  And only one person snickered.  I also got to tell the story of [personal profile] baronessmartha, [profile] mittenydoom, and me accidentally spoiling the book for the poor woman in line in front of us at Wegman's.  Poor woman, I hope she's forgiven us.

New gym clothes make me happy.  I can totally understand why people live in their workout pants - I got these (in both black and grey) and they are oh so comfy, and they don't look awful.  But I know what Saint Tim would tell me if he knew I was considering wearing them anywhere but the gym.  I also got this shirt and this one in white & grey.  I already have a couple of tank tops, so I'm set in that department, and when spring/summer roll around I'll have to get a couple more pairs of shorts.

Sadly, I managed to forget my snazzy new exercise gloves today and so I had to deal with rings pinching and losing my grip due to sweaty palms.  Thursday I will not forget them, but Thursday I won't be doing the Gravitron which is really when I need them most.
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If you wear a size 10 pant, you must be 5'7" tall.  (I consistently have to take 3" off of my size 10 pants.)
If you wear a size 8 pant, you must be 5'6" tall.  (I took 2" off of a pair of size 8's yesterday.)
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Last night, I was mucking about with what to wear today (first day of class and all)... I had on something that I wanted an opinion on, so I went downstairs.

Me: I need an opinion from a fashion moron.
M: OK.
Me: What do you think of this?
M: You look nice?
Me: What about the lace at the bottom? Does it look like I have on something lacy or just like my slip is showing?
M: Something lacy.

In the end I decided that going to work on the first day with my slip intentionally showing was not a good call, but I have made a mental note that I like the look. It's one that Stacy & Clinton would be proud of - a fairly buttoned up, masculine outfit (white button-down shirt, grey/blue plaid skirt, knee-high boots) with just a bit of a feminine twist (the lace showing). But for today, no feminine twist. Ah well... maybe later. I still look shockingly put-together. ;^)
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The Land's End Overstock catalog came yesterday (in a package that contains my new suit, which I haven't opened yet because it's a birthday present and my birthday's not for another 17 days). The Land's End Overstock catalog is a dangerous, dangerous place.

New swimsuit, in blue/black. New boots (to replace the ones that leak and to salve my hurt at having not won those danskos... although the bid hasn't gone up any more since yesterday, so I'll keep watching it and maybe swoop in at the end if I can). A pair of denim capris (for wearing at Disney, maybe?). And new snow boots for the kiddo (not from overstock, admittedly).

Also, compliments of rapierlady: )
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TRex and I were out running a bunch of errands yesterday and I stopped to peruse the clearance racks at Target.  Picked up this blazer (which is very flattering and has fake-leather patches on the elbows and cost much less than what they're selling it for on the website) and these pants.  For an illustration of how messed up sizing on clothing is, the blazer fits perfectly and is a size 14.  The pants are bordering on a bit big (but have tabs on the waist that I'm not ashamed to use) and are a size 10.  (I often have this issue with the sizing of the Mizrahi stuff at Target - it's like reverse vanity sizing!)

I think I'm going to wear the blazer with jeans and tall boots for the department holiday party tomorrow.  :^D
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So I'm going to have to buy new clothes pretty soon.  I'm not planning to do it in one fell swoop (unless somebody wants to write me in for "What Not To Wear" or "Tim Gunn's Guide To Style") but I am going to be strategic about it.  So here goes a running list of things that I would like to acquire, and feel free to add suggestions.
  • A new suit.  I tried on the one I wore for interviews my senior year of college and the jacket fits perfectly again, but he pants... are a combo of "OMG late 90s fashion PAIN!" and "man my body has changed shape...".  By all rights they SHOULD fit, but I can't get them closed and even if I could the waistband is LITERALLY sitting on my ribcage.  Also, they're very pleated.  So those went right into the goodwill box.
  • A new trenchcoat, not full-length and preferably in a fun color/pattern.  (My current one is olive drab and
  • New "casual" boots - I've had this pair of lace-up, round-toed ankle boots for 10 years and I loveloveLOVE them - they are my standard non-snow-boot winter footwear - but the soles are this close to shot, they don't keep out water anymore, and one of the insoles has been gone for a couple of years and the replacement one I've been using just isn't working anymore.   I'd actually like to go with a slightly taller boot this time so that I can wear it with skirts and pants, and it should have a rubber sole (see previous comment about winter footwear) and a low heel (the old ones are about 1 1/2", I think, and that's about the max for what I want to wear walking outside on questionable surfaces).
  • Other suggestions?
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I haven't nattered about fashion lately, have I?  I've been making an effort to look more put-together when I go off to teach.  A while back we were at the outlets and I picked up a couple of shirts at Van Heusen - one short sleeved chocolate brown one with turned up "cuffs" and one "suit shirt" that I am just in love with.  It's white, lightweight cotton with an itty bitty bit of stretch and has variegated-width monochrome stripes woven in.  The front has bias-cut plackets so the stripes form a V pattern and loops instead of buttonholes.  It's nicely fitted... the sleeves are a bit too long but the cuffs fasten with one button so I'm able to turn them up into a pseudo-french cuff. Today I've got on that shirt with a reverse-pleated, knee-length red corduroy skirt and my favorite black sling-backs.  Yay.

I win!

May. 10th, 2007 01:57 pm
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Remember a couple of weeks ago, when I was pining after a dress I'd tried on at Target?  I was there yesterday, and they had racks and racks of stuff on clearance, including exactly ONE iteration of that dress in my size.  HOORAY!  I also got a cute pink short-sleeve blouse with some interesting seaming and a black and white linen skirt (which has a matching sash that I'm not in love with, but will save for use with other garments).  And a grey yoga tank.  Total for the entire haul: under fifty bucks.  Whoo!
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When it's gross and rainy out.  I tried on this dress at Target today and fell in love.  It's light, airy, flirty...  Note also that there's blue polka-dot piping on the edges and the sash reverses to blue polka-dots.  I will have to keep an eye out to see if it goes on sale.  I also tried on this one, which was an unmitigated disaster.  It's too short-waisted (on already-short-waisted me), and the pleats are directly over the hipbones (and in the corresponding location in the back), which just makes your hips look even bigger.  For a top-heavy person trying to balance out their chest, this would be a good thing.  For me, this is a very, very bad thing.  I should have also tried on this one, which is very similar to the first but with a slightly different cut to the bodice.

I also found a very 1970s blue hobo bag in the clearance section, but I didn't love it fourteen dollars worth.

I need to remember to wear heels when I go shopping.  I wouldn't have gotten the full effect of the dress if I had been standing there barefoot.  (Despite what I told TRex about not wearing sandals in the rain, I was out in my fun wedges for the first time.)


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